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Build a Rainbow Bridge with Joy & Laughter: Chiron RX 2019

Chiron Retrograde on July 8th to December 12, 2019.
Retrograde Journey:  5 degrees Aries to 1 degree Aries


Chiron in Aries is about healing your inner divine “I AM” Presence. Aries rules the physical body which is really operated from the KA Body. The KA Body is the etheric energy body of a human being. According to ancient Egyptian knowledge, the KA was essentially a person’s double, the divine life force that separates and moves on into the afterlife.

Chiron is the healer, the teacher and the Rainbow Bridge. With Chiron in Aries, you are guided to heal your 1st and 7th Houses in your Natal chart, your Aries and Libra ruled House, any planets in Aries or Libra and areas of the body that Aries and Libra rule. Venus in Libra is the Aries counterpoint. She aligns with Chiron in square formation to bring to you what you most need to heal and transform ~ your Sacred Wound ~ that which you brought with you in this incarnation to heal (check your Natal Chiron sign, house placement and aspects).

Chiron is building a Rainbow Bridge for those who have been doing the deep, sacred spiritual work. This bridge is a bridge to the Higher Self. If you are just starting your Heroine’s healing journey, know and trust the light that is beaming towards you. It is powerful enough to crack open old wounds, heal them and make you stronger than ever before. You are not alone as you step into the Light and onto this Path of wellness.

Venus & Chiron:  Recipe for Yum

Venus and Chiron blend their forces together to build a bridge of nurturing wellness to infuse your “I AM” Presence. Venus brings with her what she values and She loves the abundance of Gaia’s plenty. Ask for Chiron and Venus’ blessings to heal your relationship to abundance, feeling worthy to receive more and more! They want you to become enlightened.

Language of Symbols:  Keys to Unlock your Power

Play with Venus’ energy as She arrives as

MESSAGE: The play of invisible forces in all manifestations of life.

Venus comes to enhance your clairvoyant Self. Visualize the nature spirits (or Faeries) inviting you out to play and dance under the next six Full Moons this year. These experiences are real and will part the Veil between the mundane and extraordinary worlds. To heal with Chiron’s medicine, the Soul has to reconnect to Love and Joy.  The Faerie Nature Spirits exist in the “astral” or “etheric” realms and the Moon’s light invites your subconscious to rise to your surface mind. Moonlight is medicine for the Soul because it is reflected sunlight that your eyes are able to receive. This reflected light contains the potency of the Sun’s magical Qi life force. Let your inner magical Child heal your whole self through Venus’ gift of expanding your CREATIVE IMAGINATION.


Chiron:  Today and will be 5 degrees on March 20, 2020

MESSAGE: The emotional desire for inner stability.

Chiron’s image shines light upon the desire for individualization – how it starts with a one-pointed focus.  Emotional energy, when driven by the psyche of fear, can be possessive and exclusive. You are evolving towards more unity consciousness. As you first begin to individualize, you begin with an inner realization of your true nature. This awareness may feel painful because you feel the differences between you and your familiar world. As you set yourself free to reconnect to your true Self beyond the world’s programming and conditioning, you eventually evolve towards Oneness where all is unified in Love. Chiron is here to help you reconnect to your true Self through individualization to strengthen your core need for INNER STABILITY.

The Chandra symbol is “An Aquamarine in a woman’s navel.” This crystal will help purify your reconnection to your center. From the navel, or umbilical cord, your primal sense of play flows spontaneously forth. Your “I AM” Self can no longer play a limited, conditioned role in life. What is compelling your forward is your deep, pure Anima/Animus.

Chiron goes Direct on December 12, 2019:
Review back to March 9, 2019

 The capacity to look objectively at oneself and at others.

Chiron ends his sojourn with the energy of healing laughter. Through the Sacred Clown, can you truly see into beauty of human nature. Through contrast, consciousness can expand. Teilhard de Chardin wrote of “reflective consciousness”:  the ability to see yourself reflected in a mirror and laugh at the absurdity of your life. Humor is the triumph of objective consciousness. I love Chiron brings one of my favorite pastimes ~ watching award-winning performances in the Theater of the Absurd.  Laughter is the truly the best medicine!

Enjoy your Chiron Retrograde Journey of Reflection, Play, Wellness & Laughter!

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