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“Abracadabra!” – Words have Power in the Magician’s Moon

Feeling ready to surrender? The Third Quarter Moon brings you the “Magician’s Moon” at 11:24 PM PST/2:24 AM EST (9/13/17) on 09/12/17. The “Magician’s Moon” is the final foundational lunar phase of the Great Solar Eclipse. Be especially aware of your thoughts, words and deeds this week as the Eclipse window closes.

What’s a Third Quarter Moon again?

Third Quarter Moons help you with releasing and surrendering. During the lunar cycle, you have set your intentions, moved courageously through blocks and limitations, celebrated your fruition and now it’s time to come back home to rest and discover who and what you need to support this newer version of you.

“Abracadabra”:  Words have Power

The Magician’s Moon lands at 20 degrees Gemini surrendering to the 20 degree Virgo Sun. The Sabian Symbol for Gemini at 20 degrees is “A Tumultuous Labor Demonstration”. This symbol represents the current cultural collective emotional state. This vibrational Gemini Moon wants to show us our power and how to understand how to use our power for good or not so good. “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” Gemini understands that the mind is a powerful thing. Add out of control emotions, and one’s mind can create a “tumultuous demonstration” of unconscious activity. Learn about the power of your thoughts, words and actions that are coming from a place of not understanding how you really feel. The Third Quarter Moon wants you to seek support and surround yourself with an environment that loves you and provides safe refuge in the these tumultuous times. Look at the hurricanes to understand the power of uncontrolled Collective consciousness.

Join Team Receptivity:

The Sun is at 20 degrees Virgo now and invites you to join “A Girl’s Basketball Team”. The Moon’s symbol has you feeling up in arms about the disparity that exists among the separated socio-economic classes. The Sun wants to help support this intense level of feeling through teamwork and physicality. “A Girls’ Basketball Team” shares the idea of working together as a single unit with a collective goal of winning the game and doing your best. Energetically speaking, girls play differently than boys. The energy comes across as more gentle and soft, but definitely not weak! “Girls,” represents a consciousness more receptive (and less competitive) to Collective forces.

“When it’s Time to Change, it’s Time to Rearrange”:

The Gemini Moon, Virgo Sun, Sagittarius Saturn and Pisces Chiron creates a Mutable Grand Square. Part of Fortune at 16 Virgo aligns with the Virgo Sun “A Girls’ Basketball Team”. To access the Joy and Fortune of this sacred geometric alignment for change and adaptability is found in the symbol of its opposite Part of Fortune – 16 Pisces.

The Sabian Symbol for 16 Pisces is “An Easter Parade”. This image shows you that the Christ mythos is the value of attuning one’s life and moods to be more about excellence. Easter is about “rising from the dead”. Easter happens in Springtime, where we celebrate the Glory of Creation. It is the ultimate Joy of the World. With the Healer’s Moon still in effect, how can you heal your Soul wounds and ascend into Life everlasting, celebrating the glory of Goodness and rising from your ashes?

Breaking the Shadow Spells:

This final lunar phase of the Eclipse season wants you to look into the mirror of your thoughts and what emotions they create. Surrender to ideas of receptivity and release this week. Opt to be on a supportive team rather than an individual protest against what you don’t like. As you flow in this direction, you align with the vibration of Christos Consciousness and begin your journey of rising from the ashes of fires set by the Great Solar Eclipse. Heal your Soul wounds by a practice of becoming aware of your Shadow emotions. Acknowledge what these shadows show you. Surrender to what was. And in the next breath, accept that another timeline based on your Vortex of well-being is possible. AUMen.

*Do this from 9/12-18/17 and you will be in perfect alignment for the New Moon at 27 degrees Virgo on 09/19/17 … “A Bald-headed Man who has Seized Power”.

SNEAK PEAK:  The Sabian Symbol for 27 Virgo has its meaning here – “The Universe calls for the necessity for decision and transformation. Existence is motion. No static formation. Everything bows to THE POWER OF THE WILL ” — Align your personal will with the Divine Will by being attuned to cosmic synchronicity. Timing is everything.

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