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Be a Butterfly Rebel ~ 3rd Quarter Aquarius Heretic’s Moon

3rd Quarter Aquarius “Heretic’s Moon” at 13 degrees on May 3, 2021, at 12:50 PM PDT/4:50 M EDT. Lunar week: 05/03 – 10/2021

The Aquarius 3rd Quarter Moon brings the first lunar cycle of the astrological year of 2021 to an end. The waning Moon draws you inward to release any fear around standing up for your rights. Your ability to endure the most exacting of demands in life – both its challenges and potentials – is a gift. Know your strengths and applaud how resilient you can be in the face of the most difficult moments. You are so deeply treasured by the Universe.

The Heretic’s Moon shows you how normal everyday life can lead you to exciting visionary outcomes – if you know how to let it. When you listen to your own internal rhythm of happiness, you elevate your personal frequency. Do this in your everyday, normal life. Nothing has to change outwardly. But if you shift what you do by how you are doing it, everything changes for the better.

The Taurus Sun shines a light on how when you lift your own vibration, you allow others to do the same. You become a beacon of light and hope. Reflect on when you improve ourself, how things and people change around you. What needs shifting within you? Listen to your Spirit and set those intentions in the next lunar cycle in Taurus starting May 11th.

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Shift! Use the J-V-M Formula!

Jupiter squares Venus and Mercury this week. Venus proclaims that conquest of your lower self leads to mastery. If you want more empowerment in your life, check in with what your lower self is doing. Mercury prepares to go retrograde on May 29th. This week Mercury invites you to seek your answers from within. He whispers that what you may hear may not align with the masses. Don’t worry about that. Pay homage to your Higher Self and follow your guidance. You will know it is from a Higher Source if it makes your heart sing!

Jupiter enters Pisces soon for a preview of what’s to come in 2022. Jupiter’s message is that you are in a state of “metamorphosis”. You are a wonder of Creation that is continually being reborn, again and again. Let yourself be free of the old and the past. It doesn’t exist anymore in the here and now. Be a Heretic Rebel and let your inner Butterfly shift, change, and grow!

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3rd Quarter Moon Lunar Week Frequency: ENERGETIC BREAKDOWN

3rd Quarter Moon Dynamics: Release ~ Let Go ~ Surrender
“I feel AIR and EARTH to RELEASE old energy to create a new cycle this week!”
  • 3rd Quarter Moon Phase: Third Quarter Moon dynamics embrace the powers of Letting Go, Releasing, and Forgiveness. This lunar stage focuses on external wounds by drawing you inward to understand who may have hurt, offended, diminished, or neglected you. This week helps you to empty your ego and allows the Universe in to feel more supported.
  • The 3rd Quarter Aquarius Moon is the “Heretic’s Moon“.
  • The 3rd Quarter Aquarius Moon passes through the 25th Lunar Mansion ~ “The Butterfly Rebel”
  • The 3rd Quarter Aquarius Moon passes through the #13 Human Design Gateway ~ “The Listener”
  • Hint:  look to your Aquarius-ruled House and 11th House for your answers. Get your Natal Oracle or join the Lunar Ladies Club for personalized support. 
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Reflect upon the Aries 2021 Lunation:



The 13 degree Aquarius Moon releases and celebrates: COURTESY
“A train entering a tunnel.”

Normal everyday life can lead us to exciting visionary outcomes.

The 3rd Quarter Aquarius Moon brings the energy of excitement for the future. This excitement is coming from creating a future probability that has not happened before. The symbol of a train speaks about how a train moves. It moves along tracks that have already been laid down. It’s predictable where that train can go. What the Moon and Sun are helping you with is freeing yourself to follow your own path.

Take this week to awaken a mindset that is free to see a future that works. Let yourself be present in your normal, everyday life. But change the energy by changing how you participate in the mundane. Turn what is ordinary into what can be extraordinary. How? Just by adding your own unique vibration to the mix. You are not meant to shine like everyone else. You are meant to break free of the old paradigms and dance to the beat of a new drum. Find your own rhythm by following your heart’s path of creativity and self-expression. Let yourself enjoy your life every day. Look for the Muse in all things great and small.

To find where this is happening in your personal Natal chart, join us in the Lunar Ladies Club and Inner Circle Mastermind group. Sign up for the next “Decoding the Secrets of your Natal Chart” Introductory Astrology course starting May 17th.

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