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A Message from the Full Moon

The Full Moon happens today, June 2nd at 9:19 AM PST. The Moon is traveling with the Hierophant Saturn creating an octave with soulful Mercury Retrograde bringing to Light the Saturn-Neptune opportunity for growth.

Let’s just say it’s about:  “Fact vs. Fiction and Fantasy vs. Reality”. This spiritual Full Moon wants to celebrate the Truth, the Inner Knowing and the Big Picture. Our Cosmic Mother Moon reminds us that in a world beyond Duality, when you are illuminated by the Big Picture of Soul (Sagittarius frequency), there is only Truth and only Light.

A great Hopi elder, Martin Gasheweseoma shared in an interview that Peace is the effect of Forgiveness. The more Humanity forgives, the more Peace there is in the world. Martin says to forgive others, we need to pray for them. He states, “You cannot pray for someone and stay angry at them at the same time.”

Today, beautiful Sagittarius Sacred Archer sends an arrow to fly beyond the known into the higher realms of Spirit. Neptune in Pisces asks, “What dreams may come when we forgive and focus on compassion?” Saturn offers, “Allow me to make a practice and build a pathway of sturdy steps for you to follow.” Mercury Retrograde slows down and whispers, “The pathway now is to the Underworld. Journey into the right side of your brain.” Cosmic Mother Moon retrieves our lost souls and says, “Just follow my light and celebrate the end of your illusions and the end of darkness for everyone.“

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