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#4/4: Super Full “BLOOD” Aries Moon on the Horizon!


This is the 4th of a Tetrad of Super Full Blood Moons / Lunar Eclipses on the Aries-Libra Axis! It’s the fullness of what has been activated since 4/15/14. Ask yourself, “What was happening to me in the realm of “Relationships”? Was I harmonic in balancing me vs. others? Look back over your calendar and see what was happening with you on these dates:  4/15/14, 10/08/14, 4/4/15 and 9/27-28/15. You will be so highly attuned when you connect to yourself in this way! Mercury Retrograde says, “Get curious!” 

This is a Harvest Moon, too. That means look at when the Sun’s light returned on Winter Solstice 2014 (Dec. 21, 2014). What intentions or goals did you put into motion? The Harvest Moon time is about reaping the fruits of what you have grown since 12/21/14. Give thanks and Gratitude. As we pass the Autumn Equinox on 9/23/15, the Sun makes it final journey into the Underworld before the Light returns on Dec. 22, 2015. Take this time to reflect on the year, moving inwards and prepping for your hibernation mode when Winter begins. Mercury Retrograde now through Oct. 9th supports your reflective action at this time. Take advantage of the gifts of the Cosmic Currents supporting you. 

SELF vs. Others

The Aries- Libra Axis is the octave of “Self vs. Others”. According to Astro-Yoga, “If balanced, we are confident and courageous, ready to move and do. The ram connects us with our inner leader, drive directed outward. Like a new star in the sky or a butterfly opening its wings for the first time, we bloom, stretch, reach, dancing joyously as though we have just discovered the magic of our bodies. I would like to emphasize, once again, that this full moon will be very intense. Eclipses are dramatic, forceful, passionate. How appropriate that the moon will be blood red in honor of the zealous ram!”

And Finally, Pluto Goes Direct!

There is so much going on that we can consciously connect to. Are you ready to be easily move with this cosmic multi-dimensional marathon? Our slow-moving Pluto (great transformer) dance partner in Capricorn (structures and foundations) is FINALLY going direct (forward motion) on 9/26/15. Hooray!! With all the Aries attention from the Full Moon this weekend, Aries gives the gift of “Mojo!”. Since Pluto is the higher octave of Mars (and Mars rules Aries), we are doubly blessed with this gift of “fiery action” to help Pluto start pushing forward through matter. Also on the Equinox, 9/23/15, Mars changed signs into Virgo – potent shockwave of Service to Others!

Remember, Eclipses herald the ending of something old and the beginning of something new. With Pluto going direct near the Eclipse, we have access to a powerful transformation in Consciousness. Many are calling this time the 1st wave of Ascension into the 5th Dimension. Can you say, “Aquarius!!”

According to Pam Thiel, “This mega full moon really wants us to GET that we are Spiritual Warriors and we are bad ass!  It’s time to BE the super heros / heroines that we so admire and to BE bad ass while remembering that Mars, as Aries ruler, is in Virgo tempering us to show up with humility and in service in very practical, hands on kinds of ways, with the gifts, talents and skills that are unique to each one of us.  Mars says, however you are being called to show up JUST DO IT.   Don’t wait to be perfect or to have it all together. It’s the intention and resulting actions that count and we learn best through our mistakes and blunders anyway… Feel the urgency in that?  That’s Aries. This eclipse will affect you for years to come!”

What’s Next?:

I will be tracking the “Cosmic Olympics” and getting you up-to-date reports and how best to tune in. If you need help in navigating this Galactic Course, get on my schedule for Coaching or join one of my Boot Camp groups. If you are a woman, you got to join the Luna Ladies Club! Contact me, Shannon for more details.


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