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A Star Priestess Wizard

She's on a mission to light your Fire & ignite your Soul-inspired life.

Hi I’m Shannon,

My favorite thing to do is read Astrology charts! Reading my clients’ charts is like binge-watching my favorite Netflix shows. I’m addicted! What I bring to the table is a caring, honest, and Soul-inspired reflection that both heals informs, and uplifts my clients. I am often referred to as a mystical Muse weaving together stories and insights. My clients say I am their best cheerleader! My passion is to artfully merge emotions and spiritual energies for deep transformation and Soul-inspired living.

~ Hear more about how Astrology changed my life. ~

I live in my hometown, a small Island home in the San Francisco Bay Area with my BFF Lyra, a Jino Mix rescue from Two Dog Farms.

You can support my work as a Galactic Girl Scout @ Ko-fi!

Astrology is a shining path of Soul memories, insights, and information that leads you from a place of unconscious darkness to Self-realized illumination.

How I Started with Astrology

Astrology started for me – in this life – reading my daily horoscope in the newspaper in my early teens. I seemed to be always trying to figure myself out. In college, I got astrology readings – several – trying to understand what I was supposed to do. My astrological breakthrough happened when I had a great awakening of my astrology gifts. This journey I had been on since my teens have actually been with me for lifetimes. This great awakening was made possible by merging frequencies swimming with the wild Hawaiian Spinner dolphins of the Kona Coast starting in 2011.

Why I Started Lunar Ladies

I started Lunar Ladies as an answer to a prayer. In my many healing swims with the wild Spinner dolphins, I learned how important it is to understand the energetic environment in which we live. To find peace, prosperity, and empowerment, you must deeply understand how the mental and emotional bodies work. I learned that following the Moon not only is the easiest way to learn Astrology but also heals your core root Self. A complete 2-for-1 surprise gift! Thank you Dolphins, my Naia Ohana!

What’s my Sign?


Born under a Balsamic phase Gemini “Teacher’s Moon”, I came into the world at the end of June in the early Dawn light to fulfill the destiny of the Aries Nodal wave. Mercury retrograde was rising in the East, followed by Urania, the Muse of Astrology. My favorite Astrology types are Western (Tropical, Draconic, Sidereal, and Helio), Electional, and Relocation astrology.

My favorite deep astrological dive is my signature Soul Purpose Blueprint coaching series. Geocentric, Heliocentric, Sidereal, and Draconic models are used to create a multi-dimensional blueprint to read each client’s Soul Purpose power. I have been blessed to develop my own unique, personal style of astrology that I have learned, studied, and practiced over many lifetimes.

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