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Be Wise, Be Kind: 1st Quarter Aquarius “Rebel’s Moon”

1st Quarter Aquarius “Rebel’s Moon” at 0 degree on 10/23/2020 @ 6:22 AM PDT/7:22 AM MDT/8:22 AM CDT/9:22 AM EDT

The Aquarius Moon and Sun make a waxing first quarter 90-degree square to help you find new, fresh perspectives in life. This is happening at the degree frequency of the upcoming super-conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius on Winter Solstice, December 20, 2020. Set into the future that you are wise, kind, and a good human being. The key ingredient is “Acceptance”.

When the Moon is in the sign of Aquarius, you can become rather detached from your emotions. The nurturing energy of the Moon is more felt in connecting with your ideals and gathering with kindred spirits. This is when you need freedom from the conventional structures of mainstream society. To find your center, become a neutral observer to bear witness without judgment as to what you perceive is happening in your reality. This merges you with ACCEPTANCE.

The newly born Scorpio Sun is gifting you an opportunity to recover from the difficulties and distractions in your life. You can achieve this by re-ordering how you see the present moment. When you get present you can gain insights into what future possibilities are available to you right now.

A Spiritual Test of Will: STS or STO?

Uranus, the ruler of the sign of Aquarius, travels near the Earth in Taurus at 9 degrees retrograde. At this degree, Uranus, the great Liberator, appears in the disguise of a “Red Cross Nurse”. Uranus reveals the mystery of who you really are when you are in service to helping others. Are you the kind of person who sees a need and rushes to help? Or are you the kind of person that doesn’t notice who or what is happening around you? This is a week to NOT BE DISTRACTED! Put down your phones and be hyper-aware of your surroundings. You just might be needed somewhere, sometime to be of assistance. Be ready to jump into action. The rewards will be GREAT! This is a spiritual revolution!

Mercury is retrograding in Scorpio and offers to your a shamanic initiation as he connects spiritually to Chiron, the Wounded Healer. Mercury in Scorpio is the Soul Retriever and Chiron presents the wound to be healed. Chiron desires for you to be fully living the path of your choosing and to be connected to your divine will. Mercury challenges you to direct your energy in pursuit of a goal and fulfillment of desires. The test is about who’s will are serving at your core? Your best bet is this mantra, “Not my will, but Thy will be done.” Follow your divine inner Self to show you the way of your personal truth that is rooted in unconditional Love.


1st Quarter Waxing Moon Dynamics: Challenges ~ Decisions ~ Action

First Quarter Moon energetics are about busting through challenges, making clear and powerful decisions, and taking ACTION! Adversity becomes your friend to break through obstacles, barriers, and blocks. The waxing Aquarius Moon forms a square, or 90-degree angle, to the Scorpio Sun. This waxing square builds FIXED universal Qi to increase your power. You are invited to breakthrough old subconscious patterns that are destructive rather than creative in nature with this type of energetic focus. In the Inner Circle, we align with this, using the following power mantra: “I free AIR and WATER to CHANGE old patterns to breakthrough my obstacles this week!”

1st Quarter Aquarius Moon “Rebel’s Moon”

The Rebel’s Moon is ready to leave consensus reality and individuate. This Moon’s vibration will have you thumbing your nose at the mainstream and shrugging off all those “have-to’s” and “should’s”. This week will inspire many to become so annoyed and disgruntled that they bust out and demand something different. Uranus rules every Aquarian Moon phase and offers you the power of lightning to make quick and powerful changes. The Moon’s maternal nature reminds you to always check in to feel if that level of rebellious change is truly needed. Be inspired to step outside the box ~ more so to seek a better way and more advanced solutions! As always, the greatest revolution you can make is to be wise and to be kind – the ultimate humanitarian.

24th Lunar Mansion: “The Star”

The Aquarius New Moon passes through the 24th Lunar Mansion. This cosmic mansion is the energy of peace after birth. As the tumultuous energy swirls to break apart that which no longer serves the Greater Good in the collective; let peace, joy, and new life prevail. The medicine of this Mansion gives you exactly what you need to feel whole. The 24th Mansion signals it is time to begin to dream again after a long period of feeling like you have just been surviving. Watch for elements of the old, traditional ways of being to counteract the Aquarian way of busting out and being unique and different. Reflection will help you rectify how both ways can benefit you as you dream of a new world, a new life, and a new you into Being.

Moon enters Gateway #60: “Acceptance”:

The 1st Quarter Aquarius Moon flows through the 60th Gateway of the energy of “Acceptance”. This is where the old meets the new. The past genetic vibration merges with the present moment now emanating from the field of all possibilities. Tune into the part of you that holds tight to the old out of fear of the unknown. Provide a safe place for yourself to accept what you are feeling. In an instant, you will garner enough strength to let go and catch a new vibration that serves your Soul evolving into a new, lighter state of being. Know that inspiration and manifestation happen simultaneously when you merge with the 5th dimension at the moment now. Be not afraid. Fly and be free!

Aquarius Moon vs. Scorpio Sun
: — : 1ST QUARTER MOON : — :

The 0 degree Aquarius Moon moves you through resistance: IDEALIZATION
“An old Adobe mission.”

“Standing up for your lifestyle deepens your character and inspires in you a faith that you belong.”

To make things and situations ideal, you have to first examine what has happened before, and compare this to what could happen now. You are looking for an idealization of excellence. The imagery of “an old Adobe mission” represents the idealization of the past around your faith and worship. Your faith serves as a place of protection and coming into contact with the Divine.

Aquarius energy is about the future, but at 0 degrees, the future is ripe with possibility. It has not been created yet. The 1st Quarter Moon puts you into action to look deeply at the past to see what has continuity to be carried forward into the future. Look to your heritage as a reminder of what has continuing value to you. What do you discover when you tune into your past with this more enlightened point of view?

: — : SCORPIO SUN : — :

The 0 degree Scorpio Sun moves through resistance: PASSION
“A sight-seeing bus.”

“Spirit is limitless in its ability to find and profit from new perspectives.”

When the Sun is in Scorpio, you have the opportunity to embrace death, rebirth, and truth, to transform yourself into greater awareness. When life force is allowed to flow freely, the result is passion. Life presents you with two fundamental choices – to be authentic or to be false. You can be free from illusionary experiences by exercising your choice to be clear. A clear mind and an open heart create a life filled with gifts of richness.

You know the expression, “You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.”? This is the principle at work this week via the Scorpio Sun. Friendliness is the energetic state to merge with to realize at a deeper level, that we truly are in this experience of life together. That is why it behooves you to be kind to yourself so you know how to be kind to others. As a refresher course, read “All I really needed to know I learned in kindergarten”.

Recommendations: Get to know your Chart and Join the Inner Circle!

Inner Circle

An aware person is tested to remember their own true spiritual state at all times. This is a necessity for underlying stability in this decade the 2020s. In a world of deceit and illusion, you are challenged daily to be calm, cool, and centered. Being wise and kind and ultimately humanitarian makes this all the easier to be and do!

JUMP INTO ACTION! Find your flow as you connect to your true, natural, and vibrant Self. Join us in the Lunar Ladies Inner Circle this week to get the tools you need to take quick action on the energy available. The Moon and Sun, along with the power planetary players, carry the frequency tools for you to use to grow and evolve. Connect most powerfully with these lunar insights when you know where it is happening in your Astrology chart. Knowing your chart reconnects you to your Universal Flow and natural harmony. Are you ready to be there now? No better time than now to act! Right here and right now!

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