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Carpe Diem! Pluto Marches Forth ~ Seize the Day!

Pluto goes direct on September 30, 2018 at 7:03 PM PST/10:03 PM EST.

Have Courage to Transform. Move Forward with Wisdom.

Carpe Diem! Seize the day!

It’s time.

Pluto goes into direct motion pulling with him the power of dismantling old, outdated and dilapidated masculine (devoid of the feminine)-based structures in the world. Pluto’s retrograde season began April 22, 2018 so take yourself back to see what was happening in your life. Check your Capricorn-ruled house to personally connect with how Pluto is transforming your life. Pluto went retrograde on Mother Earth’s Day (very interesting!) and moves into forward motion on September 30th with the season of Libra in perfect balance.

Pluto is an outer planet and the Gateway to Soul. So when Pluto does anything, the Collective is aware and we can see global events take shape as a result. Check out the revealing nature of our current judiciary drama that is unfolding through November Primaries 2018. Let’s look at Pluto and the Moon on the Retrograde day 04/22/18:  Pluto was the “General accepting defeat gracefully with Inner Strength”. The Moon at karmic destiny degree of 29 Cancer was a Daughter of the American Revolution who inspired independence from tyranny. Isn’t that fascinating that as Pluto goes direct, so does this national drama unfold in Kavanaugh v. Supreme Court and GOP Senate v. #MeToo. 

Attention Lightworkers:  Your AUMwork

There is a Trapezoid Frequency that Pluto brings to the world as he goes direct today. This is a marker of calling Lightworkers to get into action. (Kind of like the Bat signal in the sky!). This frequency can either trap or free this powerful ancient energy that is currently presenting itself. Lightworker, you need to spiritually ground the energies of Mercury in Libra with Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn with Moon in Gemini through your body, mind and Spirit.

Today, Chiron, the Wounded Healer, picks up on the karmic destined pathway from Cancer Moon on 04/22/18 to announce the ending of a very long cycle of victimization and perpetrator consciousness. Pisces asks you to attune to your inner Soul and your Mind’s Universal Eye to see clearly what clouds your perceptions of reality. Are we seeing through the lens of a wounded Victim or through the lens of needing to defend yourself? If you feel you have to defend yourself, there is something hidden that you are refusing to look at it. Open yourself up to the entire 360 point of view and perceive a new reality that is based on unity consciousness and unconditional Love. If you don’t, the flipside will not feel good and it will continue the old cycles of pain and oppression. That is why Lightworkers are needed now enmasse to move forward with Wisdom!

Pluto and Jupiter “High Five” Power Play:

Pluto and Jupiter, in a sextile dance (60 degrees of Harmony), align forces together initiating a “Hand of God/Goddess” that points to the waning Gemini Moon. The waning Gemini Moon is the point of focus now. Gemini rules your thoughts and the way you think. The Moon rules your emotional energy:  emotional reactions versus responding to emotional situations. Let’s take a look at understanding how to engage with this energy by looking at the Sabian Symbol messages:

The karmic degree that we, as a Nation, are wrestling with is about Political Power as seen by the image of “THE UNION JACK FLAG FLIES FROM A BRITISH WARSHIP.”  This is our starting place to reconcile and bring the power of transformation that the Universe, via our Soul’s gateway of Pluto, is bestowing upon us at this time. Pluto direct at 18 degrees is:  “A FIVE-YEAR-OLD CHILD CARRYING A BAG FILLED WITH GROCERIES.” KEYNOTE: Rising to the occasion and assuming social responsibilities ahead of your normal development. It is time to teach yourself how to fulfill the responsibilities of everyday life. This time entails “Group performance”. Our society is akin to children at age 5 in our wisdom years and we are being asked to assume a family role that is ahead of our natural capacities.  This is a particularly dynamic period of our collective evolution and what is needed now is to create a pattern of ACCELERATED GROWTH as the new normal.

Jupiter brings forth the power of Pluto’s ruling sign Scorpio to show us that it is time to transform our entire core way of being. At 22 degrees the message is:  “A RABBIT METAMORPHOSES INTO A NATURE SPIRIT.” KEYNOTE: The raising of animal drives to a higher level. The rabbit is a symbol of an overabundance of sexual energy – fascinating that we as a society are so focused on sexual misconduct and abuse! You are being asked to rise above animal instinct into your “Nature spirit,” or the higher aspect of your life energies. This is the transmutation of your regenerative power. Carpe Diem! Know how to use it!

What do I do? Focus here, my Dear!

Waning Moon at 20 degrees Gemini shows the potential emotional reactions that come not from the heart but from the lower mind are wounded by the illusions of scarcity and lack. The Moon’s power lunar image is seen as:  “A TUMULTUOUS LABOUR DEMONSTRATION” KEYNOTE: The revolutionary impact of mental concepts upon collective emotions and desires. This symbol shines at the level of collective emotional responses and reactions. The masses are aroused by the abundance the “ruling class” enjoys. They are making collective social demands that are ripe for a “revolution” of consciousness. Tumultuous energy, like a hurricane, is available to assist resolving societal problems as the People are ready to claim is rightfully theirs. So good!

HELPER ENERGY:  Mercury in Libra, ruler of the Moon in Gemini, creates a lightning strike to Neptune Retrograde in Pisces. This energy is powerful and needs to be grounded to be stabilized in your life and in world. Mercury in Libra is wanting to harmonize your mind and it will be clearly evident in the way you communicate in your marriage, partnerships and relationships. Libra is about justice and Neptune’s shadow in Pisces is about illusions. 

Mercury tells you that our Collective is in need of repairing our relationships by balancing our thoughts, words and deeds. Mercury reveals this image at 15 Libra:  “AFTER A STORM A BOAT LANDING STANDS IN NEED OF RECONSTRUCTION*.” KEYNOTE: The need to keep links between the vast Unconscious and ego-consciousness. Relationship issues are being healed with harmony when you make connections with spiritual realities. Social structures for how you interact with others is in need of repair now. The Universe is helping to restructure your human experience. But it is through your individual connection to the greater Universe consciousness that will heal what needs to be repaired. (*NOTE:  This is an interesting Symbol to show up as Trump was very focused on the boat in need of repair from Hurricane Florence. You can read all about it here:  “Whose Boat is This Boat?”.)

Mercury Triggers Neptune with Source Light:

Mercury’s position in the Heavens triggers a response from Neptune that has a mighty and potentially unstable nature to it. Neptune’s Symbol at 14 Pisces looks like this:  “AN OFFICER INSTRUCTING HIS MEN BEFORE A SIMULATED ASSAULT UNDER A BARRAGE OF LIVE SHELLS.” KEYNOTE: The need for thorough rehearsing before any complex and inherently dangerous social ritual in which power is used or evoked. Be on the lookout for false flag activity if this powerful energy is not stabilized by spiritual growth in the collective. There are forces within our world that wish for humanity to continue struggling in pain and sorrow. But there are more defined powers within each one of us that can override self-sabotage and actions that cause undue harm.

Allow your true Self to rise and overcome the tyranny that has been imprisoning your unconscious beliefs. Be super mindful of any distractions of your lower mind. Put your Soul in the driver’s seat and refuse to believe anything that keeps you in the duality of right and wrong, good and bad. See all through the eyes of eternal Love and compassion and you will discover your own answers. Be a part of the solution instead of a link in the chain of continued suffering and oppression of the masses.

Rise Up Spirit Warrior. Rise.

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