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6 Degrees of Separation: 3rd Quarter “Heretic’s Moon” Releases the Patriarchy

3rd Quarter Aquarius “Heretic’s Moon” at 6 degrees of SEPARATION on April 26, 2019 at 3:18 PM PST/6:18 PM EST/11:18 PM UK


Six degrees separate us. In this week’s lunar chart, there is a 6-pointed star that is formed by six 60 degree points of separation. In this philosophy, the understanding is that we are all tied to one another, united by a Source Field that truly has created us all. Moon/Verte to Venus/Vesta to Part of Fortune/Mars to Isis to Pallas Athena to Ceres ~ 60 degrees of separation all in synergy flow. Reconnect to your Star Merkabah to find your right alignment with Heaven during this week of completion.

This week, the Moon and Sun form a waning 3rd Quarter square and bring this Aries lunar cycle to completion. The Moon finds her home in Aquarius and the Sun in Taurus. These signs are Fixed and rooted in Air and Earth elements. The 3rd Quarter Aquarius Moon is known as “Heretic’s Moon”. As we see the world’s stage unfold with the Rise and Return of the Goddess frequency, we are bearing witness to the past patriarchal dominance that declared many Good Women and Good Men/Bonne Femmes et Bonne Hommes as heretics to the predominant rule of religious domination of the Dark Ages.

In true 3rd Quarter fashion, you will be reviewing and reflecting on what has transpired in your life and in the Collective past in regards to the archetype of “Heretic”. In the Lunar Ladies Club, VIP members are taking their charts to fine-tune their experiences with these powerful planetary alignments and reawaken their past life memories. In the wake of the fires at Notre Dame, the archetype of “Heretic” has been playing very loudly in the Collective consciousness. Many members have shared how much the “Witch’s Wound” is up for clearing. From President Trump’s overuse of the term “witch hunt” to visceral reactions watching a 900+ year old site that burned people alive — our collective memories are in overdrive to bring forth the healing of the shadow side of the Piscean Age. (*Definitely join us in the VIP Club if this is happening to you!)

Heretics like Marguerite Porete (1310 AD) and Joan of Arc (1431 AD) were burned by the Church. Marguerite Porete, a renowned 14th century Christian Mystic, wrote “The Mirror of Simple Souls” describing the ecstatic union of Divine Love ~ Agape. For that she was burned at the stake. Why was this message of Love so threatening? Dark Ages, Dark times, Mordor and the weight of the religious dominance of the inverted Virgo -Pisces shadows. The end of this age draws near in 2060 A.D. and we are bearing witness to its completion and transmutation.

Game of Thrones Archetype:  Daenerys Stormborn

I have to confess, I have not watched any episodes of Game of Thrones. But this week’s symbols for *Venus at 7 degrees Aries, Juno and the Aquarian Moon are easy to see which GOT character is being highlighted for you to understand. Venus is the ruler of the Taurus Sun and she holds the “Reflection space” for the completion of the Aries lunar cycle. Venus Pleiadian Symbol:  “A flock of winged serpents cavorting in the air.” Her sister, the GoddessJuno at 3 degrees Cancer is appearing as the Pleiadian Symbol: “A dragon conferring its powers on a maiden.” And finally, the Pleiadian symbol for the Aquarius Moon is “A baby dragon pecks its way out of an egg”. Venus as Daenerys Stormborn/Game of Thrones anyone? What can Daenerys teach you about yourself, your power and your strength to overcome anything?

~ * The Light Cometh * ~

Mars YOD Saturn/South Node @ 20 Capricorn Azoth Symbol: “Thousands of messages sent by light beams.” You must stabilize your past with a spiritual understanding of what the experience were by looking at it from your GOD-MIND/HEART. As you do, you will receive thousands of messages sent by light beams! To help you stabilize move into the consciousness of the North Node in Cancer. The North Node at 20 Cancer appears as this:  “A star sending a woman its healing radiance.” 

Be not afraid to look at things that confront you directly. You have a magnificent ability to put aside your fears and judgments. Your healing force can look pain, suffering, and negativity in the face and neutralize it with love. View your life from a higher place, so that you can see the whole picture more clearly. Stay above the chaos, confusion, and negativity of the world out of balance. Carry in your aura an insulation from discord – by focusing on that powerful pink light! Turn negatives into positives to find the benefits. You nurture by uplifting and reminding others that there are places beyond the pain and suffering of the world that we all can move towards.


Ready for Astro Break-down? YES!

3rd Quarter Moon Energetics:

Release ~ Let Go ~ Forgive

Third Quarter Moon dynamics embrace the powers of Letting Go, Releasing and Forgiveness. This lunar stage focuses on the wounds outside yourself by drawing you inward to feel who may have hurt, offended, diminished or neglected you. Ask yourself where you may have done this to another. It’s a two-way mirror that gives you your power back. This lunar phase week helps you to empty your ego and allow the Universe, your Angels and Guides, to assist you in feeling more supported.

“Heretic’s Moon”:  Freedom of Choice

The 3rd Quarter Moon in Aquarius is called the “Heretic’s Moon”. Here the waning Aquarius Moon shares her message of hope and truth to the world, but her messages fall upon closed minds that seek to quiet her voice and imprison her daring courage to step outside the accepted, mass mind-controlled reality. Filled with spiritual fervor, the Heretic’s Moon cannot stop the divine knowledge that is quickening within her consciousness. How are you awakening now? What truths are resounding within your cells? Are you feeling ousted, ridiculed or laughed at for your newly rediscovered beliefs? The word “heretic” comes from the Greek meaning of “free choice”. The path of the Heretic is to have courage to bring for the truth of your beliefs to those whom you value the most. Even if you are not accepted, you must have the strength to walk away, knowing there is another group who will love, accept and cherish who you are. Those are the ones in your Soul Tribe. Keep aligning with your truth and your truths will set you free to find those of like minds and like hearts. Walk to the beat of your own drum rather than be chained to a place where you no longer fit in.

