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Super Full Moon in Gemini ~ Power of 11 to Dissolve the Past

Full Moon in Gemini at 11 degrees is a Super Moon – 14% larger than normal. The Moon is closer to the Earth as She travels in the skies opposite the Sun. This closeness of the Moon heightens your awareness of childhood memories, repetitive mindsets, repression of the Feminine and ancestral lineage.

There are two Tales to tell. Gemini brings the energy of twins ~ light and shadow to the forefront. The Super Moon makes it much louder. In the Collective, a Reckoning is coming but the current controlling power paradigm will not go down quietly. The misinformed seem to be kicking up a fuss. Expect half-truths, illusions and good old fashioned gaslighting throughtout the week. Yes, expect to see during Mercury Retrograde, more smoke and mirror tricks. The dark Magicians are afoot. The funny thing is, that they still think we can’t see them. But Wise Women who tune into the Moon know better.

11 is the Magic Number:

The Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Neptune are all aligned at 11 degrees. Neptune, in fact, is in an exact orb with the Full Moon and Sun opposition. In Pisces, Neptune the ruler sits in a 90 degree position forming a T-square to the Full Moon in Gemini. Since Gemini is the twins, watch for double talk, gossip, two-sides to every story. The Collective sits in a lower mind vibration currently, so shadow elements can rear their heads and try to distract you from the real opportunities to begin to see your own truths. This is a “learn to discern” lesson. Believe me, you are about to get really good at seeing what is true and what is illusion. Edgar Cayce prophesized that in the future, people would be really good at knowing who was lying by seeing Auras and understanding their emotional responses to non-truths. Well, I am feeling that future is now. Tune in.

The power of 11 is here with this alignment. The Sun, Moon and Neptune all sit at 11 degrees. 11 is a Master Healer number that carries the power of dissonance. This electro-magnetic power can break up even the worst mind-control programs. 11 is sacred and we are remembering how to use it! Dissonance and discord are your friends this Full Moon week to break up programming that is designed to disempower you and your divine right to sovereignty. I’ve got a magical elixir to help you blast through old patterns of thinking. It’s like a virus-buster defragmenting your mental hard-drive and clearing out old, outdated software that does not support your greater awakening, growth and evolution. Get your 11:11 Elixir here. Guess who else is coming to this Cosmic Supper? Jupiter also comes to save the day at 11 degrees Scorpio! Wow!

Sabian Symbol Story:  Let’s see How it All lines up!

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Super Moon at 11 degrees Gemini is “Negro Girl fights for Independence.” This image tells us a multi-dimensional story layered around gender, race and age. Ruby Bridges carries a powerful forcefield for this story. This story desires to teach you about liberating from the ghosts of the past. A new day is dawning and the Super Full Moon is powerfully releasing generations of suffering. A new beginning is on the horizon when Saturn goes into Capricorn and conjoins with Pluto to transform the dominant power paradigm. New Rules. New Authority. New Power. But there is social karma that needs to be atoned and cleared. Women, people of Color and the children are standing with Maat, the Egyptian Goddess who brings Balance to the world. Her feather of Truth is being weighed against those who continue oppressing the masses. Keep lighting your Soul up ~ Lightness of Being is your focus moving forward. Release and let go!

The Sun at 11 degrees Sagittarius is “A Flag turns into an Eagle, An Eagle turns into a Chanticleer saluting the Dawn.” The Sun is shining solar light upon your self-conscious to transcend old ego beliefs about yourself. The shapeshifing energy (especially in this Season of Scorpio) is available when you tune into ancient truths that redirect your attention to what is needed for humanity to evolve. Humanity is in need of an enlightened spirituality that will open up the mind to grasp higher concepts of Truth. The Sun rules the Solar Plexus and the direction is to use your power of Spiritual will to ascend above and beyond the mundane illusions of the current control programs of the Elite ruling class, a.k.a. the 1%.

Jupiter at 11 degrees Scorpio is “An Official Embassy Ball”. Displays of elite wealth, power and prestige. We are are witnessing the passing a a Tax Reform Bill that appears to be benefitting the rich, once again. It gets passed narrowly in the early morning hours with handwritten addendums bearing false witness, half-truths and “Don’t worry about it.” type attitude. All to show a “Win” for a political party. But who are the real losers? Those with whom it will affect financially – and karmically speaking it won’t be the middle class, seniors or poor.

Neptune at 11 degrees Pisces is “In the Sanctuary of an Occult Brotherhood, Newly Initiated members are being Examined and their Character tested.” The keyword is Qualification. Neptune, God of the Oceans, is sharing with you the separated Ego energy. When you look into the mirror who do you see? You must do the spiritual Soul inner work to be worthy of higher knowledge. Those currently holding the power have abused these ancient techniques to be in service self only, instead of Others. Neptune is churning up the waters of awareness to shine light upon these truths which are now becoming more and more “self-evident”. The key is to dissolve old wounds from past lives concerning victimhood and martyrdom as well as being the perpetrator.

The Missing Piece:  Virgo 11 degrees

The powerful 11/11/11 line-up would be incomplete without seeing what the Sabian Symbol message for 11 degrees Virgo is. This completes a perfect Mutable Cross and gives you the power of change through flexibility, adaptability and dissolution. The message of 11 degrees Virgo is “After the Wedding, a Groom Snatches his Bride’s Veil Away”. Virgo is ruled by Mercury who is very much the star of this Cosmic play. Mercury as Virgo is the Analyzer. Here you are given an invisible or secret clue in penetrating the power of your Optimizer Mind. The Marriage symbol is the union of Feminine and Masculine. The Veil is the hidden truth. The Masculine takes action and moves the Veil to reveal the Feminine. It suggests a quickness or sudden “snatching” which means, there is an accelerating energy afoot. Pay attention and focus on what you want. The union of Mind and Feeling, Shiva and Shakti, is here. The 4th Dimension is collapsing and instantaneous creation is opening up. Train your Mind and tune into your powerful Shakti feelings. You are a Creator Being. Create that what you truly desire to experience. An untrained Mind and a runaway Shakti will continue to create, but not what you truly wish. The Genie has been released from the bottle. Respect and obey your Higher Self.

And Lastly:

To find your personal sovereignty take this Full Super Moon in Gemini, along with Mercury Retrograde through December 23rd and liberate yourself from past oppression, repression and suppression. All depression will dissolve. Look to Neptune’s energy to see how this “Liquidation” will occur in the world and in your own personal life. Qualify yourself by becoming a devotee of your Higher Mind. Realize you are a Creator Being. Understand that the 4th Dimension is collapsing so the 5th Dimension of Unconditional Love and Unity can be the dominant power paradigm. Hanging onto the past will leave you a world that no longer works. Be a Spiritual Warrior and liberate your God/Goddess-Self energy within. Kung fu the Monkey Mind and focus your attention upon higher truths based on love and abundance. Fear, lack, scarcity and suffering are taking their final bow. Receive the grace of their teachings and absolve the past. Pray for those blinded by falsehoods and addicted to greed. Everyone gets to be called to share their heart and have their Souls weighed by Maat. Let yours be bright and light, filled with unconditional love and compassion. Piece of cake, right? Right!

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