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Sacred Geometry

Alchemy of Feelings:  New Moon in Cancer

PictureWelcome to this ultra-healing lunation cycle brought to you by the frequency of Cancer! Cancer is the “Mother of the Zodiac” and her energy helps us give birth to our feelings and learn how to bring them into form.

The lunation begins with the New Moon at 12’54” degrees Cancer (almost 13!) on July 4, 2016 at 4:01 AM PST. This birthing of the Moon just happens to coincide with America’s birthdate and Solar Return. You individually, as well as the United States collective, have the opportunity to receive a powerful gift of elevating sensitivity, intuition and emotional intelligence from the Moon, Herself this cycle!


Cancer is the zodiac sign that naturally rules the 4th House of Family, Feelings and Home. The Moon is the planet that rules Cancer. This Cancerian lunar cycle really wants you to experience connection, healing and birthing new forms in your life based on an increased awareness of your powerful and creative feelings. This will bring “OHM” into your home.

What makes this lunation extra special is two things:  1) its timing and 2) its sacred geometry.

Here we go with number One, Timing:  the American populace will be celebrating in unison (connection) their patriotism and love for their country (feelings) with parades, BBQs and family get togethers. Cancer, the Mother of the Zodiac, loves that! This collective celebration is timed so perfectly with the New Moon, as it is a time of “New Beginnings”. We have an opportunity to birth anew our country and bring into form (structures, foundations and legacies) that work for everyone — if we are conscious of our feelings!

Number two, Sacred Geometry:  the New Moon in Cancer is intensified by Mercury (thoughts and communications), the Sun (self and joy) and Venus (expressions of love) in Cancer. This stellium (a grouping of 3 or more planets within 10 degrees) aligns with a Mystical Rectangle ~ the power of The Alchemist. The Alchemist is the Magician that can turn dross (negativity, dissonance, fear) into gold (love, joy, gratitude). The octave that stabilizes and unleashes the power to the Cancer quartet is Pluto in Capricorn, currently in Retrograde (resolving to transform and destroy old foundations, old legacies that no longer serve the Highest Good for all).

Joining the Mystical Rectangle is the other octave:  Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo aligned with Neptune and Pallas Athena in Pisces, both Retrograde. Jupiter and the North Node are the expansion of Soul consciousness in the areas of sacred service, health, wellness and pets. Neptune and Pallas Athena in Pisces are resolving (retrograde) Feminine power and wisdom and the dreamy possibilities of Compassion for all Life that will dissolve the shadows of the Piscean Age. Wow!

In order for the power of The Alchemist to truly come into form now, the octaves of Cancer-Capricorn and Virgo-Pisces must be emitting harmonic frequencies. We each can make this happen by acknowledging and understanding the shadows of each sign in our own hearts and minds. This collective individual experience has the power to bring in the Aquarian Age even faster! Let’s do it!


The benevolent Universe loves humanity so much that we are also receiving a Water Trine of Harmony to assist us in our transformation this lunar cycle. The Cancer Quarter stellium harmonizes with Mars in Scorpio (now direct!!) and Chiron (Retrograde) in Pisces. Mars now in direct motion is the life-force of new beginnings and emerges now from the depths of Scorpio (our truest, deepest feelings) to conquer fear once and for all. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, says its karmic timing for us to resolve our spiritual Soul wounds and dream a new dream of Oneness. Isn’t this amazing?

Go deep with this one, dear Reader and rise from the ashes of your old Soul wounds. Be in tune with your feelings and be not afraid. Plant your seeds of intentions for a new beginning in your life in the realm of Feelings. There is so much love, benevolence and sheer joy to be had for everyone, everywhere. Stay tuned for the upcoming Full Moon in Capricorn July 19th lighting up your new forms plus a Fire Trine of spiritual harmony!

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