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Clear Illusions with 3rd Quarter Gemini “Magician’s Moon”

3rd Quarter Gemini “Magician’s Moon” at 7 degrees on August 30, 2021, at 12:13 AM PDT/3:13 AM EDT. Lunar week: 08/30 – 09/07/2021. Next New Moon on 09/06/2021

The Gemini 3rd Quarter Moon brings the Leo lunar cycle to an end. The waning Moon draws you inward to release negative thought patterns that block your joy. The Magician’s Moon shows how the tricks and illusions of the mundane world are designed to rob you of your happiness.

The Magician’s Moon takes you on an inward personal journey of self-development. Turn your inward gaze to reflect upon the wounds of humanity. Gemini assists you with the dynamic of the “Magician’s Moon”. This is the power of alchemy — all creation originates from the quantum realm of thought.

The 3rd Quarter Moon is reflecting upon your human desire to control the forces of the Universe. That’s a tough feat for a 3D human! The Moon wants to teach you to first, understand how the Universe works. True alchemy originates in the depths of internal transformation. Let the power of the waning moon phase push you back into yourself to transform this week. To transform and surrender with the Magician’s Moon, know the truth of your feelings, and find the gold within yourself. Don’t be afraid to dive into emotional energy, for it is already pulling you there. The key is to align with Soul-support mentors to rediscover your own personal magic.

The Virgo Sun shines a light on the power of your life’s lessons. In order to grow, lessons come to help you expand your horizons. Sometimes the lessons are fun and enjoyable and sometimes, they can feel harsh and unrelenting. This week, the Virgo Sun takes you back to early life lessons ~ like learning to walk and talk. According to Lynda Hill, “the secret to success with this degree is to always be learning, always taking in lessons that life serves up.” Take advantage of this waning lunar energy to slow down, reflect, and see your current life lessons in a new light.

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini and Virgo, enters into the sign of Libra for a long journey. On September 26th, Mercury turns retrograde at 25 degrees Libra. Mercury will return to 10 degrees Libra, moving twice over these 15 degrees. When Mercury is in Libra, he becomes the Ambassador of the Mind. At the zero point of Libra, Mercury is letting you know that you will be learning how to act as a go-between for your mind and heart. This empowerment will serve you well as humanity enters into a phase of learning how to be good to oneself so that one will be kind towards others.

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Recommended Oracles This Week:

3rd Quarter Moon Lunar Week Frequency: ENERGETIC BREAKDOWN

3rd Quarter Moon Dynamics: Release ~ Let Go ~ Surrender
“I feel AIR and EARTH to RELEASE old energy to create a new cycle this week!”
  • 3rd Quarter Moon Phase: Third Quarter Moon dynamics embrace the powers of Letting Go, Releasing, and Forgiveness. This lunar stage focuses on external wounds by drawing you inward to understand who may have hurt, offended, diminished, or neglected you. This week helps you to empty your ego and allow the Universe to support you.
  • The 3rd Quarter Gemini Moon is the “Magician’s Moon”
  • The 3rd Quarter Gemini Moon passes through the 6th Lunar Mansion ~ “The Little Star of Great Light”
  • The 3rd Quarter Gemini Moon passes through the #16 Human Design Gateway ~ “Skills”
  • Hint:  look to your Gemini-ruled House and 3rd House for your answers. Get your Natal Oracle or a 1:1 private Coherence session for personalized support. 
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Reflect upon the Leo 2021 Lunation:



The 7 degree Gemini Moon releases and celebrates: FRESHNESS

“Aroused Strikers Surround a Factory”

A constant undeviating self-assertiveness is wholesome.

The 3rd Quarter Gemini Moon brings the energy of taking your power back. The Moon is sparking the inner need to demand equality, freedom, and liberty. The Magician’s Moon requires that you purge discordant thought forms in order to manifest what you truly want. Anyone can yell and make noise. But a true Changemaker takes the time to purify their inner power. Anger burns out because it is meant to purge energy quickly. Purify and fill the new space with courageous passion instead.

This week, the Moon is clearing the way for the Zodiac Year’s 1st Quarter “Take Action” energy to set into motion a new cycle of integrative wellness with the New Moon in Virgo on September 6th. Be super focused on clearing your lower mind of energy that is self-sabotaging in nature. Be mindful of obsessive, negative thought patterns that are habitual. Be aware of all the immature ways you refuse to compromise. Are you constantly protesting everything? That zaps your creative energy. Instead, reflect upon your rewards and how you are included in your circles. Let go of wounded inner child rantings. Meet your own needs, find your own support, and let yourself grow into your innate wisdom.

To find where this is happening in your personal Natal chart, join me in the Astro Alchemy Lab. Take your knowledge to the next level!

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