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Aries Full Moon

Aries Full “BAM!” Moon Tonight! 9:23 PM PST!

This Full Hunters Moon has a very exciting “BAM!” energy due to its configuration with other celestial giants in the skies. Expect the wild. Expect the unexpected. Expect your mind to be blown open!

What is happening is that the Group Mind is experiencing a karmic moment of change and revolution. Collectively we are watching on the human stage two presidential candidates duking it out. I love Saturday Night Live’s parody of the debates as a WWF match. That’s nailing the energy here. Our Group Self is being called out to stand up and state who are We?!

Tonight, 10/15/16, at 9:23 PM PST, the Moon and Sun are exact opposite at 23 degrees in the skies on the Aries-Libra nodal axis. That’s a fancy way of saying, “Self vs. How I show up in in relationship to Others”. Is there harmony and balance? Is there authenticity? Who has the courage and bravery to be completely themselves?

The Full Moon is conjoined with Uranus – The Great Liberator and Eris – The Fearless Feminine. Uranus and Eris are both in retrograde motion, meaning that they are resolving karma at this time. Eris is the one in the room that points out the obvious pink elephants and delights in shouting, “Hey the Emperor has no clothes on!”


The Full Moon is the fullness of our emotions aka our subconscious selves. As it flows through the vibration of Aries, Aries wants to know “Who am I in the deeper layers of my being?”

A good symbol of our Subconscious is the Lion on the Strength card in the Tarot. In this card’s story the Woman is taming the Lion. This represents that our strength comes from our peaceful minds, compassionate emotions and eternal understandings.


This is the Hunter’s Moon as well as the Warrior’s Moon. It is a Super Full Moon as it is closest to Earth at this time of year. This closeness magnifies its impact on our psyches, too. Because Uranus is here on the exact degree (23), Uranus transcends the energy into our Group Mind/Self. Aries says, “Who am I?” and Uranus asks, “How do we rule our world together through cooperation and sharing?” The time is now to answer that question.

On the opposite side of this axis is the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Libra. They bring good luck when they are together. Mercury loves to think and converse about wonderful harmonic things and how they relate to one another. Jupiter expands these connections and adds joyful good fortune to the mix. The Sun shines its loving and charismatic light and that’s the energy you can tap into to bring into your connections this week.

The Full Moon is a time of celebration, being social and expanding the positive. If you are not feeling these feelings right now, you can use this energy to move your focus towards Forgiveness. Forgiving others, situations or the past is so much easier and more powerful in the light of a Full Moon.


The Full Moon Aries-Libra nodal axis is squaring the powerful Pluto/Mars conjunction in Capricorn. The fiery nature of the Moon along with the lightning power of Uranus and rising power of the Feminine is creating a total melt-down. Yay! We are finally seeing the melt-down of old, outdated patriarchial structures. That’s cause for celebration y’all! Even Time magazine has this on its cover! Need I say anymore? I have to say that I am celebrating that the obvious pink elephants are finally being pointed out and it is with the rise in power of the Feminine consciousness (that exists in both genders) that is leading the way!


If you are finding that all this change is too much for you, there is help on the scene. The helpers to the Pluto/Mars meltdown is Neptune in Pisces – abSOULute Compassion and Understanding. Neptune also has a “Hand of GOD” alignment to Jupiter in Libra along the Full Moon axis.

If you feel too much from the Full Moon, Saturn in Sagittarius is your savior. Allow your Higher Mindset to take over. Be devoted and disciplined to asking, “What can I learn from this? What bridge is here for me to cross? and What is the bigger picture?”

It’s time to put your hands on your hips and stand in your best Super Hero pose. Lift your head to sky and smile knowing that the storm clouds are passing, the world is changing for the better and your participation at the highest level of your Being is making it happen!

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