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Chart your Way through Challenge & Change with 1st Quarter Aries Pirate’s Moon!

1st Quarter Aries “Pirate’s Moon” at 23 degrees on January 13, 2019 at 10:45 PM PST/1:45 AM EST and 6:45 AM UK 01/14/19


Aaarggh, Matey! You are invited to sail the high seas with the Pirate’s Moon to swashbuckle and chart your way through obstacles and adversity. You have lowered your old flag of Being and now sail under a new flag of the High Priestess. Your New Moon Solar Eclipse dreams and goals are ready for action and adventure! What shiny gleams of gold are you truly seeking? Alas, the 1st Quarter Moon’s frequency is to locate the wounding that is on the inside of yourself. You will be charting your way with the Lunar Ladies vastly accurate navigational skills. Hoist your sails, and let’s go!

Last week, the High Priestess’ power animal, The Swan, glided into your world to begin your spiritual-material attainment in 2019. As the Pirate’s Moon, you are invited to become fearless, passionate and courageous in all that you break through. The Sun shines light as the image of a Woman entering into a convent or a woman entering into her Priestess Path. The Moon, which rules your emotional body, comes to show you that how you attain material wealth is in direct correlation to how much you can align with Spirit that embodies every material dream at a molecular, subatomic level. Billowing curtains in the shape of cornucopian abundance is more Spirit/Wind than material matter.

Pirate’s Moon:  Cool your Jets

Your Brigand Self is being called to do the work that sets up your new habits that find your golden booty treasures in 2019! But first you must tune into those parts of yourself that feel less enchanted, more grumpy and sarcastically annoyed. That “aargghh” emotional energy! Ask, yourself, “Where have I been pummeled by the rough seas of my childhood? What do I feel cynical and enraged about these days?”  Whatever that is, that is your power to put into action this week. Aries’ energy is powerful and physical, but a lot of junk lies between the ears as Aries rules the head. Cool your jets with a cold eye mask and take a break from the things, situations, people and places that steal your peace of mind. Look to those who serve as mentors and leaders. Allow someone whose qualities you aspire to, lead you into calmer seas.

Moon vs. Sun

1st Quarter Moon dynamics ~ You now enter into a new Lunar Phase which holds a lot of POWER! First Quarter Moons are designed to ignite your emotional energy to clear your path towards success. The waxing, or building, energy of the Moon comes from a 90-degree angle to the Sun. This square energy is designed to build enough Universal Qi to break you free from past limitations and the struggles of your ego. Get ready to expand into the joy of your higher intelligence in alignment with your Truth!

Capricorn vs. Aries

The Capricorn Sun with the South Node, Pluto and Saturn is representing the “Old Guard” of the patriarchy. The emotional and fearless youthful Aries Moon has gathered the Warrior energy to declare a Mutiny on the Bounty to create a new power paradigm in the world for the Feminine. Saturn counsels Mercury to whisper into the ear of Mars. Mars is super empowered for the next 3 weeks sailing through his home sign. With this waxing Moon his emotions can be a source of fiery change or outward childish aggression. Uranus comes to train this warrior energy so one day you can be High Priestess Queen of your domain. Saturn instructs the lower mind of Mercury on how to use emotional alchemy to change your reality. Tune in and focus.

Stop. Look. Listen. ~ T-Square Lunar Nodes Power

The 1st Quarter Aries Moon is the focus point of a Lunar Nodes T-square or “Time out!” whistle blowing your way. The Capricorn South Node says it is karmic timing that this rise and fall of the patriarchy is happening. Unwinding the past includes each of us to stop, look and listen to study what has gone on before so as not to repeat the same errors. Ceres, Mother Goddess of Nurturing, in Scorpio sextiles harmonically with the unraveling of the patriarchal past. Look to your maternal ancestors and dive into deeper conversations about their emotional lives. What did they feel most passionately about? What areas were they betrayed, possessed or punished? This is your key of acknowledgement to transfigure with powerful emotional energy – use your Imagination! Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio and is empowering the release of Feminine suffering from the last 2100 years.

