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Align with the Cosmos! Mars Rx Treks the “HuMan 2.0” Journey

Future Mars “HuMan 2.0” slows down to take a step back and move into the past. Divine Man is being asked, “What does it mean to be King?” The Higher consciousness of the Divine Man/Inner Masculine is beckoned to return to the Crystal Castle to review its divine blueprints for Ascension success. Yes, you guessed it! Aquarius Mars goes on a 2-month journey back to Capricorn June 26-August 27, 2018.

Mars rules your “Yang!”, inner Masculine energy ~ that passionate drive within you to charge full speed ahead like a champion Thoroughbred. Mars in Aquarius takes all that fiery fearless courage and ascends into the clouds of innovation and thinking outside the box. Now, after a 2 year stint of forward motion, Mars goes into retrograde reverse signaling a time for re-evaluation and review with Ascended Masters. Mars’ journey leads him to his exalted state in Capricorn, but he first must start his journey at 9 degrees Aquarius. Mars is not alone, for he brings along his Soul Brother the South Node at 6 degrees. Uranus, the “Great Awakener” and natural ruler of Aquarius, will be overseeing Mars 6-month Aquariuan journey through his sign. Be sure to reread how Uranus and Mars are acting out behind the scenes.

Let’s just say things are going to be interesting!


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The Sabian Symbols tell the archetypal story of Mar’s journey through your mind and heart. The Divine Masculine is orchestrating a sequence of evolutionary events to raise the vibration of the planet towards more Love and less fear. The South Node’s big dream for Mars is:  “A CHILD IS SEEN BEING BORN OUT OF AN EGG.” KEYNOTE: The emergence of new mutations according to the great rhythms of the cosmos. The Cosmic Egg (Hiranyagharba in Sanskrit) symbolizes a new universe being born. This new universe births a human being not born from the past but from the future. Your new consciousness is from the revolution of Evolution. Your being now radiates from the cosmic Whole, instead of a culture or race. The South Node, freedom from past Soul dysfunction, announces the EMERGENCE OF GLOBAL HUMAN born from perfect freedom and higher consciousness.

Mars desires to take men and the Inner Masculine within you into this deepening journey for the next 8 weeks. The image He bestows upon you is: “A MAN WHO HAD FOR A TIME BECOME THE EMBODIMENT OF A POPULAR IDEAL IS MADE TO REALIZE THAT AS A PERSON HE IS NOT THIS IDEAL.” KEYNOTE: The need to deal with human beings as persons rather than as screens upon which one projects one’s dream and ideal. Your focus now becomes the relationship between your mental perceptions and your spiritual vision of everyday reality. Where is your gap between your ideal state of being and actually what is your Highest Good? Culture pummels you with images of greatness, perfection and success. Are these popular ideals really all that great? Mars helps you to look at the Human in the Mirror to uncover your personal truths. The next 8 weeks is a critical and powerful time for SELF-REVALUATION.

That is your Why, now here is your How:

The Freedom Formula:  Sun at 5 degrees Cancer and Chiron at 2 degrees Aries plus Part of Fortune at 1 degree Aries. Part of Fortune, “Success Energy”, will be activated by 1 degree Libra. These planetary alignments all form a Grand Cardinal square of focus to help you initiate a wave of creative power during your Mars journey of rebirthing the Masculine. The Sun and Chiron shine vital life force energy to heal your self-identity. Part of Fortune shows you that great personal reward awaits you as you take this journey on like a Champ. Follow this pathway to recalibrate your Inner Masculine. As you do you add to the cracking of the Great Cosmic Egg, aka Human 2.0. Here are your steps:

Step 1:  Make a spiritual connection to the Cancer Sun at 5 degrees:  “GAME BIRDS FEATHERING THEIR NESTS.” KEYNOTE: An instinctual dedication of self to new forms of life. The maternal Cancer Sun brings you the energy of spiritual forces (birds). The early degree of Cancer signals the birth of a beginning of a future-oriented growth cycle.  A new wave of life is starting. At the social level, pioneering efforts are building a new culture from a higher level of consciousness. This collective effort is a  SYMBIOSIS, a deep unconscious cooperation between animals, plants, and Angels all for the sake of the ” new Human.” How can you consciously add to this great effort?

Step 2:  Find your synergy with Chiron at 2 degrees Aries:  “THE CAMEO PROFILE OF A MAN, SUGGESTING THE SHAPE OF HIS COUNTRY.” KEYNOTE: The sustaining power of the Whole, as the individual identifies themselves with It’s life. Your true sense of Self finds power and inner security when identifying with the Universe. The conscious unification of your cosmic connection uplevels your daily life to living with the Great Mystery.  This is the ability to become not only an image of the Whole, but an agent through whom the Whole may express itself on Earth. You heal the Wounded Healer by becoming the creative resonance and outpouring of Divine Love. You are being asked to consecrate and be directed by a divine Power. What is your outward manifestation that can meet a collective human need?  Chiron wants to provide you with an inner sense of security and harmonic strength. Watch for a feeling of participation in the vast tide of evolution. The Universe invites you to PARTICIPATE IN A GREATER LIFE.

Step 3:  Open up the windfall of Part of Fortune’s goodness with the energy of “A COMEDIAN REVEALS HUMAN NATURE.” KEYNOTE: The capacity to look objectively at oneself and at others. Now is the time to take your small, limited sense of self/ego A LOT LESS SERIOUSLY! Take time out to laugh and amuse yourself with your own folly of human nature. Seek out your favorite comedians to give you another take on the absurdity of Life! Cue George Carlin, please!

Step 4:  Activate this ability to take yourself more lightly with Libra’s image a 1 degree:THE TRANSMUTATION OF THE FRUITS OF PAST EXPERIENCES INTO THE SEED-REALIZATIONS OF THE FOREVER CREATIVE SPIRIT.” KEYNOTE: A repolarization of inner energies leading to a creative centralization of consciousness.  This symbol is the synthesis of descending Spirit and ascending Matter ~ “Heaven coming to Earth; Earth arising to Heaven.”  Take note of the fruition of all your past efforts. What is the changeless thread that transcends them all?  There is a hidden seed, which in due time becomes the foundation of your new cycle of existence. The seed may be seen as the creative power within you beginning a new cycle: the centralization of Self (the creative Reality), the experience of fulfillment and the perfect Form of manifestation.


Aren’t you glad to know about Reality at this level? These ascension pathways are not for the weak. Seek out your support circles and connect with your spiritual teachers. Take a look at the Lunar Ladies Pinterest board for the Mars Rx Journey in pictures. But wait! There is more! It’s truly a time of Karma Chameleon! Mars joins forces with five retrograde planets who are shifting frequencies and changing colors, too! Let’s hear it for Jupiter, Vesta, Saturn, Pluto, Mars and Neptune. But we are not done yet. Mercury says, “Wait up! I’m next” on July 26 ~ “Day Out of Time” ehem… BIG STUFF! That’s why joining forces inside the Lunar Ladies VIP Club brings you into your cosmic Home to take care of your Soul business. Empower your retrograde journeys in the Inner Circle!

You will never look back and be so glad you did!


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