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A River Runs Deep ~ 3rd Quarter Capricorn Moon Dives into Old Memories

3rd Quarter Capricorn Moon at 7 degrees on March 27, 2019 at 9:10 PM PST/12:10 AM EST + 5:10 AM UK on 03/28/19


Welcome to the week of “Reflection and Letting go”. There is much happening in the cosmic skies this week! The 3rd Quarter Moon dances with Jupiter to the tunes of the Great Attractor and Galactic Center before encountering Saturn in Capricorn. This Jupiter-Saturn transition is a bridge for the Moon to take the big picture and create it in the material world. Venus enjoys her new form as Mermaid Queen in Pisces as Mercury begins his wobble to go direct on 03/28/19. Mars gets ready to dance with the Pleiades wearing his best dressed outfit on 03/29-04/02/19. Moon enters Balsamic phase on April Fool’s flowing into the embers as the “Mystic Moon” on 04/04/19.

Deep symbolism of Rivers occurring in the Moon’s lunar chart this week. Rivers are symbols of consciousness and memories from the past. I am named after the River Shannon in Ireland. This is the longest river of the Emerald Island and its name is derived from the Gaelic word for “Wisdom”. Capricorn’s Old Soul nature with his ruler, Saturn, deify the Wise nature of this lunar week.

Cancer North Node of Destiny Aligns with Jupiter’s Joy!

The Cancer Lunar North Node and Jupiter help you access deeply buried memories that will spiritually open your next Soul layer. The Lunar Node of Destiny sends a light bolt YOD to Jupiter, “King of Joy” @ the 23rd and 24th degrees. This is Cancer Mama spiritually aligning with Truth-seeking Sagittarius. The North Lunar Node reveals “Many strange and diverse objects are seen floating down a river.” The North Node reminds you that there are a great variety of energies passing through your life. You are naturally attuned to those memories which will most serve your Soul’s evolution. This spiritually connects to Jupiter’s image:  “A group of fish at the edge of a pool; they are look up at someone.” Jupiter shows you how understandings rise to the surface of your heart and mind this week. These understandings, or your “aha moments”, are opening you to stored and never-before-accessed information within you. Oooo! So exciting to see what happens!

But first, it’s time for the Moon to make Her way back to the Divine Womb as She enters 3rd Quarter phase as the “Miser’s Moon”.


Third Quarter Moon Energetics:

Release ~ Let Go ~ Forgive

Third Quarter Moon dynamics embrace the powers of Letting Go, Releasing and Forgiveness. This lunar stage focuses on the wounds outside yourself by drawing you inward to feel who may have hurt, offended, diminished or neglected you. Ask yourself where you may have done this to another. It’s a two-way mirror that gives you your power back. This lunar phase week helps you to empty your ego and allow the Universe, your Angels and Guides, to assist you in feeling more supported.

Miser’s Moon:  Count your Blessings

The 3rd Quarter Moon in Capricorn is called the “Miser’s Moon”. Here the waning Moon wants to count your blessings. Take this week to acknowledge all your hard work. Appreciate how much effort you put into improving yourself. As you review this lunar cycle, ask yourself “Who is in my support circle? Who is ‘in it to win it’?” Reconnect to your inner authority and become the “Author” of your own life. Respect yourself, your journey and your legacy. You, as a Soul, have come to leave it behind to contribute to the Greater Good. Be about that now moving forward post Super Libra Full Moon. Reflect upon the impact you are making in the world and surrender to an even bigger version of you.

NEW FEATURE!  22nd Lunar Mansion ~ 7 degrees Capricorn

The “Miser’s Moon” is passing through the 22nd Lunar Mansion and brings to you the gifts of being set free from past limitations and healing past patterns of imprisonment. This Mansion blesses you with new opportunities around your career, especially if you have been feeling stuck in an old job that you no longer enjoy. Talk about feeling in prison! This 3rd Quarter Moon fits perfectly in the 22nd Mansion because this also is a “last quarter” vibration bringing the Lunar Mansions journey towards the end. The energy available to shift, change and end old cycles is doubled! Now is a great time to make a move ~ go back to school, sign up for training and believe in following your dreams and desires. The symbol of the 22nd Mansion is a “person wearing a helmet and wings on his/her feet” ~ sounds like Mercury doesn’t it?!! Mercury goes direct on 03/28/19 and sounds like He has already announced himself as your Victor this week!

