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Awaken & Transform! Uranus Retrograde 2018 Journey

Uranus, the Sky God, goes into retrograde motion August 7, 2018 – January 6, 2019. Uranus leaves Taurus to reconnect you with your Divine “I AM” Self in Aries. His retrograde journey begins at 2 degrees Taurus with an “Electrical Storm” (remember Uranus rules lightning!). This is a revisit to your “I AM” Presence and Soul Purpose. The Uranus in Taurus odyssey will powerfully continue full force March 2019 for 7 years! Read my past post on that!

Spotlight – Venus!

Look to Venus, ruler of Taurus and Aquarius energy for Uranus’ journey of Reflection. Together, they form a YOD – basically a Lightning Bolt – as Venus shifts into her elegant castle of Libra at 0 degrees. She trines Lilith – “Keeper of Time” – exact with Her lover, Mars at 1 degree Aquarius in retrograde, igniting a future based on spiritual values.

The time has come for you to truly recognize Gaia, planet Earth, AS THE JEWEL IN THE HEART OF THE LOTUS. Our Earth is a Queen among galactic queens. You will have 7 years to come into alignment with this powerful truth. Women, this is your time to not only RISE but rise as Galactic Daughters to save and restore Her beauty! This is done through elegance, style, communication, harmony and balance. No more messing around and belittling yourself. You are a masterpiece of musical composition from the heart of Venus. Live from this place of truth within your entire being… NOW.

Helpers:  Saturn and Chiron

Chiron “Wounded Healer” and Saturn “Inner Teacher” are in square tension to Venus. They are softened by their sextile (synergy) to the Aquarius constellation (that is in alignment with Venus now). Saturn harmonizes with Uranus – this is Father and Son energy coming into a renewed alliance that fosters Kings. Allow the energy of Uranus and Aquarius to flow in harmony within you. Fighting it, only returns you to playing the part of the wounded Warrior. Check your natal Astrology chart and sign up for a reading with Shannon to help you connect these powerful dots!

The Take-Away:  Breaking it down for You

Uranus =  Electrical storm. Mars =  An Unexpected Thunder Storm. Sun =  The Storm Ended, All Nature Rejoices in Brilliant Sunshine!

When planets are in retrograde motion, they offer many gifts to you. Pluto brings “Hidden Choirs singing”. Neptune brings “Inner Guidance” and Mercury brings “Alchemy”.

Dedicate your life to living as your immortal Self – the truth that you are a Spirit having a temporary human experience. Realize the beauty of creation all around you. Release the intensity of your Soul’s soft power. Your inner guidance leads your way. Your power of Alchemy can pivot and transform all illusions. Acknowledge and begin to sing with the hidden choirs of Angels praising the glory of creation. Allow the electrical storms to come and the thunderstorms to rattle through the bones of Humanity. Attune your inner core to stand your ground in the calm, quiet center of any storm. Be in your heart and see the big picture of Nature rejoicing as the dawn of a new day breaks free. If you can see it, you can achieve it. Together we answer this call of Duty.

Rise Sister, rise!

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