Fire Power! Venus + Jupiter

Venus, spiritual director of the Feminine, arrives newly born with her wings intact enjoying Jupiter’s magic carpet ride in Sagittarius. She comes to the aid of Mars and the Moon to tell you to look up and see the stars. See the big picture from an extended cervical spine. Find the underlying teachings of your past pain and suffering to reconnect to your Joy. Mars, your Inner Warrior, comes back to life with the help of Verte, “divine truth”. Seek spiritual Truth! Let go by releasing attachments to your frame of reference or repetitive perceptions of seeing the world in a certain way. These are your “pictures” or beliefs that life has to be a certain way. Blow up those pictures to invite in your higher consciousness. Jupiter says there is bliss in non-attachment. Be receptive and create an empty space within your way of looking at your world and Spirit will fill your vessel from a cup that overflows with abundance, joy and happiness!


Moon vs. Sun:  1st Quarter Square

->: MOON :<-

Openness to the influx of spiritual energies.

The principle of abundance operates at a spiritual level. The wind that blows through an open mind brings a promise of material power. You are receiving a concentrated influx of spiritual energies. Your creative expressions provide a container for a spiritual harvest. The Cornucopia reveals you have acquired a power to be MOLDED BY TRANSPERSONAL FORCES.

Moon at 23 degrees Aries loves to move and to free. Moving your physical body will accelerate the release of any stuck emotions. Be quick and spontaneous. All you need is direct, supportive action, and your essence will shine forth to surprise yourself and others.
* – Work with the images of a billowing curtain and a harp that plays itself. – *
Why? The free flowing movement of music and Spirit/Wind is an energy that pours forth from your Higher Soul Self. It has a powerful ability to help you be in sync with the inner rhythm of your own essence. There are many ways to keep moving this week. Look inside to find what wants to be birthed as well as anything that wishes to stay asleep in the realm of desires. Enjoy the bliss of choosing. Beautiful energy is flowing everywhere all around you.

<-: SUN :->

 Total commitment to a transcendent goal.

A convent is a place of transcending a state of world consciousness. Pursue a spiritual ideal that your whole being aspires to. You can overcome and transcend through surrender to a “higher” quality of being. Discipline and devotion is the way you attain TRANSCENDENT SECURITY.

The Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Pluto and the South Node – all in the sign of Capricorn –  offer you this image to work with this week. Be willing to suspend judgment and try out new ways of doing things in your life. It takes a deeply powerful faith to believe there is much more than what there appears to be. Be open and you will find success and advancement, both worldly and spiritually. The Angels reach down when you reach up to them. What comes from above is only received by how much you can receive. You are being asked to have great faith and a willingness to keep going (especially when your journey seems to be so slow that you feel like nothing is happening). Conflicts can be resolved when two sides, sharing in small ways, can reach a genuine point of connection. As you work through your challenges this week, you will see that you are self-sufficient, and that you have all you need inside yourself.


Your Take-Away:  You are the Navigator!

One of your greatest enemies is fear of the future — which is really a fear of the unknown. Your whole being desires transcendent security (cue Capricorn Sun’s symbol!). Allow your hopes and wishes to be a force that guides your present actions now. Trust your instincts for what could be and let that be the direction for your energy to follow. You are being given ancient knowledge through Lunar Ladies so you may shift and navigate your life on a more positive course of direction. This also helps you prepare for outcomes which also softens any fear of the unknown future.

Lunar Ladies ClubThe Lunar Ladies Club specializes in being able to see the future. As we follow the Moon together in the VIP Inner Circle, we are always being given the previews of our lives — what is coming and how to prepare for it. How? Through your navigating your Natal chart and understanding how to use the Moon as a treasure map to guide you through to your destiny at any given moment.
Do you want that Goddess ability? Join us for 2019 and you will!

Connect and use your ability to look beyond your own frame of reference into other dimensions and other realities. Be patient and receptive to sense the answers that come from within you and all around you. Wait and make within yourself an empty space to receive this extraordinary knowledge – your spiritual harvest (cue the Moon’s Sabian Symbol!). It may manifest to you as quiet inspiration. This inspiration is coming from Universal wisdom in its purest form. Sense. Know. Believe. Have Faith.

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