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Build your Body, Mind, Spirit Immunity: Neptune Retrograde 2017

Neptune Retrograde is upon us for the second half of 2017, taking you on a mystical journey of your Soul from June 16 – November 22, 2017. Neptune travels four degrees from 14 to 11 degrees  Pisces. Neptune is in his home sign of Pisces which aligns you with its natural energy. But if you have an imbalanced relationship to your Soul awareness, Neptune flows into the shadow and opens the doorway to escape through addiction. Pandemic energy and illusions of truth vs. collective acceptance of reality arise in shadow energy. The word “Pandemic” has already been used by mainstream media to describe the current Opiate and Heroin addiction plaguing the USA. Wake up and watch out for this energy so you can ride the currents with Divine Grace instead.

Neptune travels through Pisces until 2025. This retrograde period is a time to return to the Cosmic Womb and rebalance, realign and renew your world according to Spirit!
Your beliefs and what you dream are really important now because of Neptune’s tsunami-like vibration. Neptune is soul spirit, transcendence, divine grace and experiencing a cosmic journey in the ocean of the Unknown. Pisces swims freely here because Pisces believes in Oneness. Pisces is psychic and understands the language of dreams. So now it is time for you tune into your Psyche/Soul reality.

What’s up with your Soul?

Pisces and Neptune rule dreams and unconscious awakenings. Keep a Dream Journal because you are a Conscious Being. Dreams are a way for your total consciousness to make your limited consciousness aware that there is more to life than your waking 3-D world.

Neptune is changing our minds and reprogramming our thinking to prep our “canvas” for quantum consciousness. These higher values are changing our current beliefs to be able to recognize our evolving consciousness. In other words, the Galaxy is evolving and don’t you want to be a part of it?

Pay special attention to your dreams, images, symbols and stories. Saturn which has been in square configuration to Neptune holds the frequency of “symbols”. Seeing symbols and signs is another way for your Conscious Self to get your attention. Neptune rules the oceans, so be out in nature and ground your physical body to the Earth’s AUM energy.

As you spend more time outside in Nature, decrease your use of electronic devices, especially WiFi.  As you do, you dive into Neptune’s frequency which is the Great Universal Solvent. This energy dissolves all that does not flow with your true Higher Self. You are on a spiritual quest to experience higher Divine vibrations and it will take a focused, creative Dreamer to ascend this spiritual mountain.

What To Do:

First, find what house Neptune in Pisces is traveling through for you(hint it’s your house that is ruled by Pisces). This will show you what you are working on during this Retrograde journey on a Soul level. Now is the time to get out your Natal chart and find the House ruled by Pisces. If you don’t have your chart, you can order yours here plus a lengthy and wonderful report all about You!

Because of the nature of this Neptune retrograde beginning in alignment with the Moon, our collective society is going to be affected. Focus on building your immunity, both physically and spiritually. Parsley tea is a powerful detoxifier and builder of immunity. Pomegranates, Seaweed and oranges, too, go along with the Piscean vibration. Visit a Naturopath and/or Herbalist to ask how you can naturally build your powers of immunity.

You will also want to focus on strengthening your endocrine system along with building up your immunity. Here is an informative article by Organic Lifestyle Magazine to show you how. Hygiene and cleanliness is important, too, because of low immunity. You could be more susceptible to pathogens, especially to the effects of drugs, alcohol and anesthetics.  Try to avoid being exposed to poisons or infectious disease at all costs.

To work on your Spirt-Soul immunity, laughter and joy open up your cells to respond to a higher vibration. Happiness and creativity upgrade your immune system. Neptune retrograde is the ideal time for spiritual self-development. Self help books, counseling, meditation, Yoga, Tarot, astrology, swimming and a healthy, toxin-free, non-violent diet are keys to your health.

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