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Christmas Morning

Cancer Full Family Moon on Christmas Morn!

The Cancerian frequency loves the Moon! Why? The Moon is Cancer’s natural ruling planet and Cancer is right at “home” in this alignment. It’s a perfect fit during this festive family holiday but keep in mind this is the leader of Emotions and the Moon is full which brings up EVERYTHING!

The last time Cancer was the Full Moon on Christmas was December 25, 1977. How old were you? What are your memories? It would be good to look back at this time in your life (maybe you were still a sparkle in your parents eyes) because Cancer is extremely nostalgic and romantic about memories.

This Cancer Full Moon at 3 degrees at 3:12 AM PST on 12/25/15 brings up an emotional intensity of how you REALLY feel. Because Cancer rules the House of Family and the holidays bring families together, ride the waves and roll with the tides of your personal ocean of emotion (and that of your family members, too).

Cancer wants to help you by asking what and who are truly nurturing you. Family can take all forms – not always parental, sibling or human. Our pets are our families. Special places are meaningful and resource us. Even Trees, sacred stones and corporeal beings like Guardian Angels can be family. So try not to get caught up in the 3rd dimensional cultural view of family, especially at this time of year.

C. Ara Campell of The Goddess Circle shares about this Full Moon, “We are asking ourselves now if what surrounds us makes us feel secure, safe like we belong. In the new field of the upcoming new year, take this time with the light of the moon to delve into where your heart feels into these areas, and give yourself full permission to be honest with yourself. Releasing what no longer serves us is also highlighted at this time making room for all we desire to enter into our lives. The energy of the Solstice still hangs in the air and all that your heart longs for is asking for you to make space for it to grow into your life.”

Take time to nurture yourself this holiday week ~ Christmas through New Year’s. Nurture your Spirit with time in Nature, reading a great book, listening to beautiful music and a visit to a Spa. Or just rest and hibernate ~ they all work as long as they feed your Soul and nurture your Spirit. May Peace fill your Heart and Mind and give birth to a new you in 2016…

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