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“Black Knight” Clears Emotional Debris ~ 1st Quarter Libra Lunar Week

1st Quarter Libra “Black Knight’s Moon” on June 28, 2020 at 7 degrees at 1:15 AM PDT/2:15 AM MDT/3:15 AM CDT/4:15 AM EDT

The Libra Moon and Cancer Sun move into a waxing Cardinal square to kick off this week of action. This is creative Air vs. Water power. Libra’s superpower of harmony and balance in the midst of change is the key to breaking free of controlled programming. The Libra 1st Quarter Moon is known as the “Black Knight”. The Black Knight is a messenger. He carries the heavy burdens of our times and brings the reality of them to your front door. It is his karma to do this and it is his karma to wait until you completely understand.

The asteroid Juno, Goddess of Partnership, travels with the Libra Moon this week to empower your ability to harmonize through relationships with others. Venus, now direct, takes her recent retrograde experience to check in with the Moon and Juno. At 5 degrees Gemini, Venus takes you back to April 10, 2020 to explore the depths of yourself more freely. Tune into the pure aliveness at your core, your center. How can you be supported by your own emotions? From your clarity, you can grow, renew, and expand exponentially!

The Cancer Sun travels with Vulcan, the God of the Forge, and Hades, the God of the Underworld. This is heavy energy that is pulling the Cancer Sun deep into the recesses of Self. Vulcan directs your power to “cut out” burdens, baggage, and your attachments. What have you outgrown? Find that and put into the fires of the forge. Hades brings you into the Underworld and commands you to “KNOW THYSELF.” Witness what you collect and purge yourself — especially your emotional body. Now is the time to bring the Sun’s light to the dark and hidden aspects of your Soul.

This week Pluto and Jupiter, both in retrograde, merge together for the second of three times this year on June 30th. Saturn retrograde re-enters into Capricorn on July 1st. This 2-day window is going to be felt by the masses.

Trapezoid & Spiritual Freedom

A trapezoid appears in the lunar chart this week for the 1st Quarter Libra Moon. Uranus and the Sun come into sextile as Saturn retrograde at 0 degrees Aquarius comes into a trine with the Libra 1st Quarter Moon and Juno. Within this framework, Uranus squares Saturn (Battle of the Titans), and the Moon squares the Sun. The way out of this maze is to find your spiritual connections and ground them this week. The energy of Uranus has to ground with the spiritual understanding of what the Moon brings up in your emotional body. The Cancer Sun’s energy has to ground with Saturn to spiritually recalibrate your potential timelines. This is a time of self-nurturing to shift your future reality. This is a time honoring your sacred relationship to the Earth to live in harmony and peace.

1st Quarter Waxing Moon Dynamics: Challenges ~ Decisions ~ Action

First Quarter Moon energetics are about busting through challenges, making clear and powerful decisions, and taking ACTION! Adversity becomes your friend as you break through obstacles, barriers, and blocks. The waxing Libra Moon forms a square, or 90-degree angle, to the Cancer Sun. This waxing square builds CARDINAL universal Qi to create new cycles. Use the power of leadership to make empowered changes this week. With this energetic focus, you are invited to break through old, destructive subconscious patterns. In the Lunar Ladies Club’s Inner Circle, you’ll learn how to align with this focus and use power mantras like this one:I Feel AIR and WATER to shape-shift with POWER to move through my obstacles this week!”

1st Quarter Libra Moon: “Black Knight’s Moon”

The 1st Quarter Libra Moon is called the “Black Knight’s Moon”. As the energetics of this lunar phase are about breaking through the old relationship patterns so you can realize your Cancer New Moon intentions, the Black Knight’s Moon comes with a sense of justice for the world. The harmonic tone of Libra has been soured by the outpourings of injustice in the world and the Black Knight has had enough. This Moon’s vibration may put you in a place of being at your wits end with the violence and suffering in the world. How to bring back the beauty and balance? The Black Knight tells you to search for your principles and align with righting the wrongs. You may find yourself wanting to take matters into your own hands. But wait! You will need to have mercy and the ability to see both sides first. Why? This leads you onto a path of Forgiveness.

Remember this: “Angry people cannot create a peaceful planet.”

15th Lunar Mansion: “The Bouquet”

The 15th Lunar Mansion is known as “The Bouquet” and is a place of sanctuary for you to reset your self-empowerment and confidence. This is the place for you to negotiate from a place of power. Indecisiveness creates inharmonic agreements that will diminish your energy and block your pathway forward. Feel the truth of your harmonic alignment with self-empowerment. Guarded by Mercury and Mars, the Moon finds a respite place here this week. Now is the time for you to feel confident. Remember, indecisiveness creates disharmony. The 15th Lunar Mansion is designed for you to align with self-empowerment. Forego any inner debates of whether or not you can do – anything. Instead, marry the real You, the one that knows who she is and why she is here.

Libra Moon vs. Cancer Sun

The 7’05” degrees 1st Quarter Libra Moon moves through obstacles:

The 1st Quarter Libra Moon wants you to look at what is ugly, useless, or discarded in your life, especially within your relationships. The reason to turn your attention here is to see the difference between what is beautiful and harmonic in contrast to what isn’t in your life. This week you are being led to see what you perceive as trash and ask yourself why? The ability to be clear about this from your own perspective is to conjure your inner Alchemist to get into action. Take time this week to “collect your trash”. Put into one pile, out of your way. Keep what has meaning and beautiful to you. The Libra 1st Quarter Moon at 7 degrees is a degree that is most aligned with Cancerian qualities. This is a very nurturing energy that when you clear away your trash, you can receive all the beauty and care that is waiting for you.

The Moon’s Take-Aways:

  • Contain your energy so you can use it positively rather than letting it dissipate.
  • Beauty helps you to clear the junk from your life and what oppresses you.
  • Reconnect to the sweetness and healing power of Nature to ground and expand your awareness of the magnificence of life.
  • Let go of all you no longer need and be ready for a great transition!

: — : 1ST DECAN CANCER SUN : — :

The 7’05” degrees 1st Decan Cancer Sun moves through obstacles:

The Cancer Sun is shining light for you to find your personal formulas for healing and wellness. The Sun wants you to express your creative Spirit out into the world. Your wellness comes from nurturing your body, mind, and Spirit. You are here on Earth as a Soul embodied to evolve. Find your wellness formulas and put them into practice this week and moving forward. Understand the different vibrations that you are drawn to in your wellness modalities. How do your modalities work together? For instance, if you are drawn to eating more greens and essential oils, how do these two wellness practices work together in you. Understand the processes. This is your personal creative alchemy that you can heal you and help you evolve. As your body heals, so shall your Spirit/Soul grow! Your main focus is to keep the your Higher Purpose in mind. This steers you away from dropping your vibration into the lower, base ego-self.

The Sun’s Take-Aways:

  • Look for opportunities to amplify your personal vibration.
  • Look for the eternal laws working within any situation.
  • Your magical intent draws forth the energy of abundance that lives within you.
  • Allow inspiration to arise from within your inner silence and guide you this week.

Recommendations: Get to know your Chart and Join the Club!

Find your flow as you connect to your true, natural, and vibrant Self. Join us in the Lunar Ladies Inner Circle this week to get the tools you need to take quick action on the energy available. The Moon and Sun, along with the power planetary players, carry the frequency tools for you to use to grow and evolve. Connect most powerfully with these lunar insights when you know where it is happening in your Astrology chart. Knowing your chart reconnects you to your Universal Flow and natural harmony. Are you ready to be there now? No better time than now to act! Right here and right now!

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