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Break on Through to the Other Side: 1st Quarter “Rebel’s Moon”

1st Quarter Moon arrives as the Aquarius “Rebel Moon” on 10/27/17 at 3:22 PM at 4 degrees. First quarter energy is about breaking through to the Other side of age old obstacles, blocks and adversity. Wise Woman, make adversity your friend this week! (10/27-11/2/17). Be the ultimate Rebel and liberate your Feminine Shakti to transform your Soul!

The forces are at work this week as the fixed nature of the Sun and Moon magnetize and strengthen your personal alchemy to harmonize your New Moon intentions in Libra. Access your Higher futuristic emotional mind and your Shamanic sense of Soul-Self. Jupiter is traveling with the Sun to expand the depths that you can dive into. Let’s take a look at the Sabian Symbol storyline to see how to align powerfully with this energetic week ahead!

Sabian Symbol:  4 degrees Aquarius “Rebel’s Moon”


This is a timeline switch! You can connect to your Ancestors and to being an Ancestor of the future generations. Aquarius even gives you the green light to contact your Star Being ancestors, too! Think with your Higher Mind seven generations ahead. What will your descendants need from you. What old paradigms can you bust that will transform their Souls. Every individual is far more dependent upon the strength of their ancestors’ achievements — or oppressed by their failures and lack of vision — than they usually believe. This can mean a hidden foundation of individual strength, or the inertia of a tradition unable to transcend its limited origins. Enable your greatness to tap the power of your deepest roots.

The Qi now builds as the Moon makes a 90 degree angle to the Sun. This is the volcanic energy to transform yourself with.

Sabian Symbol:  4 degrees Scorpio Sun


Culture, simply put, is described as an agreed upon set of rules, traditions, language and customs that a group of people adhere to over time. Here the rocky shore is the cultural mindset that has stood the test of time. Culture can become a force of resistance when generations begin to evolve past the old ways of doing things. Stability is a gift that your ancestors give to you. Use this strength when a new horizon calls to you to transform. The Moon (Subconsciousness) ask the Sun (Self) what Soul energy is needed to fulfill the higher dream of the future good for all. Jupiter adds the “Gold” to your breakthrough.

GOLD Sabian Symbol:  3 degrees Scorpio Jupiter


Jupiter dives deeper into Scorpionic waters to uncover ancient, buried knowledge through November 2018. Jupiter invites you to find your Power Symbols and rituals to help you get deeper into your Soul. What are your Soul’s languages? Symbols, ancient cultures, magical knowledge and secret societies are even more powerful for your use now. Rituals and social ceremonies will help incorporate these symbols into your daily life.

Hello, Millennials! Are you there?

The Universe is calling to the minds and hearts of a certain group of young people – The Millennials (Pluto in Scorpio generation). The Souls who chose to arrive onto planet Earth while Pluto was in his home sign of Scorpio, are GAME CHANGERS! They are here to transform the way humanity understands Power. For the Millennial generation to truly achieve their Soul Mission is they have to have a spiritual awakening.

Millennials – this is your time to shine and wake up now through November 2018! In May 2018 Uranus changes signs into your harmonic octave of Taurus. Expect a shake, rattle and roll in the depths of your Soul. I invite you to join me in your quest to shapeshift the world! I’ve got tools and I know how to use them! Join the Lunar Ladies Shakti movement starting now!

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