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Art of Transformation ~ Neptune RX Ignites your Soul’s Purpose!

Neptune Retrogrades @ 7:35 AM PDT on 06/21/19 to 4:32 AM PST on 11/27/19. The Journey:  18 to 15 degrees Pisces


Neptune joins the Retrograde Posse taking you on a journey of reflection from your Soul’s perspective. Neptune joins forces with Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, South Node (and soon to be Mercury and Chiron in July!). The upcoming Summer Eclipses are pivotal time pieces to accelerate your personal development. *Sign up to get the Eclipse Survival Kit! And you will know how to look back!

Neptune is the planet of Dreams and Unconscious beliefs. It’s collective in nature and its movement through a sign is about 15 years. Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces, with Jupiter, the ancient ruler.

This year Neptune and Jupiter have been battling it out to help you wake up and evolve. This initiations come in the form of 90 degree angles, or squares. Now that they are both in retrograde motion through August 11th, these rites of passage are karmic in nature. Time to clear and cleanse with Mutable WATER and FIRE power! Pisces and Sagittarius both help you with religion, spirituality, fantasy and unconscious and cultural conditioning.

Your will and your faith can be tested when Jupiter squares Neptune. If you are asleep at your wheel of life, then disappointments, frustrations and feeling lost in illusions can creep into your perception of reality.  Saturn helps you with a spoonful healthy dose of reality medicine to help lower your risk of delusions. The outer planets REALLY want to inspire your enthusiasm to go for your hopes and dreams and MANIFEST them!

Find Neptune in your chart. Most likely (2 out 5 people) have their natal Neptune retrograde. This shows a desire to karmically work out spiritual pursuits. The retrograde energy says some experiences are left undone due to them being to painful to heal in those other lifetimes. Neptune’s nature is about transcendence and coming into divine union with Oneness. Retrograde appearance in your Natal chart, shows that at some point in that unresolved past life, you had to transcend the body because of pain, torture or abuse. It’s okay, you are now here to heal those painful memories.

Neptune retrograde is often connected to religious persecution, being falsely accused and torture. With Saturn, Pluto and the South Node unwinding patriarchal religious persecution from the Dark Ages, it makes sense that Neptune in Pisces is the power to complete that cycle and dissolve it. It’s time to heal.

Sabian Symbols:  Journey through Images

Neptune’s energy is related to a picture language. Ruling the Third Eye, Neptune will help you open your vision to see clearly. This is most effectively done through imagery, not words.

Neptune at 18 degrees starts here on June 21, 2019:
A teacher interrupting his brilliant pupil’s piano playing. Little whirlpools of dust in the twilight.

On August 16, 2019, Neptune shifts the Third Eye lens to 17 degrees:
An immense geodesic dome. A drawbridge interrupting traffic.”

On September 22, 2019, the image changes to 16 degrees:
People dressed in a vivid array of colors come together to celebrate spring. Someone helping a distraught woman open to angelic love.”

On November 11, 2019, the image stops at 15 degrees:
A river of ideas and images entering our reality. Someone finding new and meaningful arrangements of numbers.”

Interesting! But now what?

You may be wondering what all this means. This is your meditation practice. Take time to sit with the images and take note what comes up – what you feel, what you notice. Any memories show up?

The Neptune RX chart reveals the energetic blueprint of the Cosmic design of this next 160 days. There are 3 big alignments. First Neptune trines the Cancer North Node at 17 degrees. This is the *Harmonic Elixir* energy. North Node gifts you this time to express yourself and create something that others will enjoy. Be willing to work with others for the common good. You can turn dross into GOLD! The Art of Transformation can be very challenging but you are up to the task, Lightworker!

Since Neptune is super spiritual in nature, a double YOD lightning bolt from GOD streaks through the skies from the Aquarius Moon (Future Humanity that cares for one another) and Jupiter RX (Neptune’s sparring buddy!) to the Mercury-Mars conjunction. It is here with Mercury and Mars that you want to place your focus. Mercury is acutely aware of what has been lost in the past 500 years (like book burnings). What needs to be returned are the glories and wonders. Mercury is helping to return Ancient knowledge to the present. Help these be reborn into the world.

Mars is helping you yearn for a sense of purpose in your life. You have come into this life to be helpful to others. If you sometimes aren’t sure what your purpose is, let your inner guidance take you to where you need to go. This next 5 months is for you to be fully connected to your purpose. You will benefit from the guidance of looking at your Natal chart and signing up for Soul coaching with Shannon to electrify your mission.

The 2nd alignment is Neptune in a T-Square “Time-Out” with Jupiter RX and Venus in Gemini. It feels like what Mercury is asking you to do:  bring back the Ancient Knowledge to solve modern day conflicts and crises. Jupiter says, “Just let everything be what it is going to be.” Let go of  effort and manipulation. The organic unfoldment will be what comforts. Desire to not impose yourself on the world. Set the world free. The agenda of the Universe takes precedence now.

Venus’ symbol is sooo interesting!! ” A person is projecting numbers at someone for the purpose of healing that person.”Cue Neptune at 15 degrees on 11/11/19!! Venus says the ego mind wants to manage, control and understand everything – from fear. Venus is showing you that many wonderful things can happen by allowing energy to come through you. Spontaneity births aliveness in an overly stressed out world.

Finally, the Pluto-Saturn-South Node trifecta is forming a harmonic octave to the Mercury-Mars connection. This is furthering the power of Mercury and Mars in your life during this Neptune RX transit. Keep focusing on knowing that in order for things to get better for the good of all, things needs to change, shift, and transform. Keep your mind and passion focused on returning to ancient knowledge and living your Soul’s purpose and life’s mission.

And remember, there is strength in numbers.
Together we rise. And WE GOT THIS!

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