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I'm so grateful to the Lunar Ladies for showing me how to use the moonlight as a river of energy to support me. I found myself often frustrated and overwhelmed with projects or work before understanding how to use this river to help me. Now I feel more in sync with nature and with my own spiritual rhythm.


Lunar Ladies Club is like a gym membership for your Soul! I love it! Don’t know what I would do without it!

Crystal S.

Shannon, your wonderful group and all the wonderful VIP monthly classes, weekly Q&A's live, healing sessions, bonus classes have all helped me breakthrough many patterns.

I now navigate things emotionally much differently then ever before. This awareness has been empowering - to say the least!

Even when my ego takes over, she doesn't get more then seconds on my time before I am able to redirect her with ease. The endless support from everyone in this space is beyond words, thank you to everyone of you, even if we may have never communicated much, rest assured that you have had an impact as well by sharing your stories, your knowledge and simply by being in this sacred space energetically. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Thank you soooo much Shannon for all your expertise, channeling, and refinement of this lunar process for us!!! Love you!!!!!


Lunar Ladies is a rich, cosmic experience. I feel more empowered as a woman, validated in what I am feeling and what I inherently know. This allows me greater freedom to trust myself as a creatrix and to trust my emotional process.

Shannon S.

I am healed in that I am more aware all the time of the cosmic presence of mother all around us. That we are cared for and nurtured in the ALL. I feel more trust and peace with what is. It is truly a blessing each day. Thank you for sharing your gifts, Shannon.


You are such a blessing to all of us Shannon Murray. I’ve been around astrology since I was a child, have had numerous charts and readings, in-depth insights and all but never has anything or anyone been as intuitive and divinely aligned with the stars as you. You have a gift unlike any I’ve seen. The way you interpret and share all the knowledge is so magical! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us✨💜


By being aware of the moon's natural energies, I've taken my professional productivity to a whole new level. Better still, I now allow myself the necessary time to recharge every lunar cycle rather than constantly beating myself up for not getting more done.

Every single weekly oracle contains valuable information that allows me to transcend my old patterns and karmic challenges. I don't take it all so seriously any more which has allowed me to achieve unprecedented levels of peace and happiness. Every aspect of my life is better when I'm an active Lunar Lady reading my oracles and doing the work.

Thank you Shannon!!


The Lunar Ladies updates have turned out to be such a great source of guidance and inspiration for me. They have helped me focus my energy on actions that I believe have helped me move forward toward greater healing, both physically and spiritually.


Before Lunar Ladies, I had no idea I had so much Virgo in my Natal chart! I've learned a lot about myself. Thanks for the knowledge!

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