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Change your Frequency, Change your Future! Aquarius New Moon Lunar New Year

Aquarius New Moon New Lunar Year of the Earth Pig, February 4, 2019 at 1:03 PM PST/4:03 PM EST/9:03 PM UK at 15 degrees Aquarius

The Aquarius New Moon arrives in good company with the Earth Pig to celebrate Lunar Imbolc with Brigid, Goddess of Fire! This is the start of a brand new Lunar Year aligning you with the rhythms of your Ancient Self. Aquarius energy opens up your Crown Chakra to attune to a higher dimensional understanding of your true Self and all those around you. As you open your Crown Chakra to receive more Light, you can connect with future timelines and possibilities. From this “enlightened state”, you can choose wisely which path you would like to experience. Isn’t that cool?!! I suggest you see what the Heavens are broadcasting so you can choose wisely the most exciting, fun, super-charged way ~ right here, right now! Let’s get started!

Lunar Imbolc:  Goddess Brigid

Early February is the ancient celebration of Imbolc, the festival of the washing of the Earth’s face. Brigid is the Celtic goddess who rules over this sacred movement from winter to springtime. Goddess of Land, Sea and Sky, Brigid is the true Triple Goddess of the ancient Celts. She forges with Fire. She births from Water. She sings from the Sky.

On the eve of Imbolc, the Old Crone Wise Woman Goddess of Winter, rises from her wintery sleep to drink from the sacred well to be transformed into the purified, Virgin Maiden Goddess Brigid. This transformation is your experience of the shift from your inner contemplative focus towards your outer focus of conscious manifestation ~ that is empowered by Spring Equinox. Gather together all of the inner peace, love and wholeness that you have been resting in during winter, and allow it to nurture you in your daily life. Share this knowledge with others to expand it more within yourself.

Mid-Point Power:  “15”

Imbolc is the midway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, where the Sacred Goddess stirs. The Aquarius New Moon and Sun are at the midpoint point, too, of 15 degrees.  Midway points are exciting because it is the turning point where a cycle takes center stage. This center point field activates your process of growth ~ just like Brigid! Having the New Moon degree at the midpoint plus the celebration of the sacred sabbat of Imbolc gives you a massive gift of future growth! Activate your future hopes by putting them into motion with the New Moon. What needs to radically shift within you to completely change your life? See below what Planetary Power Helper is also at 15 degrees to embolden this auspicious time of year!*

New Lunar Year:  Year of the Earth Pig

Earth Pig qualities:  stability, honesty, practicality, industry, reliability, kindness, and loyalty

The Year of the Pig is a great year for good fortune and changing your life’s direction! This is the year when you can see your life moving forward in measurable ways. Being an Earth element year, material abundance comes to support your personal ambitions and growth towards your dream goals. The Year of the Pig brings the magic of effortlessness. Pigs are smart and highly intelligent. They know that your diligence and hard work will pay off. Disciplined devotion is your road to Self-mastery in 2019. Business ideas are great in the Year of the Pig, especially if they revolve around the environment, food, savings and enjoyment. The following Year of the Metal Rat is better for shrewd execution of your ideas. This year plan with the help of the Earth Pig so you can, launch your big ideas in 2020.

New Moon Dynamics:  New Beginnings & Fresh Starts

The New Moon is the time of new beginnings. This is your invitation to set your intentions along with Mother Nature and put into conscious motion your next 28-day goals and 6-month dreams. New Moon Time is about consciously growing as a Soul.

A New Moon is created when the Sun and Moon join together at the exact the same degree in the heavens. The New Moon is the Dark Moon, as no sunlight is reflecting upon Her surface. Your emotional Self is already inward (from Third Quarter) and in a place of stillness. Stillness is the energy state required to powerfully align your intentions with the greater forces of the Galaxy. Just like Nature, you have ability to harness and attract all you need for your personal growth. Find your Aquarius-ruled House in your Natal chart to see where this is happening in your life. Join the Lunar Ladies Club for on-going support for your personal development.

Father’s Daughter Moon:  New Moon in Aquarius

The energy of the Aquarius New Moon carries the hope of the future. Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, is Father Sky and draws forth a new cycle of future innovations, pioneering efforts and new consciousness for you, his Daughter. Here the Divine Masculine is given new shoes to fill to help you upgrade your consciousness to fit the hopes and dreams of the Collective Soul. This brings into being, “The Future is Feminine” by merging into harmonic balance with the Masculine. Move over boys, it’s time to share Center Stage!

Aquarius Future Sun + Moon

The Sun and Moon bring you into a powerful place of creation. This energetic field was opened at the Two Wolves Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo on January 20th. Now you are in the middle – straddling the past and cradling the future to leave one dimension and rise into the next!

