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Can you say Ripe, Rich Energy? New Moon + Mercury Retrograde!

Tonight marks the beginning of the next Lunar Cycle with the New Moon (11:17 PM PST). This New Moon occurs in earthy, sensual Taurus moving with the Sun into airy, thoughtful Gemini. Earthy Taurus is ruled by the sensuality of Venus.

As May draws to a close, we find our emotional lunar energies celebrating the luscious and sexy Springtime. Gaia is in her fullness as She sends out Her pheromones to entice the continuation of abundant life everywhere.

This Lunar Cycle (May 17-June 16, 2015) is about deepening your sensual relationship with Mother Earth energy. Be patient and feel your roots deepen around what you planted and called to during Spring Equinox (March 20, 2015). Meditate, walk barefoot and tap into the rich and powerful resources during this super fertile time.

New Moon energy requires “Stillness” in order to plant your intentions firmly in the rich Soul soil. Slow down during the next 3 days to allow yourself to come into a still place within.

Guess what? You are in luck! Quicksilver Mercury is making his descent into the Underworld during his Retrograde phase and is traveling in his home sign of Gemini (May 18-June 11, 2015). This is the time to go “Right-Brain” and move into the energetic fields of Renewal, Reflection, Review and Resurrection. Look at your Natal Birth Chart to see where Gemini falls. This House is the journey you will be taking during this Retrograde.

For me, Taurus/Gemini is my 12th House – The House of the Collective Unknown. I have my Natal Moon and Lilith in Gemini here so I will take an emotional journey through the Wild Feminine as I travel the rich pathways of the Underworld. This is a powerful time for me to implement a Mindfulness Practice and tap into my inner Sorceress who channels the messages of the Gods. Oooohh, that sounds inviting!

Where does Gemini fall in your chart? Not sure? Ask me to help guide you during this Lunar Cycle-Mercury Retrograde phase. My Lunar Living program is a powerful program to help you transform along the way! Comment below with what House your Natal Gemini is in! I just have to know! Happy Trails into the Underworld! See you on the Other Side …


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