24th Lunar Mansion ~ “Star of Good Fortune”

The “Heretic’s Moon” is passing through the 24th Lunar Mansion and brings to you the “Star of Good Fortune”. The traditional image of the 24th Lunar Mansion is a mother breastfeeding her child. This is the energy of peace after birth. As the tumultuous energy swirls to break apart that which no longer serves the Greater Good in the collective, peace, joy and new life are on the horizon. As the mother and child are free from the labor and pangs of birth, the flooding of endorphins and oxytocin fill the body with euphoria. The medicine of this Mansion gives to you exactly what you need to feel whole. The 24th Mansion signals it is time to begin to dream again after a long period of feeling like you have just been surviving. Watch for elements of the old, traditional ways of being to counteract the Aquarian way of busting out and being unique and different. Reflection will help you rectify how both ways can benefit you as you dream a new world, a new life and a new you into Being.



Moon at 6 degrees Aquarius:  “Someone turns back and looks again: the mountain has disappeared.” Guardian Angel: LEUVIAH (LOO-vee-YAH) Dialing God, Expansive Intelligence.

The 3rd Quarter waning Moon takes time to reflect upon what has been so difficult and stuck in your life. The Moon is letting you know that those old places will soon disappear. It depends on whether you need it any longer. When you remember you have free choice, then you become free of it. You are capable of being changed, when you are truly ready to let go. It all depends on your focus and belief about yourself and your world. The Chandra Symbol is sooo interesting in the light of this being the Heretic’s Moon! At 6 degrees Aquarius, “A woman burning a book on black magic.” reveals to you your attempts to protect others from negativity. The Moon has very strong attitudes about wrong and right this week. Consider deeply what is moral to you. Come to the realization that even negativity (re:  black magic/Dark Forces) can be a tool for evolution.

Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, is at 2 degrees Taurus:  “A woman at a crossroads. She buries something and then prays.” Guardian Angel: Yehuiah (yay-Hoo-ee-YAH) Revealing the Dark Side, Subordination to Higher Order

The crossroads is the place where the roads of past and future meet. What you are burying is the karma you are presently creating. Uranus reveals your intent on creating a big change in your life. Unfulfilling situations are ready to be released by finding their way out of old patterns. As you raise your vibration, a new level of consciousness is achieved. Trust yourself. You instinctively know the energies that can guide you to enter into your Perfect Awakening.
*Interesting Note: ROSY CROSS ~ ROSICRUCIANS A sorcerer materializes an amethyst cross”. The gifts received from the spiritual realms yearn to be shared with others. April 14th, Uranus moved from 1 to 2 degrees Taurus. The symbol for 1 degree Taurus “A saint’s bones have turned to pure gold”. On April 15th, the fire broke out at Notre Dame which is an ancient church dedicated to Mary Magdalene and prior to that to Isis.


Sun at 6 degrees Taurus: “A woman cleansing her Aura with pink light”. Guided by Angel Aniel.

You have the power to ignore negativity and allow spiritual light to shine through you at all times. The Taurus Sun wants you to feel the great bountifulness of the universe. Guess what the key is to accessing this bountifulness? Love. You have the ability to be constantly receiving this. The more you allow this for yourself, the faster your life will progress. Cleanse your aura with this powerful pink light and refocus your intent to do this again and again.

*See Venus alignment with the Magdalene and Isis asteroids for more clues to this powerful Sun in Taurus alignment. Venus is the natural ruler of Taurus. 



The Magdalene, Priestess of Isis picks up where Venus was last week with the Karmic Destiny Full Moon at 27 Taurus. She rises as the Pleiadian Symbol: “A nude youth handing a rose to a vestal virgin.” The Asteroid Isis, Divine Mother, appears as this symbol: “A rose bush. Many buds, but no flowers.” Both symbols embody the sacred symbol of The Rose in a “prima” or virginal state. As the newly born roses appear, it is only a matter of time until they bloom. The image of many buds holds so much promise of fruition. These symbols are showing you that you are the Rose in a virginal or prima state. The message is to meet the Rose bush’s needs – water it and protect it to bring forth the blossoms. You are being asked to nurture yourself by understanding what will make you thrive and grow. Do not try to manipulate the rose bush to bloom. There is a divine timing to everything at work within you. The secret is to meet the needs of the present moment.

As the Aquarius Heretic’s Moon’s symbol burns a book of black magic, the Goddesses, Sophia and Lilith appear to tell you what comes next. At the ingress, karmic destiny degrees of 29, Lilith and Sophia come into a glorious Air Trine in Libra and Aquarius. Lilith, the primordial wild and free Goddess, appears as “Spiritual laws placed everywhere as reminders.” Lilith’s Seed degree: Pisces 29 (karmic destiny) is: “A book of healing mantras”. Lilith reminds you that when you repeat something over and over, this is the basis for going deeper into what you want to create.

Sophia at 29 degrees Libra carries the seed degree of Isis’ degree! Sophia, Goddess of Christ Wisdom Grace, appears as “In a spiritual text, a person searches for hidden codes.” Searching for truth in the outer world, you discover that what you are seeking is really found within the images and dreams of your inner world. Realize they are an intimate and eternal part of you.

Isis in sextile with Mars appears as “A magician gives to the wind messages that are to be delivered.” Isis says you have the power of being unattached to the outcome of your desires. Give your true desires that emanate from your Soul to the world so that whoever wants or needs them may also partake of their goodness. Your dreams have the power to nurture others. Your open-mindedness activates the Field to help others be more open minded and let go of their obstacles, too. Isn’t that wonderful?!!

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