The Sun and Moon have an acute emotional awareness now to rise above “The Sea of Soup”. The Sea of Soup are all the engulfing feelings and the vibrations of chaos and negativity that float in the collective Unconsciousness. You are invited to hold steady in the midst of turmoil and can help others to do the same. Heal yourself by asking your Soul to show you a vision of your bigger existence. Observe this vision from spiritual heights – feel yourself flying through the clouds!

“The spiritual light lifts you high above the turbulence of your emotional self.”

Pure truth and the spiritual light of higher consciousness are always here for you to align with. The question you need to ask yourself is, “How much of it can I receive?” The process of aligning with higher consciousness is slow, especially in the early stages. Your process may be slow but it is deep and thorough!  You are on a Quest to come into a perfect understanding of your true Self and the Universe. Do the same things that bring you joy over and over, because each time you allow yourself to receive a little more. See the future when your Quest goal has been reached!

Sabian Symbol Wisdom:

MESSAGE: The ability to organize an enterprise involving a large group of human beings.

The Aquarian Age is about humans learning to use the power generated by togetherness and group exchange. This is the next step in evolution, to live harmoniously for the welfare of the whole:  humanity and all life on planet Earth. It is time to make a thorough and irresistible attempt, or be nearly destroyed. In the field of big business, great results have been achieved to secure success and adhering to the “bottom line”. But now we are tasked with establishing human interrelationships with a truly harmonic quality. There is much to learn from modern large-scale management and systems analysis of the business world. It introduces the concept of management, yet which needs to be totally reevaluated to actualize the spiritual potentialities of this evolutionary transformation.  Humanity is ready to become an individual “organism.”

“Imagination is more important than Knowledge.”

*Saturn and Neptune align a with the perfection of 15 degrees. Saturn’s message for you is to see beyond the density of the physical realm to encounter SPIRIT:  free from form and flowing with beauty. Saturn’s degree at 15 is fueled with Imagination! The task is to find a way to express this beauty in physical form. Tune into your creative outlets during this Aquarius lunar cycle.  When you are in full contact with your imagination, you receive the faith that supports you toward the Divine.

Neptune’s message for you now is the time to seek a simple and independent existence. This is an intense time of inward focus, simplifying your life helps you eliminate distractions. You have highly unique gifts and it is time for you to know how to work quietly to make special contributions to the world. Your contributions may be beyond the understanding of others. The Universe acknowledges how much you have overcome along your path. You are being called to emotionally refresh yourself, rest, and be nourished. 

Planetary POWER Helpers:

*Mercury and Lilith are conjunct the New Moon and Sun. Mercury governs your future Mind as He travels through Aquarius. Your lower mind is always projecting past patterns into your current reality. These patterns are like placing filters on your experiences. Be very aware of the workings of your mind. Tap into the patterns your mind creates, and the very awareness of these patterns heals them within you. Be open to releasing expectations and biases – this clears the energies and patterns. Return to your deepest sense of connectedness to everything and allow the “winds of change” to blow through you. This will prepare you for the next Mercury Retrograde! *Mercury enters Retrograde shadow on the Full Moon on February 19th and into Retrograde motion March 5-28, 2019. 

Jupiter forms a fiery alliance to your future. Part of Fortune – or your sacred Dharma – mirrors Jupiter’s good fortune. Let everything be what it’s going to be – without coercion, effort, cultivation, or manipulation. Embody a genuine naturalness within you that can sooth others and encourage them to be themselves. Expand into the desire to not impose yourself (ego) on the world with Jupiter’s big vision help, so that the world is free to be. Let the higher intelligence of Nature take precedence over any fear-based control ego agendas of your lower, separated self.

The Wrap-Up!

If you pay attention to the messages always flowing from Divine Creative Intelligence, you become more and more able to assimilate with your eternal wisdom. Raise yourself above “The Sea of emotional Soup” to gain perspective on both your personal and collective desires. Recognize the patterns of how and where your energy is flowing. Ground more with this Light within yourself. Be increasingly able to communicate with both your true Self and the true Selves of others. Simply observe your life to help you become more and more acutely aware of your past and how it shapes your present moment. — This is shaping your FUTURE!


*Lunar Ladies Club members* are learning how to use this powerful Knowledge on a daily basis in the VIP Inner Circle. This month, LLC Members will be given a sacred Ritual in their New Moon Oracles to call forth the great Goddess Brigid to receive Her empowered blessings!
Join us in the Lunar Ladies Club to get your *Empowerment TOOLS* to engage your 2019 Future possibilities! The Club’s monthly Masterclass is learning how to do Future Timeline Progressions to fine tune your frequency to be aligned with your Success and Joy!
Learn how with us!

This is a powerful time to be sensitive to your process of transformation. Reclaim your power by addressing old patterns and syndromes. Attune yourself to the forces of Nature to protect your sense of vulnerability. Allow whatever wants to reveal itself to you, even the most fragile and vulnerable. This comes from a Higher Source of Divine Intelligence.

Blessed Imbolc!

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