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Action! 1st Quarter Moon in Capricorn

I am very excited to be writing weekly about our lovely lunar cycles. This week brings us the First Quarter Moon lunar phase. This is the time when our New Moon intentions have germinated underground and are ready to push through the Earth and grow into fruition.

The ability to push through blocks, like the Earth’s surface, requires more energy. Just like a dammed river, there must be a force that moves the debris and allows water to flow freely. Energy is just like water. When we have a block, we need a force to push us through.

First Quarter Moons are the time of the month that a force gets developed. The Sun and the Moon have now come into a square formation, or 90 degree angle. The Universe likes to move in a circular fashion and so when we our round form meets hard edges, there is a slowing down of energy. This slowing down creates a build up of energy that becomes the velocity needed to create the force to push us through.

The New Moon cycle began 9/30/16 with the Sun and Moon at 6 degrees Libra. On October 8, 2016 at 9:32 PM PST, the Sun and Moon form a square at 16 degrees Libra (Sun) and 16 degrees Capricorn (Moon). It is with these two vibrations, Libra and Capricorn, that we can align with the force to move our intentions, dreams and goals into ACTION!


The Moon is traveling with Pluto and Mars in Capricorn. The Shape-Shifter, Pluto with the Warrior, Mars add a fearless wrecking ball energy to your Moon. The Moon rules your Emotions, Subconscious and maternal connection. Capricorn is the sign farthest away from the Moon’s natural ruler, Cancer. So this Moon carries the shadow of Capricorn – cold, removed, maternal disconnection. This Moon is the “Wounded Daughter Moon”.

The beauty of planets in constant motion, is that we can get help when planets come into relationship with one another. This 1st Quarter Capricorn Moon is the focal point of a T-square which means it has an extra layer of growth added to it. We are seeing the wounded Feminine, lost without a Mother and trying to navigate a patriarchal world alone. We can easily see this mythology when we look at the current status of women in our world. We are paid less. We are treated as sexual objects. In some cultures, we are still property and can be legally murdered through honor killings.

But Pluto and Mars want to transform this now. We each have the opportunity to change this subconscious wound personally and collectively. We may have the first elected woman US President in November. The women of Poland are gathered in solidarity protesting their right to choose. Equal Pay and fairness in the workplace are common cultural conversations now. The Feminine is rising. (You can thank Eris for that!)

All three planets are flowing through Capricorn, the Father of the Zodiac. The Cosmos is guiding us to transform old, outdated patriarchal structures. Men and women are being invited to stay cool-minded and invoke their inner Shakti to rise into a higher consciousness of balance and harmony (Libra themes). Isn’t that awesome?


Look at your personal Natal astrology chart and find the houses ruled by Libra and Capricorn. These houses are the areas of your life asking for transformation and growth. In those two houses, look to see if you have any Natal planets there. They will be triggered by the transiting planets of the Moon, Pluto, Mars, Sun and Uranus (Aries).

Discover this week where any resistance, blocks or inertia sits within yourself as you tune into these houses, personally. Capricorn can be a tough sign to experience the Moon in. The remedy of this T-square is to look to Capricorn’s opposite partner on its axis – Cancer. What house does Cancer rule for you? This is your sanctuary place to nourish and nurture yourself. This is where you can connect to the eternal Divine Mother vibration. When you meet resistance, blocks or inertia, flow into your Cancer frequency and nourish yourself. This lunar phase is all about supplying you with an infinite amount of energetic resources to push your way through and get into action! Your mantra this week is, “Just do it!”

Good luck and may the Force be with you!

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