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Breakthrough with the Speed of Sound! 1st Quarter Moon in Libra

Are you ready to breakthrough with the speed of Sound ~ as in the sound of Harmonic Balance? 1st Quarter Moon week in Libra begins June 30, 2017 at 5:51 PM PST/8:51 PM EST lasting through July 7, 2017. Make really good use of breaking the sound barrier with Truth and Justice!

1st Quarter Moon lunar phase is a time for “Action”. The Sun and Moon now form a 90 degree angle or square energy. The square slows down the velocity of the natural Universal flow creating resistance that builds up energy. The build up of energy is the volume of extra power needed to push you through blocks, old patterns and stuck, negative habits. Just like a seed, you have to push through the ground to grow.

Planetary Superhero Help:

The Moon aligns with Jupiter in Libra bringing emotional energetic velocity to your relationships. Jupiter is expanding the energy that is currently sitting in your Relationship space. This expansion is designed to bring more harmony at this time. What is the emotional balance you are bringing into your relationships? Are you feeling balanced or out of sorts? Check your Natal Chart for where this is happening (hint:  your Libra-ruled House)

Neptune is here  with spiritual help. The more you tune into your  Neptune (R) retrograde journey, the more you will be able to receive of this cosmic compassion. If your relationships are feeling rocky, call upon Neptune in Pisces for divine intervention.

Getting you Ready for the Full Moon:

Mars and Mercury are linked together in Cancer with the Sun sitting opposite to Pluto (R) and Juno (R) in Capricorn. They are here to do mental battle with what is stopping you from transforming. Are you nurturing your passions with a reborn mind-set of fresh ideas? Or are you stuck in the frustration of old childhood stories around not being nurtured enough?  Saturn (R) is here to help as your spiritual advisor to Mercury and Mars. Do you have a Guru or spiritual teacher that helps your mind? Go to your Spiritual Sage for assistance this week. Venus is in spiritual relationship with Saturn as they creatively rest in the big picture and sensual enjoyment of the planet as a spiritual discipline. Honor Venus by truly nurturing your earthly senses.

The Recap:

This is your week of Action to push through emotional blocks stalling and preventing your New Moon intentions from growing. Jupiter in Libra wants to grow your New Moon intentions “bigly” right now. Utilize the Planetary Superheroes ~ Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Venus ~ to help you where and when you need it. As you do, you are gearing up for Full Moon opposition to Pluto which is ALL ABOUT Transformation – Big time! Get ready for a major shape-shift of your rules, authority and foundation structure for success! *As always, to personally attune to this energy, get your Natal Chart and find where this is happening in your energetic signature!

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