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Be a Bridge over Troubled Waters -Taurus New Moon 2021

Taurus New Moon ~ “ The Dryad’s Moon” ~ at 21 degrees on May 11, 2021, 11:59 AM PDT/12:59 PM MDT/1:59 PM CDT/2:59 PM EDT

The Taurus New Moon sets the Field ripe for the growth of your 2021 Astrological intentions. The Sun and Moon are in Taurus at 21 degrees to ensure your safety and security. They align with the power of Black Moon Lilith to help you face your fears around scarcity and uncertainty. You are called to be a Dove who flies over troubled waters. Your light serves as a source of comfort and stability during times of extreme change. Take this time plus the next six months to set into motion your plan for certainty.

Taurus Lunation Dates:

  • New Moon Week in Taurus: 05/11-18/21 ~ “Dryad’s Moon”
  • 1st Quarter Week in Leo: 05/19-25/21 ~ “Actor’s Moon”
  • Full Moon Week in Sagittarius: 05/26-06/01/21 ~ Lunar Eclipse Super Full Moon ~ “High Priest Moon”
  • 3rd Quarter Week in Pisces: 06/02-09/21 ~ “Moon of Lost Souls”

Venus, the ruler of Taurus, appears as the Morning Star to bless your personal development. At 3 degrees Gemini, Venus is concerned with purifying your Mental body. To do this, focus your awareness of the joys you experienced as a child. For me, one of my most happy memories was the anticipation of opening Christmas presents. I loved that final week before Christmas when school was out for winter break and it was only a matter of time before there were new toys to play with. Venus says to return to that vibration, whatever it is for you. Why?  As the world shifts and changes, being able to rise above the destructive forces of the mind, you can maintain clarity even in the murkiest of situations.

Enter Black Moon Lilith & Sedna

Black Moon Lilith is conjunct the New Moon and Sun. She becomes the answer to your prayers over the next six months. Black Moon Lilith is the original goddess before Eve. She embodies your Divine Feminine empowerment. Sedna, the goddess of betrayal and abandonment, reaches out through the Cosmos to hold the hand of the Black Moon. Pluto Retrograde, Lord of Karma, harmonizes with the Goddesses to help redeem your forgotten Shadow. How to work with your Shadow is to connect with your primal fears. Black Moon Lilith and Sedna both appear in your Natal Chart. Here you can rediscover the Shadow work your Soul is ready to evolve through. When Black Moon Lilith is in Taurus, the primal fear is a fear of scarcity.

Time to Breakdown this Taurus New Moon!

New Moon Dynamics:

New Beginning ~ Fresh Start ~ Blank Page

New Moon dynamics embrace the powers of New Beginnings, Fresh Starts, and being a Blank Page. This lunar stage is your invitation to set your intentions and put into conscious motion your next 28-day goals and 6-month big dreams. New Moon Time is consciously washing your Soul free from ego attachments.

A New Moon happens when the Sun and Moon join together at the exact same degree in the sky. Find your Taurus-ruled House in your Natal chart as well as your Natal Venus to be your guides. Also, look to your 2nd House to see what is happening there. Join the Lunar Ladies Astrology Club and take the “Your Soul Blueprint Guide to the Cosmos” 5-week Astrology course starting June 7th.

Recommended Readings for this Lunar Cycle:

The Dryad’s Moon

The Taurus New Moon is known as the Dryad’s Moon. This beautiful New Moon honors the “Dance of the Dryads” who dwell as Tree Spirits in Nature. These ancient Elemental gods and goddesses hold the memories, secrets, and records of the Earth. The Earth invites your Inner Dryad to reconnect to your wild nature that is not separate from Mother Nature. In this lunar cycle, your Inner Dryad comes forth to mix with your human identity. What magical Elemental energy resides deep in your Soul roots? What Elemental languages does your Soul speak? This is a great time to talk to the Trees and ask if you can be so honored to meet the Dryads that live therein.

4th Lunar Mansion: “The Stone”

The Dryad’s Moon passes through the 4th Lunar Mansion. The 4th Lunar Mansion helps you find the cornerstone that marks your sacred sovereignty on Mother Earth. The 4th Lunar Mansion, with the presence of Uranus, the Great Awakener, matches this frequency ~ quick sudden changes and surprises. It is your false sense of security that is being shaken in 2021. Why? So you can remember that you are a Divine Manifestor, able to create everything that you need. Learn more about the 4th Lunar Mansion and how to expand your lunar cycle in experience when you join the Lunar Ladies Club.

Human Design Gateway #23: “Assimilation”

The Dryad’s Moon passes through the 23rd Gateway known as “Assimilation”. This gateway in Human Design is about your ability to break down old paradigms to create something better. What foundational needs are ready to be split apart in your life that is outdated? This Gateway helps you wait for guidance on how to do that for yourself. In this way, you will know when are the perfect time and the perfect way to proceed forward. Wait for the invitation from Spirit to guide your new next steps. This is great for the Taurus lunation as you are preparing your soil to grow a beautiful bounty in your life.



“A White Dove flying over troubled waters.”

The mind is shaped and strengthened through guidance.

The New Moon and Sun appear at 21 degrees Taurus to help you root into your ability to bring peace to others in times of trouble. First you start with nourishing your own needs. If you are feeling unsafe, insecure, or worried about your financial resources, this is the time to reach out to others for assistance. Look for your friends and family who are grounded and stable. Bring peace of mind and heart to your life by focusing on the gratitude you have for everything of value in your life – from people, to places, to things. Set into motion a 6-month plan for reducing or eliminating debt while at the same time create a 6-month savings investment plan. Donate or sell unused items that are collecting dust. Give to those who can use your gifts, skills, or talents. Be generous with yourself by taking care of what is troubling you. Then when you feel satiated, share your bounty of goodness with others. This is how you become a “Bridge over troubled waters”.

Venus, ruler of Taurus helps you understand that rituals renew your initiatives. Look at your life and inquire what are your rituals. Venus Sabian Symbol is the imagery of “Holly and Mistletoe” which points to the ritual of how we celebrate the Winter holidays. Your Winter celebrations are your rituals – those ongoing seasonal yearly ways of experiencing and bringing home the sacred. This alignment will bring you an energetic boost and peace to your mind, heart, and Soul.

Join me in my Astrology Club and become an Astro Seeker who has their chart and knows how to use!

Happy New Moon!

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