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3rd Quarter Moon:  “Chop Wood & Carry Water”

PictureLunar Enlightenment Tip #1:  Time to slow down, move wisely, practice Awareness and release energetic clutter during Last Quarter Moon.

Dana Gerhardt shared this interesting fact about “Chop Wood, Carry Water”:  During a Waning Moon, the life force is drawing down back into the Earth. The sap in Trees is descending downward and this makes it an excellent time to chop wood. Why? Less sap = drier wood, and the easier it is to burn when you need the wood for winter. The body is also drier, which means drink more water, in other words: “Carry Water”! This week’s energy is about releasing, so it’s great time to detox.

The Earth and Moon have a synchronistic, amazing relationship. During the New Moon time, the Earth exhales – sending out life energy to grow and strengthen things. After the Full Moon, the Earth’s energy moves inward and She inhales to replenish Herself.

To follow this natural magnetic rhythm, we should bring projects, To-Do lists and our New Moon goals to completion this week. Doing this, allows us to release, settle down, contemplate and prepare for the stillness that is needed to sow the seeds of our Intentions for the next New Moon on June 16th.

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