Together, We Rise.

We're on a mission to help you realize your soul-inspired life.

Living with the moon allows women to harness their power and innate rhythms. Modern life has allowed us to become disconnected from our natural state. Our goal is to reinstate the cyclical, feminine rhythm that our society once lived by. We use the astrological framework as a point of reference to talk about the meaning in your life. First, we watch the lunar cycles and then we learn to live with them in harmony.

As women energetically realign to the Moon’s powerful frequencies, rhythms, cycles, and patterns, women begin to live their lives with more resources, power, grace and ease.

Women’s levels of productivity, creativity, and purpose increase dramatically as a result. As women tune into their natural vibration and live by their original design, their inner wisdom, radiance, and power shine like never before.

The Results?

  • Life takes on a graceful, easier pace
  • Tapping into the universal energy cycles, allowing a more resourced and energized life
  • Understanding of your emotions and cycles at a whole new level
  • Increased self-awareness, mindfulness and intuition
  • More ease, less stress!
  • Accelerated personal growth

We Are All Made of Moons

Together, we can transcend the frenetic, masculine-driven approach to life that is the current paradigm.
Be part of this movement. You deserve it.

Who We Are

Shannon Marie McMurray

Storyteller of the Stars, Alcyone Astrologer,
and Star Priestess of the Moon

Shannon instinctively can feel where people are stuck and intuitively knows how to help them be free and let go of their karma. Shannon loves to help others to complete their growth processes so they can then move onto higher levels of Soul awareness.

Shannon received the vision of Lunar Ladies while swimming with the wild Spinner dolphins of Hawai’i. Shannon studied their cultural behaviors and communal living to understand how they live this so well.  They taught her that by living with the lunar cycles were they able to live so efficiently and well.

Shannon became interested in Astrology in her college years when she didn’t feel a strong knowing of her Soul purpose and wanted help. By diving deep into her personal chart, she came to understand the astrological basis for her seeming lack of direction. At the same time, she discovered hidden gifts — her innate and intuitive understanding and unique knowledge of Astrology from past lives.

Shannon has a unique talent bridging science and spirit; she sees patterns between the two and is able to articulate them like no one else.

Her Moon in Gemini in the 12th House (in orb with Gemini Ascendant conjunct Mercury Retrograde with a Cancer Sun-stellium in the 1st House born in the year of the Earth Monkey) makes her Curious George times 10!

This energetic alignment makes Shannon a conduit of information from multiple realms with instant recall for anything the piques her curiosity. Her friends call her Shannon-pedia and relish her insights which she gladly brings to Lunar Ladies each week. To schedule an Astrology reading with Shannon, click here.

Jennifer Heller

Intuitive Operating

Jennifer brings to Lunar Ladies a lifetime of appreciation of the astrological and all her marketing, technological and operations insights. Her Moon in Virgo is sometimes a curse as she cannot ignore even the smallest detail. Her higher calling is actually to perfect her intuition and use it in the service of others. Being organized is her spiritual and emotional medicine and she brings that love and efficiency to the Lunar Ladies team.

Jennifer began living by the moon due to Shannon’s influence in 2015. She immediately noticed how much relief she felt allowing herself to have a natural period of rest (and a natural period of frenzied productivity) each lunar cycle. Instead of feeling guilty for taking rest or not feeling like pushing herself at times, she began to trust in the wisdom of the lunar cycle and never looked back.

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