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On the Pisces Red Carpet:
Rihanna and Jon Bon Jovi

Learn Astrology the fun way!

Let’s have fun looking at the stars of the Stars! Each month, Shannon hosts a fun, free webinar reading the Natal and Solar charts of our favorite celebrities. See what makes someone shine their light bright into the world!


See how their Energetic Signatures and Star Power qualities make them who they are!

Rihanna “Riri” has Eris on her Aries midpoint Ascendant and that makes her a Badass Wonder Woman! She has the fire of a warrior and the softness of an Angel with her 12th House Pisces Sun. Her modern-day Ruler sings powerful in Capricorn making her into a Superstar!

Jon Bon Jovi is an Old Soul “Wizard of Wellness” with his 6th House Pisces Sun marked at The Healer degree. His compassionate heart loves to feed others in his Soul Kitchens. His Soul Destiny in Leo makes his giving Self shine in the world. “Shot through the Heart” tells the story of his Libra Rising. He’s been an entertainer for lifetimes

Shannon Marie McMurray, Storyteller of the Stars

Watch as she unlocks the power that is hidden in celebrity natal charts.


The Stars of the stars Free Webinar starts March 11th at 2:30pm PST

Space is limited! Only 100 spots are available. A recorded replay will be available for those who are unable to attend live. Be sure to join the Lunar Ladies email tribe to get the replay and find out about more upcoming webinars and special events!

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Photo Credit: SIGMA [CC BY-SA 3.0] and Artur Bogdanski [CC BY-SA 3.0]

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