Moon v. Sun

-:- Moon -:-

7 degrees Capricorn “Miser’s Moon”: The Moon reveals “A river passes through a deep, narrow canyon full of shadows.” The Moon is magnetizing your emotional shadows of disempowerment as the Pisces lunar cycle comes to a close this week. In times of hardship, this Moon helps you keep going. Truly acknowledge the ways you conform to your limiting beliefs. How are you continually compromising through frustrating situations? Are you doing whatever has to be done to maintain a forward flow? The Moon wants to help you become more gentle and flexible as you interact with the world’s densities that come in the form of limitations. Your power is in how gentle can you be with what feels like imprisonment.

Snake Medicine:  Ask yourself, “How can I get in tune with my relationship to limitation and struggle?” Follow the ways of others who have successfully dealt with discord and misunderstanding. Learn how they were able to let go and allow an exchange of energies to promote a deeper understanding of limitations so you can finally let it all go.

-:- Sun -:-

The Aries Sun at 7 degrees reveals:  “A human journeying far north to the mouth of a river.” The Sun reveals to you how you are a truth seeker. The Sun shines light on your path to look for the spiritual energies underlying all your life’s experiences. Be willing to go along with whatever life has to offer. Why? Because this is the force of evolution at work. It is guiding you towards higher consciousness. Make space for your privacy so you can journey into your inner world this week. It is here in your inner world that you can re-attune to your spiritual power.

Mercury goes Direct! … Finally!

How has Mercury RX been affecting you? Well you made it to the Finish Line! Mercury follows the 3rd Quarter “Miser’s Moon” and goes into direct motion on 03/28/19. Be aware of the 3-day wobble period so continue your slowed down motion before going full steam ahead. Mercury is exact Neptune, Mystical Ruler of Pisces, so you are also getting a super charged Neptunian experience, too! Time to download major messages from your Soul and your Angelic Team of guardians, too. Pay close attention to oracles, dreams, signs and symbols. The Universe is getting your attention to share messages for your next steps. You will notice the full effects of Mercury Direct as he leaves his Shadow zone vibration on 04/16/19.

Mars dances with the Pleiades

Mars dances with the Pleiades ~ 7 Sisters ~ and reveals this image:  “A man channeling a set of degree symbols.” Mars is showing how you intuitively understand how energy works. He says to perceive the patterns in your life. He warns you may find this difficult at first for you often can’t decide where or how to jump in. Mars energy is really good at getting into action. Align with Mars and learn how to put aside too much thinking so you can act spontaneously – even if it means you may stumble or fall. Billy Idol says, “Catch my fall!”

~:~ Wrap-Up ~:~

The symbolism this week is strong as “river consciousness”. Rivers are bodies of water that move. The sacred element known as Water looks to collect energy.  Water seeks wholeness in all its forms. The sea rests and becomes immersed in itself. But before it ascends as vapor to form clouds, Water takes up tenancy in pools, mirrors itself in raindrops, and runs like a river. Water in all these forms is separate and yet not.

Water as this powerful consciousness wants to know when you arrive at the mouth of a river, (as the Aries Sun shines light on your external Self), what will you experience? How will you communicate? What will it have to say? The Moon activates your depths by penetrating into emotional shadows that are ready to move along, dissolve and change form. The 22nd Lunar Mansion supports your freedom from imprisoning limitations, too!

This 3rd Quarter lunar week wants you to surrender and take responsibility for your Soul’s growth, your Soul’s worth and your Soul’s yearning to help others. The Full Moon reset your Soul vibration to be in Service to Others. The time is now where you are needed to help sleeping souls heal as they awaken. Awakening is coming whether the human race is ready or not. Many do not have the tools to bridge the gap between the 3rd and 5th Dimension. The transformations that are in motion can appear frightening as the 3D illusions disperse. Be available to comfort and build community by knowing your Soul’s worth and what you have come to Earth to do!

–:–  Lunar Ladies Club Experience  –:–

Join the Lunar Ladies Club to accelerate your personal growth to vibrate higher to help others. You will see your Natal chart (it’s included!!) as your Soul blueprint for divine action. You will learn how to put your Soul blueprint Natal chart into action on a daily basis. You will clear out and dissolve old patterns and make that easy! You will be supported and uplifted by a growing international circle of powerful, compassionate wise women. The common shared experience, the members say, is, “Thank you for making this a safe and sacred space to share who I am and be loved, supported and cheered!”

The Aries New Moon comes April 5, 2019 to support the Zodiac New Year moving you around the Wheel of Life in 2019-2020. Joining this week is the perfect time to set your intentions powerfully for what you want to experience. The Spring Equinox Full Moon opened a portal of power that magnifies your words into existence! Clear your emotional shadows, limiting thought patterns and past life  unresolved experiences with the powerful techniques and methods given to you in the Club experience!

Go for it!

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