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Capricorn 1st Quarter Miner’s Moon Dismantles the Dark Ages!

1st Quarter Capricorn Moon on October 16, 2018 at 11:02 AM PST/2:02 PM EST/7:02 PM UK/8:02 AM HST at 23 degrees Capricorn


The “Miner’s Moon” arrives to dig into your authoritarian structures conditioned by very old patriarchal conditioning from the Dark Ages. Pluto joins the 1st Quarter Moon to detonate these old structures and give them a blast of TNT! Ceres, Mother Goddess of Nurturing, propels the power of the Libra Sun to enforce that ancestral patterns around marriage contracts have to be renegotiated in order to shift the rebalancing between the gendering of men and women.

Tune into 1st Quarter Moon Power:

You now enter into a new Lunar Phase which holds a lot of POWER!  First Quarter Moons are designed to ignite your emotional energy to clear your path towards success.  The waxing, or building, energy of the Moon comes from a 90-degree angle to the Sun.  This square energy is designed to build enough Universal Qi  to break you free from past limitations and the struggles of your ego.  Get ready to expand into the joy of your higher intelligence in alignment with your Truth!

Miner’s Moon:

The Miner’s Moon brings you to your knees, that place within where you want to give up. How many mountains do I have to climb to get to where I want to be? The Miner’s Moon says to focus on the gleams of silver and gold – find your silver linings in the clouds and keep forging ahead. Knowing your WHY is the fuel that takes you to the top where you can better see the view of your New Moon in Libra goals. Ask yourself this week, “What distracts me from my highest goals?”

Many times your true goals are centered in what you truly value in life that is way beyond this material world, this mortal coil. Stressing out about how to make money to pay the bills is the kryptonite of this 1st Quarter Moon energy. Look around and find your tools:  your pick axe, your shovel. Find the beauty and the true worth of all the material things around you and use this gratitude energy to continue on your path forward. POWER TIP EXERCISE:  Gather your favorite gemstones, crystals and rocks. Gaze into their beauty and what value they hold for you. Program them to help you by assigning them jobs based on their special healing qualities. Capricorn likes to put self and others to work!

Just Add a Water Trine:

A Grand Water Trine of good karma comes to bless you with Divine Truth,  expansion of your transform power and dissolution through eons of galactic timelessness. Verte 22 Cancer, Jupiter 25 Scorpio and Chiron RX 29 Pisces bestow these gifts for you to use this week: objectivity and intellectualization, ability to adjust to new situations and the power of clearly visualized ideals.

The Capricorn Moon acts as the Tail guiding this Water Trine through the Earth to cleanse, nurture and deepen your emotional energies so you can easily go with the flow and allow the old to release. Don’t hold back how you really feel. If you do, the energies available to help you break through your obstacles will turn to tsunami levels of power. Instead, go with the flow. Stopping how you really feel builds dams in your energy fields. These dams will crumble and are no match for the velocity that is building this week.

Sabian Symbols:  Pluto-infused Capricorn Moon vs. Ceres-infused Libra Sun

These two powerful forces join together to strengthen your desires for change this week. This is a cold Moon on steroids!

1st Quarter Capricorn Moon at 23 degrees:  “A WOMAN ENTERING A CONVENT”

The “Miner’s Moon” symbol speaks to your Psyche through the image of a Nun. The nun represents spending time in contemplation and dedication to your spiritual life.  Drop the facades of society and concentrate on the higher meaningful things in your life. Contemplating your inner thoughts and values may be a lonely passage for some because they have never sat still with themselves. Refuse to be afraid or disenchanted with the ways of others. Dedicate yourself to the big picture and its rewards. Consider the ultimate “Hieros Gamos” ~ sacred union or marriage with God. Long for love of a higher nature and maintain faith. Watch for the shadow side:  Self sacrifice to get sympathy. Neglect of self (remember Black Moon Lilith’s message!) Feeling lonely. Too much isolation.

Pluto continues holding the space for your Accelerated Growth. You are being asked to go beyond what you feel you can do. Be strong. Be tough. Be resilient. Mercury also lends a hand by taking the place of Venus embodying her Rx degree “A Drowning Woman is rescued”. Mercury rules this 3rd decan Capricorn Moon as the ruler of the twist of your Virgo shizzle this week, too.


The Libra Sun shines warm light showcasing the imbalances in yourself:  physical, mental, spiritual or emotional. Practice greater self-empathy by understanding and accepting any pain or difficulty you may having functioning well in this world. The transformation of your full potential is a wonderful thing and it is a process. Tune into if you have any imbalances in your physical, emotional or intuitive bodies. Regain your balance and equilibrium. Acknowledge your imperfections as perfect and celebrate you. Watch for the shadow energy:  Being indifferent. Obsession with oddities. Not getting anywhere. Restlessness. Lopsidedness.

Ceres shows up as a “Gang of Robbers in Hiding”. Ceres wants you to look in your maternal lineage and find out where is the wrong sitting.  What is the nature of your epigenetic field that is being passed down generation to generation around the concepts of marriage? Mercury also shows up again as Libra’s 3rd decan flies into a twist of Gemini mind matter.

Goddess Energy to the Rescue!

Spousal aid comes to the rescue as you recalibrate your relationships. Retrograde Juno “Goddess of Partnership”, arrives at 0 degrees Gemini (potent power). She wants you to review your thoughts, words and deeds and see if you are communicating from the mind of a child when connecting with your partner. Clear up childhood wounding if you want your marriage to shift. See one another from the child’s point of view and make the choice to be forever friends. Her Symbol is “A GLASS-BOTTOMED BOAT REVEALS UNDER-SEA WONDERS AND PANORAMAS” and she wants you to see what others do not see. Juno is giving you the ability, the desire and the lens to be able to pierce beneath outer levels of things in order to get a grasp of what’s going on beneath the surface. Enjoy the discovering what you will see under the Sea!

Venus Rx (8 degrees) gets help with Mercury at 10 degrees Scorpio to assist Pluto who is controlling the forces of the Moon this week. Uranus attracts the transform power to him to take you into the sacred space of “A Clear Mountain Stream” as he changes a degree of power. The Sky God reviews your Root chakra fears and redirects your awareness to what motivates you. Go along with a quiet determination to experience connecting with this energy. Rest assured that you will be fresh, vibrant and revitalized. Concentrate this week and don’t deviate from your path.

This First Quarter week moves you powerfully through obstacles with focus, determination and transform power. Check your chart to see exactly where this energy aligns with you, personally. Need help? The Inner Circle Lunar Ladies Club is your place to get your tools and find your support to get you to the top of your goals! Bring a friend and join us in the Club!

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