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Be a Critical Thinker ~ Mercury in Gemini goes Direct!

Mercury goes DIRECT at 16 degrees Gemini on June 22, 2021 at 3:00 PM PDT/7:00 PM EDT

Mercury goes Direct after a Solar Eclipse retrograde ride! The Messenger of the Gods connects to the North Node “Dragon’s Head” to bring Manna from Heaven. The North Node opens up new roads ahead only for the mature thinker. You are being directed by the Cosmos to use your intuition and critical thinking skills to take responsibility for your actions. This is a time to take up a journey of Shadow Work. This graphic is a wonderful recipe for how to recognize your shadows and do your inner work to grow and evolve your Soul.

Thank you @DilansMagic for your great work!

Venus who was conjunct Mercury Retrograde on May 29th now joins forces with Mars when Mercury goes direct. Venus has been taking stock of the essentials of what you really need in your life. Mercury has given you time to do your inner growth. As Venus emerges from this journey, she gives you an invisible cloak of power. The Summer Solstice activated your psychic gifts. Venus tells you it is time for you to be someone who is a force to be reckoned with. Her position is in Cancer, and this means Divine Mama Grizzly Bear who is both loving, nurturing, and a fierce protector of her cubs. This energy requires you to be a responsible leader in the coming Aquarius Age.

The Moon leaves the occultation of Pluto Retrograde from May 29th and merges with the South Node “Dragon’s Tail” in Sagittarius. The Moon has been directing you to climb higher in your spiritual path and rise to any occasion that your Soul gifts are required. Mercury releases you to play a new game of Life with rules that are based upon universal laws of Truth. This is a powerful time to focus on not what you do but HOW you do it.

Mercury Direct Chart

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