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3rd Quarter Taurus Moon ~ True Joy Takes Effort

Your next task is to begin the process of clearing the energy of what has taken place within the container of the Super New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 12, 2017. The waning Moon dissolves into earthly Gaia’s Love Grid for support and the honoring of your passage through the Eclipse Portal. The Moon and Sun show you that true Joy takes effort. Take Sherpa Steps – short mini-steps as the road becomes steep – along your path to enjoying the journey of returning home to Source.

The 3rd Quarter Taurus Moon occurs at 12 degrees Taurus
on August 4, 2018, at 11:17 AM PST/2:17 PM EST.

The waning Moon spends time with Uranus in Taurus, and, together, they guide you to review your relationship with Money, Worth and Value.

What non-physical aspect of Life holds the most worth to you?

Take a Time-Out this week to examine how you really feel. The Leo Sun will keeps things light as the Moon in Uranus connects you with your deeper sense of what truly matters. Let’s take a look through the eyes of the Merchant’s Moon.



This 3rd Quarter Merchant’s Moon invites you to reflect upon your values. The value you place upon money mirrors the value you place upon yourself. Is money, or self-worth, a tangible thing which you chase after? Or are you aligned and attracting abundance towards yourself? As the Leo Sun Child flows into through the final foundational Lunar Phase, you are being asked to reflect upon how you play with your energy of Self-Worth, Money, Abundance, Value and Security.


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~ Moon vs. Sun ~

Sabian Symbol Medicine for the Soul


The Moon is at 12 degrees Taurus:

This Span of Experience shows you that true Joy requires putting forth Effort. Have faith and plunge ahead. Develop extreme self-reliance.

The Sherpas and porters of Nepal embody this image to the fullest. The “man” has to carry a load — financial debts or some other social burden. He is strong and a man of ambition who has to take care of the inward-turned “Feminine” aspect of his Consciousness. This is the aspect that seeks to grow a beautiful “garden” of individual Selfhood. This symbol shows the relationship of ego questing after the COMPULSION FOR GAIN.

The Moon is housed by, both, the Verte “Truth” of Uranus and the companionship of Juno this week. Uranus points the way to the impermanence of all things.

Once you can step away from all that you have seemingly lost, you realize that, in the material world, only the physical form changes, but the Spirit lives eternally. Natural fulfillment ensues when you can take that leap of faith and live true to this awareness. 

The Moon draws you inward, seeking the support you need by understanding that true Joy requires effort, from which you gain a beautiful sense of Selfhood. Juno marries you with this harmony as you build integrity and character by going through what you need to do in order to grow.


The Sun is at 12 degrees Leo:

The Sun brings you a Span of Assurance by rewarding your growth from your outer to inner realms. Here, the Serenity is yours when you overcome the storms. Are you ready for some Self-gained mellowness and retirement?

This sea-captain has steered the ship of his ego through mental and emotional seas and storms. Now retired, he distills wisdom from his many experiences and victories over the elements. He contemplates past, as well as present, scenes, gently moving as waves roll over the shore. Peace, at last, and time for QUIET RECOLLECTION.

The Sun (your sense of Self) is ready for some “R & R”. The Sun is housed by the energy of the North Node’s Soul-Expansion along with the heart-based clarity of Pallas Athena and Mercury in retrograde this week.

Your Heart Chakra opens to give you a renewed sense of identity. Let your inner Sun Child out to play. Release conservative values and tune into what makes you happy (regardless of what society thinks). Basically, let your Freak Flag fly! This is the yearning of your Soul to creatively Self-express wise, old Wisdom, which has been fully realized by making it through the storms!

Return to you inner nature to glorify all the beauty that lies within each cell of your body, mind and Spirit. The Sun says to let your Soul speak and manifest for itself this week.


~ Uranus & Sun as Focus Points ~

Uranus and the Sun are focus points for you to integrate these powerful transform energies. Placing your attention here this week prepares you for the next Super New Moon and the third of three Eclipses on August 11th. Uranus begins to slow down, moving towards retrograde on August 7th. This will be a very powerful return to Aries, as one final visit over 84 years. Then, in March 2019, Uranus returns to Taurus for a 7-year stay in your place of spiritual values.

Read more about the Uranus New Odyssey which goes full-force next year.


~ Pluto & Mercury – Light It Up! ~

Pluto, co-conspirator to Uranus’ awakenings, receives a lightning bolt “Hello” from Mercury retrograde (with Pallas Athena and the Sun standing-by.) They both sit at the magical prime number of “19”.

Nineteen represents the completion of the task that will take you to the new beginning. Mercury offers mental clarity on your instinctive ways to worship and glorify the Divine within you. Tune into your spirituality this week and put forth joyful efforts in acknowledging the magnificence of the ALL.

Pluto, gatekeeper of your Soul, says go deeeeep into old, outdated authority structures to push through manmade, religious oppression. Seek to hear the invisible choirs of Angels singing Arias about the Divine’s glory throughout the Universe. This becomes your Ray of Hope which lights up even the darkest places of separation from Oneness. Listen to the Divine in all things and open your Third Eye to see the energetic Hand of God in all things great and small.



~ Goddess Lilith has the Last Word ~

Finally this week, Lilith, “The Wild-Feminine, Unleashed and Unbound”, goes Supernova at 29 degrees Capricorn. Hooray! Let the Return of the Great Mother reign supreme once again for the goodness and glory of all! Here She shows you that the Feminine Forcefield is having:


Lilith brings you the activity of the inner elements of your true power. This is a Clarion Call to gather massive soul-energies. You are now being called into Spiritual Leadership. Lilith is ready to transcend the patriarchy and herald the coming future. She joins forces with the Soul-surgery of Mars, healing the separated masculine. Watch out for Lilith and Mars on August 11th, during the Super New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo!! Both will be at 0 degrees: 



If you resonate with being called into Spiritual Leadership, then the VIP Circle Lunar Ladies Club experience can mentor your Greatness! If you have been on the fence around joining the Club, now would be a particularly powerful moment for you to enter our Inner Circle!

Now is the time!
The Goddess is calling…
Can you hear Her?


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