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Aries Full “Warrior’s Moon” Quickens Evolutionary Time with Magical Alchemy

Full Moon in Aries on September 24, 2018 at 7:52 PM PST/10:52 PM EST.

The Warrior’s Moon ignites evolutionary change with fierce passion and Hero-level courage to rock this world. The Libra Sun reflects the light of the dawning of a new day on Planet Earth. Mercury brings you the power of Alchemy. Fall Equinox reverberates ecstatic harmonic overtones to stir your Inner Goddess to come forth and merge with your Future Self Human 2.0. Your New Moon in Virgo intentions explode with a Cardinal AND a Fixed Grand Square plus a Mystical Rectangle! Goodness Gracious! This big energy may just rattle the Muggle world AWAKE! Let’s take a look!

Warrior’s Moon:  Full Aries Moon + Libra Sun

The Full Moon ignites the “Warrior’s Moon”. The child of the Zodiac comes into Her fullness as the “Warrior’s Moon”. Your Hero powers are now brought forth front and center. What great and good cause can you stand for? Tune into where the Moon and Sun are calling your inner Wise Woman Warrior to arise (your Natal Aries-Libra axis).

Full Moon energy is the fruition and ultimate completion of your growing New Moon intentions. Sometimes it happens in two weeks and sometimes it takes place in six months (when the New Moon sign becomes the sign of the Full Moon). The Full Moon’s magnetic energy pulls everything below or hidden up to the surface. Sap rises, hair grows and plants are ready to harvest under the power of the Full Moon.

Moon at 2 degrees Aries is with Chiron “Wounded Healer”. Together they bring to a head your wounding around “Who the “F” am I already?!” I have the answer for you. You are a Warrior. A Special Forces GI-1 level Galactic Girl Scout! This Full Moon is ruled by Mars Fire. Traveling Mars is currently at 3 degrees Aquarius and his Sabian Symbol is AWEsOMe!

Mars appears as a “Hindu Yogi Glowing with Healing Power”. His Sabian Symbol shows the path of radiant health and the ways for you to follow in life. The “Hindu Healer” is a channel of the power of God that lays within you. This power solves problems logically, rationally and creatively as spiritual solutions. Mars appears now to heal wounds, illness, trauma or some other affected part of the body-mind. Focus on your spiritual core for healing power. This requires practice and determination. This healing power can lead to profound results. Mars is activated in your Aura, need for solitude, radiating love, and hope. Practice Yoga, Reiki and Pranic healing.

Time for Change:  Grand Squares in the Mix this week!

Cardinal Grand Square:  Saturn and Vesta join forces with Moon/Chiron and Sun/Mercury to ricochet a seismic wave of transformation. Saturn is the Oak King joined with the High Priestess Queen energy of Vesta to hold court for you to raise your legacy vibration. Tap into the ancient wise wisdom that lays in the marrow of your bones. The Full Moon and Sun light up your connections to your God-Self essence and how you dance in relationships with others. This 3-pointed star opens the portal to shapeshift your reality by initiating a galactic wave of creativity.

The ignition switch for this wave of creativity is the missing element:  Cancer at 2 degrees. The Mother of the Zodiac appears in the form of “AN ARCTIC EXPLORER LEADS A REINDEER THROUGH ICY CANYONS.” KEYNOTE: The need to overcome stagnation and “cold” during trial of endurance. This symbol opens you to your ability to plow through cold or difficult times through bravery and determination. Success is achieved b y adapting to changing needs and being aware of potential hardships. How can you persevere and slowly progress through flexibility? Look for how you may freeze-up due to fear. This message signals that this Full Moon maybe more of a time of struggling through unusual difficulties. Use your primal instincts to guide you through. Remember, this is the missing and invisible element to the Grand Square, so you may experience this on a collective or family/lineage level, too. It is a testing of Willpower as to what you can endure. This week will show you how tough you really are – when you tap into your Mama Bear energy!

Fixed Grand Square:  Last week’s Seeker’s 1st Quarter Moon’s first decan Fixed Grand square is still in effect. Venus, Lilith, Uranus, and the North Node all line up for Soul-Expansion Magic through awakening the Primordial Goddess within all of us. Access this Phoenix Goddess power by aligning Venus with Uranus, and Lilith with the North Node.  Venus brings inventiveness when you overcome negativity ~ use your Power of the Pivot! Uranus continues to bless your Crown Chakra with the Cosmic power of your Higher Self.  Lilith is a masked figure in a Mystery Play to show you your role in taking responsibility for the Collective. Leo North Node expands your heart chakra with the enduring power of your Soul’s desire for Evolution. YUM!!


