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Black New Moon: Aries Hybrid Eclipse

Black New Moon in Aries Part II at 29 degrees on April 19, 2023, at 9:12 PM PDT; 12:12 AM PDT – 04/20/23

Welcome to Part 2 of the 2023 Zodiac New Year! This is the second New Moon in Aries occurring at the karmic degree of Fate – 29 degrees. The Black New Moon is followed by a Hybrid Solar Eclipse just minutes later at 9:16 PM PDT. This is your moment to place your own personal seal on who you want to be in 2023.

After the Eclipse and for the final act, Mercury begins a retrograde journey in Taurus on April 21, 2023, at 1:35 AM PDT at 15 degrees. This is the second retrograde journey in the Earth element sign. Taurus is a Fixed sign, so what was getting initiated in January 2023, is going to be grounded deep into the Earth. Look to your finances, comforts, well-being, and your own self-worth.

Eclipses: Past, Present, & Future

This New Moon cycle opens the door to the Nodal Wave shift from Taurus and Scorpio to Aries and Libra. The last solar eclipse when this occurred was on April 8, 2005, at 18 degrees Aries. The energy surrounding that time was teaching us how we use our minds. Our true minds are a very complex power source that creates, manifests, and destroys through focused attention and imagination.

The next Solar Eclipse will be October 14, 2023, at 20 degrees Libra. The energy that is coming in directs your attention to remembering that life is not meant to be stressful. Life’s true energy is meant to be carefree and simple.

Karmic New Moon of Destiny: 29 Aries

When we trust in the cosmic order, then everything falls into place.

The preceding symbol before this karmic degree of Destiny is the image of “A celestial Choir singing”. The message of the angelic choir is, “Having faith in the meaning of life, we express it through devotion.” This concept is the starting place for understanding the meaning of this time of karmic destiny. It is said of the Cherubim that throughout eternity their sole purpose and activity is to praise God through music and song.

The following symbol after the karmic degree is the image of “A clear mountain stream”. This image denotes the power of purity in its most natural state. When you think of what is a stream or river, it is a body of water that is flowing towards some larger body of water. It can be a lake or the mother of water – the ocean. The clear mountain stream wants to know what is pulling your soul. What directions are you spiritually moved to rush towards?

When you focus on the image of the mother Swan and her cygnets it shows you the natural cycle of life. We start out as babies. We mature and give birth to the next generation. The cycle endures going on and on forever. This is a natural cycle of life in the material world. When you experience this natural cycle of life and add to it the deeper meaningfulness of divine purpose, the power of love magnifies exponentially. The gift that comes from humanity is adding this divinely inspired awareness to the web of life in the material world.

This cycle of Aries-Libra eclipses is asking you to merge with your natural divine spark of Unconditional Love within all your relationships. Not just your one-to-one relationships but how you relate to everything and everyone, from the greatest to the smallest. What are you adding to the great Web of Life? Let this be your daily inspiration moving forward over the next 18 months!

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  • New Moon at 29 degrees Aries Week: 04/19-26/2023
  • New Moon Lunar Mansion – 3rd: “The Abundant Little Ones”
  • Human Design Gateway and Gene Keys #3 – “Ordering”
  • New Moon Sabian Symbol: “A duck and her brood
  • Crescent Moon in Gemini “Little Sister’s Moon”: 04/23-26/2023
  • 1st Quarter Lunar Week in 6 degrees Leo “Actor’s Moon”: 04/27-05/04/2023
  • 1st Quarter Lunar Mansion 10th- “The Fountain”
  • Human Design Gateway and Gene Keys #31 – “Democracy”
  • 1st Quarter Lunar Sabian Symbol: “The constellations in the sky.”
  • Full Moon at 14 degrees Scorpio Lunar Eclipse: 05/05/2023

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