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Break through Barriers with the Heart of the Leo Moon

It’s that time again when the Moon and the Sun square off inviting an influx of energy to push you through obstacles. The lunar cycle is your best tool to create what you want in your life very quickly. In order for your manifestations to come into being here in the 3D world, they have to push through the mental sphere of your desires and ideation into the physical realm. The First Quarter Moon happens 5/2/17 at 7:46 PM PST. Ready, set, go!

Just like a rocket needs excess fuel to breakthrough the barrier into outer space, so do your New Moon intentions. When the Moon and Sun form a 90 degree First Quarter angle to one another, it slows down the Universal flow and backs it up. This back up is what you can learn how to use to push through self-imposed limitations and those pesky old obstacles.

The Sun is in Taurus and the Moon is now in Leo; two Fixed signs of Earth and Fire. The Sun is your personal identity or Ego-self and the Moon is your powerful emotions in the form of your Subconscious-Unconscious self.  The Sun in Taurus wants you to slow down and delight in the beauty of the Earth, breathe in the Spring and have a sensual affair with your earthy self. The Moon in Leo wants you to clutch your chest and let your Heart take center stage.

Leo as the First Quarter Moon is aptly called the “Actor’s Moon”. When the New Moon was born, she entered into your life as the “Dryad’s Moon”.  A dryad is a magical nymph elemental spirit that lives in Trees. This New Moon tapped into your inner Dryad and awakened your magical connection to the Earth. Now it’s time for your creativity, your joy and your bliss ~ your heart’s love language, to take over.

In order to breakthrough this week and take action on your New Moon in Taurus intentions from 4/26/17, you are invited to let your heart lead from 5/2-9/17. Your mantra is “Love is Everything.” Be dramatic. Be passionate. Be in love with what brings you joy. Take risks. Recreate yourself to match the vibration of what you are intending to bring into your life. If you have to act or “fake it until you make it”, do it. No time to waste and let your Oscar-winning performances ensue this week.

You may run into moments that prompt you to play second fiddle. Don’t do it. Be center stage and shine. Let your emotions be your guidance system to show you how you feel just about everything.

Your Sacred Geometry Tools:

There is a 5-pointed star in the form of Yods this week to imprint your frequency with the God/Goddess vibration. In order to stabilize this lightning “Finger of GOD” energy, you have to interact with yourself, your relationships and your experiences this week with Spirit. That’s why the Moon is pivotal because she gets you into your heart and Love is the vibration that connects you to Spirit. The Moon yods Neptune – tune in emotionally to your greatest dreams. The Sun yods Jupiter – focus on what is beyond your earthly body-bound relationships.

The Moon also shines as the “Tail” of a Kite in an Air trine with Jupiter (Retrograde) in Libra, Mars in Gemini and the Part of Fortune in Aquarius. As you stabilize your field of manifestation with Spiritual energy, you come into alignment with your way of Fortune. Since this is Aquarius energy ~ it is coming to your from the future. So harmonize your mental body (relationships, thoughts/words/behaviors, and your Soul Tribe) with this alignment. The Moon is your rudder guiding your kite towards doing your Dharma and being rewarded with innovations, insights and invention!

Mercury moves into direct motion and twins Uranus and Eris in Aries on May 3rd. Mercury takes this moment, so refreshed from his sojourn in the Underworld, to break free with Uranus’ liberating energy. Expect the unexpected and prepare for the shock and awe. Align with Eris as she brings a touch of discord to get things really moving along in your life.

Your Keys to Freedom:

Stay centered in your Spirit, let your emotions be your guidance system and harmonize the Air within you and around you. If you need to ground this energy, remember your magical connection to the Earth and create your grounding cords. Place your hands in prayer position at your heart and breathe in Love. Exhale Gratitude for the future that you are creating as obstacles melt left and right in the fire of your burning sacred Heart.

Nature is your ally. The Air element is your friend. And the Moon is your force to push you through right onto the other side!

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