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Chiron Direct 2021: Meet you at the Crossroads

Chiron goes direct at 8:33 AM PST on December 19, 2021 at degrees 8 Aries

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, shifts direction to move forward with Full Moon power. The asteroid Hekate appears with her magical keys to free Chiron. Hekate arrives at the most powerful degree of a Cardinal sign – 13 degrees. The appearance of Hekate signals that you are at a crossroads on your spiritual journey. Your soul is ready to make a transition into a more powerful frequency.

Joining forces to create a Cardinal Grand Cross are: Europa, Juno, and Mars in trine. A beautiful pathway of symbols is laid out for you to heal and merge with this opportunity for change.

Chiron at 8 degrees Aries was last seen March 15-31, 2021. Look back to this time in your life. Old patterns from March 15th to July 16th, 2021 are healing as Chiron moves forward. At 8 degrees Aries, Chiron shapeshifts into a “Crystal Gazer”. Use your healing crystals on your body, especially to help clear your blood energy and your Crown chakra.

When Chiron went retrograde on July 16th, 2021, the healing invitation was to purify the Seer within. To reconnect to the power of this time, read my blog post. Chiron moves out of this retrograde shadow when he meets the imprint of Hekate at 13 degrees Aries on April 14, 2022. Hekate is helping you now with her powers of moving through the crossroads in your life. Again, her appearance is showing that your soul is ready to transition into a new vibration.

At 13 degrees Aries, the Sabian Symbol is the image of a “serpent coiling next to a man and a woman”. This energy is about moving your primal kundalini fire to heal. For centuries, humanity has been systematically cut off from its own body’s power to rejuvenate through religious oppression. Understanding how powerful the body is as a Magician has been withheld and kept secret. The base nature of our creative sexual energy has been rejected by society. The truth is that our creative sexual energy is an important contributor to our total well-being and must not be denied. Hekate is here to set you free through a more clear understanding of the wisdom of your sexuality and your ability to develop self-control.

According to Marc Edmund Jones, “We have urges and they must not be denied or repressed, or else we will soon find ourselves overwhelmed by these baser instincts, and lose the truth of our balanced condition. Without this exploration, the deeper secrets, kept taboo by society, are never assimilated as wisdom.”

Europa is the asteroid representing the Soul of the Earth. Chiron and Hekate are pointing to the Earth body in need of healing so that it can evolve into a Light-based Earth body. Europa at 14 degrees Libra appears as “Circular paths”. This symbol states that when the heart and mind are congruent, the core of our being is incorruptible. Our bodies and our lives exist more within a spiral than a straight line. Life moves in cycles. As you heal your core sense of Self, you move more into the dynamic driver’s seat of your own existence. Europa is showing you that this can exist when you align with your heart and mind. Then is the time to trust the heart. If the mind and heart cannot find mutual congruity, then something is significantly wrong – and we need to look more deeply into the incorruptible core of our being.

Juno, the goddess of divine unity and partnership, appears at 12 degrees Capricorn. She is holding the space for Venus to return in her spiritual pilgrimage. Juno appears as a “Fire worshipper” to marry Chiron’s symbol of a “Crystal Gazer”. Juno reveals that connection to Source Energy is the creative power of the universe that Hekate to inviting you to become. Juno advises you to surrender all of your emotional attachments. Why? So that you can become completely independent of outer circumstances. Being attached to that which you cannot control, causes ultimate suffering. Success lies in bringing to an end all sense of want. When this is achieved, then the ready realization of personal ideals can be brought to the level of miracle.

Mars offers a fiery spiritual gift to Chiron, his Healer Guide moving through his home sign of Aries. At 4 degrees Sagittarius, Mars sets free a Spirit Animal – “an old owl in a tree”. The old Owl teaches you that when you live according to spiritual principles and you will experience inner peace and outer success. This is the time to be humble, teachable, wise, patient, and kind. Wisdom is the power that is here to see you through to the other side.

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