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A New Day is Dawning ~ Rise and Be Love with New Moon in Taurus

New Moon in Taurus happens on May 15, 2018 at 4:48 AM PST/7:48 AM EST at 24 degrees (3rd Decan). This lunar cycle carries a layer of Capricorn to empower your Abundance roots to flow deep into Mother Earth. Adopting an “Attitude of Gratitude” will go a very looooong way and be the potent fertilizer to grow your garden of Delight. This lunar cycle has the sustainability frequency of 7 years! Check out Uranus’ gift of  7 Years of Self-Worth and Spiritual Value! A new day is dawning, for sure!

Venus, ruler of Taurus, swirls new love opportunities and abundance miracles.  Align with the Feminine and simply give love. Your Goddess Love now has the power to heal old wounds. The New Moon and Sun trine Pluto which empowers you to experience deep, soulful transformation with others.

The Masculine, via Mars square Uranus, can flip your outcome so watch for impulsive reactions. Slow down and feel into the consequences and opt for being an awakened Peace Warrior instead. Focus your vibration towards the positive and as you do, innovative solutions and creative inventions can happen ~ individually and collectively!

New Moon’s Powerful STAR Alignments:

New Moon is conjunct to two fixed stars in the Perseus constellation, Capulus and Algol. These forces can be accessed when you approach your New Moon goals with a true and authentic sense of purpose. The Universe is asking you to rise up and live up to a philosophy or ideal of greatness.

The Pleiadian Sisters Speak!

Venus is Soul sisters with Pallas Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, at 25 and 26 degrees Gemini ~ STARSEEDS! These Pleiadian Sisters bring forth the energy of healing the lower mind with Pleiadian consciousness. Venus says to find worth in the “Essentialization of the Rhythms of Existence” and Pallas Athena offers wisdom to reach into a holistic frame of view to repolarize your lower mind. Isn’t that amazing?!! And, I’m not done yet! My Lunar Ladies Club VIP member shared with me that the planet Nibiru will be at 24 degrees Taurus! When the Sun and Moon join Nibiru this is what happens! Check out the rest!

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Tune into Venus as the Pleiadian Sister Alcyone, the Queen and Pallas Athena as the Pleiadian Sister Taygeta, the Storyteller. Venus/Alcyone sits in your Sacral second chakra coming into union with the rhythms of existence. Pallas Athena/Taygeta sits in your Throat fifth chakra whispering words of Wisdom to activate and repolarize your quantum field. Woman, you are so lucky to know this!

The planet Nibiru is believed by some to the original Earth according to Zecharia Sitchin and the Sumerian tablets. Nibiru, or one of its Moons, collided with Earth and exchanged genetic DNA material to propagate life on the planet. According to my Sound Healing practice with Acutonics, when Nibiru and the Sun align, the harmonic is a musical 5th and similar to “psychic surgery”.

Nibiru is ruled by the constellation of Libra which represents ultimate balance in the Universe. The 5th octave harmonic balances our Solar System and microcosmically balances our Feminine and Masculine. Venus energy (ruler of Libra) brings an acceptance of the co-creative potential of our birthrights as Gods. Nibiru’s power is found in ritual and ceremony that honors the Sacred and the GOD energy within. I think I have to write a whole other blog post on this!

A YOD forms between North Node in Leo and Saturn (Retrograde) in Capricorn at 8 degrees. The Soul expansion energy of the North Node in Leo brings “Creative Intensity” through the image of Glass Blowers shaping beautiful Vases through controlled breathing. Saturn makes spiritual contact as an Angel Carrying a Harp. Attune yourself to the spiritual meaning and core purpose of any situation in life and you stabilize this magical “8” vibration into your life.

Moon & Sun Sabian Symbol Story

Moon + Sun at 24 degrees Taurus:  “A VAST PUBLIC PARK.” KEYNOTE: The cultivation of natural energies for collective use and recreation. This symbol shows the impressive collective positive endeavors of humanity’s desire to live in peace and to enjoy relaxation. Do you have a favorite public park that calls to you to retreat from the busyness of life? Engage with the feeling of “belonging” to a large, organized, peaceful whole. This generates the spirit of COLLECTIVE ENJOYMENT into the world.

Mercury at 4 degrees Taurus dances with the  Dryads and becomes the Messenger of the ancient Druid, Uranus. Mercury’s Sabian Symbol is “THE POT OF GOLD AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW.” KEYNOTE: Riches that come from linking the celestial and the earthly nature. The Rainbow is a promise of God and a bridge for divine beings to communicate with humans. This communication is true wealth for it is our natural way of COMMUNION.

The Takeaway:

The vibrations are definitely accelerated! Move forward into this Portal with a sense of determination for a better tomorrow by making today sensual and practical. Stabilize the energy by allowing your your Higher Heart to be in charge. Focus your lower mind on hope, love and the courage to be authentically you. Express words of love, and practice earth stewardship being kind to all forms of Life. Everything has value because everything is GOD. Express universal love and kindness and make that your daily practice of gratitude. Discover your Soul Purpose to see how you align with The Ascension timeline. Set your new moon goals to be well-intentioned and considerate of others. This lunar cycle gives birth to Uranus in Taurus cycle which comes to shift the world from 3D to 5D and beyond.

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