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Arise Wise Woman Warrior! Full Moon in Aries Blesses You

Aries Full Moon is at 12 degrees on October 5, 2017 at 11:40 AM PST/2:40 PM EST. The child of the Zodiac comes into Her fullness as the “Warrior’s Moon”. Your Hero powers are now brought forth front and center. What great and good cause are you standing for? Tune into where the Moon and Sun are calling your inner Wise Woman Warrior to arise (your Natal Aries-Libra axis).

Full Moon energy is the fruition and ultimate completion of your growing New Moon intentions. Sometimes it happens in two weeks and sometimes it takes place in six months (when the New Moon sign becomes the sign of the Full Moon). The Full Moon’s magnetic energy pulls everything below or hidden up to the surface. Sap rises, hair grows and plants are ready to harvest under the power of the Full Moon.

The Sabian Symbol Storyline:

The Full Moon at 12 degrees Aries is:  “AN UNEXPLODED BOMB REVEALS AN UNSUCCESSFUL SOCIAL PROTEST”.  This is the story of juvenile impatience and the frustration of not being heard nor having your feelings understood. Attempts to rectify your feelings and to be heard through anger or violence will create bombs.  Watch for energetic twisters of social unrest and be vigilant to cool your own jets. This pent up energy on a deeper level is true passion and can be redirected towards building harmony and peace.

The Sun at 12 degrees Libra is:  “CHILDREN BLOWING SOAP BUBBLES”. The Sun here calls you to consciously allow yourself to play with your Imagination. What worlds can you create in those soap bubbles? Humanity dreams together and then puts those dreams into action on a Collective level of consciousness. Sacred ceremonies inspire these collective dreams. Focus your awakened conscious attention upon creating solutions that can fulfill society’s needs for enjoyment, warmth and radiant effervescence!

This Aries-Libra octave is about harmonizing your subconscious emotions with where and what you put your attention. Command your deep inner passions for social change to align with your playful imagination. Know that your thoughts create reality and your imagination is more important than knowledge. Act as the Wise Woman Warrior that you truly are. Now.

Spiritual Dissonance “Breaking Bad”:

The Moon-Sun octave triggers a spiritual lightning bolt “YOD” to Neptune (Retrograde) 12 degrees Pisces and forms a T-square to Pluto 16 degrees Capricorn (now direct). This resounding “Clang!” is “Spiritual Dissonance” and is designed to break up very old, chronic Soul patterns within the Human collective mindset. Let’s take a moment and give a standing ovation, big “Thank you!”, to Neptune and the Uranus-Jupiter octave.

The Sun and Neptune at 12 degrees Pisces in Retrograde motion are reverberating your spiritual relationship to the last Full Moon in Pisces on September 5, 2017. That vibration carries the Goddess 13 vibration and the Sabian Symbol Storyline is “An Ancient Sword, used in many battles, is Displayed in a Museum”. Go back to the Healer’s Full Moon energy and tune into your Solar Eclipse story.

The Sun and Moon octave is forming a T-square to Pluto 16 Capricorn. The Sabian Symbol storyline is “A Repressed Woman finds a Psychological Release in Nudism”. This symbol is showing you to look where you have been repressed by the dominant masculine paradigm. If the Aries Full Moon has you feeling frustrated and filled with angst, go instead to asking yourself, “Where is my Feminine power repressed by the inharmonic masculine?” This will relieve a galactic amount of tension and release your power that has been hidden for ages.   

And finally, now comes the balancing act of the octave alignment of Jupiter 28 degrees Libra and Uranus (Retrograde) 27 degrees Aries. Jupiter 28 Libra’s storyline is “Mankind’s vast and enduring effort to Reach for Knowledge transferrable from Generation to Generation.”  Read the Solar Eclipse story to understand how to attune yourself. Uranus at 27 degrees Aries releases this Cosmic image:  “A Large Audience confronts the Performer who Disappointed it’s Expectations.”  This insight began during the New Moon two weeks ago. When in doubt, go for ancient Wisdom!

Ready for your Warrior Training?

What turns a Warrior into a Heroine begins with training. Learning how to face fear and your inner demons is the first lesson. What demons arise that keep you from being brave, fearless, courageous and passionate? Sometimes that which thwarts you comes in the form of apathy, procrastination, judgment and doubt. Self-improvement and empowerment are the way to defeat those pesky enemies within.

Join Lunar Ladies live on Facebook to celebrate the Aries Full Moon and learn about how to train and invoke your Inner Wise Woman Warrior. You are ready! The Universe knows it, too.


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