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Jupiter enters Scoprio

Being your BadAss Self ~ Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter has been dancing with Libra since October 2016 and helping you expand into the truth and fairness in your relationships. Jupiter shifts frequencies and dives deep into the energy of Scorpio:  October 10, 2017 – November 8, 2018. Let’s take a look at Jupiter’s gifts and Scorpio’s transformations.

Jupiter ~ The Planet of Expansion:


Jupiter is the benevolent planetary force of expansion, wealth, joy, optimism and truth-seeking. Jupiter is the Archer’s Bow that sails beyond the clouds of illusions and reaches for the highest truth there is. Philosophical and adventurous, Jupiter wants to expand the royal nature of your true Self..

Scorpio ~ The Sign of the Phoenix:

Scorpio rules your reproductive organs, your regeneration, transformation, depths, Underworld and all things hidden and secretive. Scorpio is Fixed Water and it depths know no bounds. Scorpio is passionate and psychic, intense and able to see motives and agendas. Scorpio once it feels safe and secure, desires to share this raw space of intimacy with another. Trust is the key to allow for more depths through the doorway of vulnerability.

Putting the Two Together:

Jupiter will expand and Scorpio will deepen your relationships to others, things and especially to that which you truly care about. Scorpio doesn’t play around. Scorpio wants to know the deep psychological layers that create motive and what secrets you are hiding. Jupiter brings optimism and joy into the release, opening and ultimate transformation of emotional Shakti that can be rebirthed as you feel safe enough to dive deeper.

Big picture, trust, knowledge and forgiveness will be your playing cards for this coming yearly cycle. Jupiter’s inherent design is to expand, so also be on the lookout for expanding the shadow sides of both signs ~ greed, paranoia, secretive, over zealous, fanatical, obsessive. Development of your inner depths and seeing the bigger picture of your spiritual journey will equate to more Joy this year.

Your Connection:

This is where you get to utilize your amazing blueprint, err I mean, your Natal birth chart. To discover your Jupiter in Scorpio journey follow these steps. Step 1:  Find the house that is ruled by Scorpio. This is the house that Jupiter will be expanding into your depths. Step 2:  Look at what house has Scorpio’s ruling planet, Pluto and Mars in it. Step 3:  Look at what sign rules your 8th House. Step 4:  Finally, see what natal planets sit in these houses and what aspects or relationships are connecting to them. If you need help, I can help you. Schedule an Astrology reading with me and we can take a look at what this year is set to bring forth within you.

BadAss 101:  Your Inner Wonder Woman

Jupiter is thirsty for knowledge and Scorpio wants to explore the depths of the things, especially the Occult world of ancient wisdom. This would a fantastic year to explore Astrology, Tarot, Clairvoyance, Numerology and other dimensional Underworld studies. These two energies want you do don your black leather pants and be a Badass Wonder Woman. Lunar Ladies is so committed to your empowerment at this time in our Collective history, that we designed an “Unleash your Inner Wonder, Woman” masterclass series. Check it out and join our growing Sisterhood of Badass Women!

Kaboom! Bam! Boom!

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