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Be Beauty ~ Libra Full “Artist’s Moon”

Full “Artist’s Moon” at 8 degrees on March 28, 2021, at 11:48 AM PST/2:48 PM EST. Lunar week: 03/28-04/03/2021

The Libra Full Blue Moon draws out your inner beauty as she arrives in a powerhouse alignment with the Sun, Chiron, and Venus. The Moon is on one side of the Cosmos and pretty much all the other planetary bodies on the opposite side, this is a pretty rare occasion.

The Moon bears witness to your inner beauty that has been created by the Divine, Itself. You are a classic work of heART. Your true Self-expression from the heart aligns you with your desire. Your desires strengthen the power of your visions and dreams. It is the energy that can manifest them. The Full Moon draws your attention to your single-pointed will.

The Sun merges with Chiron and Venus. Perception of what is shapes what is to be. Crystal gazing will help you heal the blocks and get insights into a higher knowledge. Place this knowledge in your Crown Chakra to integrate your whole being to create new life experiences.

An AIR Trine harmonizes your opportunities as Mars, the Gemini North Node, the Moon, and Saturn alchemize your inner gold vibration. Mars is the dominant energy due to the Aries stellium. His message is, “The greatest accomplishment is mastery of the ego.” Music calms the savage beast within. Play your favorite music that does not have words. Piano music is highly favored. One of my favorites is George Winston, especially his album “Winter into Spring” would be very apropos!

Secret Messages Hidden in the Full Moon “Artist’s” Chart:

  • What is of importance is engagement rather than the outcome.
  • Worldly success follows spiritual attunement.
  • Call to the celestial choir of angels to sing to you your next steps.

Full Moon Lunar Week Frequency: ENERGETIC BREAKDOWN

Full Moon Dynamics: Signed ~ Sealed ~ Stamped
“I feel AIR and FIRE to RELEASE old energy to create a new cycle this week!”
  • Full Moon Phase: The Full Moon Phase brings your New Moon intentions into fruition. They become signed, sealed, and stamped. On October 16, 2020, was the Libra New Moon at 23 degrees ~ the cultivation of your power to charm. Take yourself back to this time and reconnect to what your intentions were. What can you remember and reconnect to?
  • The Libra Full Moon is the “Artist Moon“.
  • The Libra Full Moon passes through the 15th Lunar Mansion ~ “The Bouquet”
  • The Libra Full Moon passes through the #18 Human Design Gateway ~ “Correction
  • Hint:  look to your Libra-ruled House and 7th House for your answers. Get your Natal Oracle or join us in the Lunar Ladies Club for personalized support. 
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: — : FULL MOON PHASE : — :

The 8 degree Libra Moon releases and celebrates: DIPLOMACY
“Three Old Masters hanging in an Art gallery.”

Art teaches and expresses finesse; old art preserves and glorifies it.

The Libra Full Moon brings the power to alchemize your inner Gold vibration. This blessed Moon draws out your classic beauty that is the reflection of your inner Cosmos. When you align with your true identity that is born of the Divine, your radiant nature shines out for all to see. To be fully in accord with your inner Gold vibration, is to become a work of art. Your experiences contain so much value and worth. You are meant to embrace all of them – the good and the bad. Embrace them all! This expresses your universal worth within collective reality. Everyone, like a classical work of art, can command attention. Why? Because when you are aligned with your true nature, you address a higher order. This is why the Universe requires are divine creations to express their inner art that creates a culture of beauty throughout the Cosmos.

Creativity is one of the most important aspects of your very existence. I am loving my experience in the Creative Intuition Lab so much! In this beautifully grounded space, I am being guided to reconnect to my natural ability to be an artist and a creative. This is available to everyone. Creative art helps me to breakthrough and break free of old patterns and conditioning – especially emotionally stuck places. I highly recommend joining me and the CIL Creatrix, Francine Marie Sheppard this year!

To find where this is happening in your personal Natal chart, join us in the Lunar Ladies Club. Get all the cosmic downloads and decoded messages when you sign up for my Astrological Cosmic Report and weekly Moon Messages delivered right to your Inbox!

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