Sabian Symbol Secret X-Files Pt. 1:  Project Full Moon


KEYNOTE: The sustaining power of the Whole, as you identify yourself with All life.

Meditate upon the need for objective awareness. Let the light of the Full Moon show you how your life fits into the larger picture. Look to your ancestors and the parts of the world your lineage comes from. How does this‘Profile’ define you? You may discover you have an important role to play in the Collective unfolding – especially in healing the emotional body of humanity. Become a shining example of your countries of origin, tradition, beliefs or culture. Observe any  limitations that may light up and live instead a more transpersonal way of life. Find your place in the world this week.

Chiron Retrograde sits with the Full Moon at 0 degrees Aries. The “Wounded Healer” appears as a “Woman Rising out of the Sea Embraced by a Seal”. This symbol is about a new understanding and awareness coming to light. What is newly emerging needs to be welcomed and nurtured. Chiron tells you this is your karmically-timed new beginning of a whole new impulse to be “I AM”! Let go of looking back to old, outdated and unrewarding ways of being. Instead, find your voice and your feet. The Emergence of the Feminine is taking on concrete manifestation with the Warrior’s Moon. Have confidence in a whole new way of being. She old skin.

Sabian Symbol Secret X-Files Pt. 2:  Project Sunrise

The Libra Sun is your Relationship Leader and matches the Full Moon-Chiron new way of being by appearing as “THE DAWN OF A NEW DAY REVEALS EVERYTHING CHANGED.”

KEYNOTE: The ever-present possibility of beginning again on a new foundation of values.

The Sun heralds harmonic new beginnings happening in your life. It’s the energy of a “Quickening” and you may find it hard to believe at first. But it will dawn on you that this is the light of a “New Day”. Breathe. Darkness is fading. Let go of yesterday and embrace your new opportunities. Big transformations, new perspectives and realizations wake you up to a new consciousness of reality. Get excited for radical shifts and changes that come to balance and harmonize as gifts from our brightest Star, the Sun.

Mercury joins forces with the Sun at 5 degrees Libra. Mercury is overseeing your inner visions to take form from the quantum mental realm to the physical world. Mercury is your ‘Law of Attraction’ energy! He shows you how your imagination takes shape and brings to you what you were imagining. Do this for fun:

  • Find examples of when your thoughts manifested as things. Also look back to see when negative or fearful thoughts took form, too.
  • Feel the difference in the quality of using the power of your imagination.
  • Visualize your thoughts and feelings and project your creative ideas out into the world. What you think will happen.
  • Meditations and affirmations are your secret weapons. Be careful and mindful of what you focus your mind on. The Secret Builders are watching!
The Magical Mystical Alchemy Elixir:

In the VIP Lunar Ladies Club, is where we take living with the Moon to Master Jedi levels. This week, we will be mixing the alchemical Elixir of the Mystical Rectangle  as it forms inside the Grand Square to expand the power of the Full Moon and Sun. Mars (Oooo! Remember Mars rules the Warrior’s Full Aries Mon!), South Node and Lilith in Aquarius create a magnetic bond with the North Node in Leo. The goal is to turn up the volume of the alchemy of the Full Moon and Sun powers! Are you game to try with us? Join us!

SECRET INNER CIRCLE POWER TIP GIFT:  Now turn on your transformation energies by making magic with Mars, South Node and Lilith. Understand that you must rise into your Transpersonal Self to ground this powerful medicine. Remember, you are doing this for the Greater Good. The Yogi (Mars) turns to the Council of Elders (South Node) who watch the Primordial Goddess (Lilith) hold center stage of the Mystery Play of the Future. Soul expansion is initiated by allowing this great Cosmic drama to unfold through you. As each of us takes responsibility for the collective Human Soul, we expand together through the power of the Heart LOVE chakra. And as a result, EVOLution accelerates the dawning of the Age of Aquarius! (currently scheduled for 2024). But who knows?! We just might quicken its Return!

LOVE = EVOL-ution!

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