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Welcome to the week of the Third Quarter Moon, the last phase of the lunar cycle. This Third Quarter Moon began at 29 degrees Cancer on October 22, 2016 at 12:13 PM PST. What makes this very karmically interesting is the timing. During last lunar cycle in September, the Third Quarter Moon was 0 degrees Cancer. So we have been experiencing the range of Cancer as the “Widow’s Moon” since September 23, 2016.

Cancer is the ruler of the Moon and the Moon is very at “home” in Cancer. When the Moon is in its last quarter phase in its ruling sign, the feeling is one of loss in the areas that Cancer rules:  family, home, ancestry, childhood, memories, Mother. Since this is the 29th degree it is called the Critical or Anaretic degree. Astrologers find this last degree of a sign karmic in nature that portends “Destiny”!



The energetic state of the Third Quarter Moon is Reflection. This is the time during the lunar cycle to reflect on the experience of your New Moon intentions and goals. What do you learn during the cycle? Did your intentions manifest? What old or outdated patterns showed up?

In order to truly reflect and learn from the Wisdom of your lunar self, you have to slow down, do less and turn inward. Honor this time of the cycle and get into alignment. Your body, mind and Spirit can rest, renew and find respite from the harried worries of the world.


I’ve been consciously living with the Moon daily for the last 18 months. I learn so much about myself with each lunar cycle, especially being able to dive deeper into my Unconscious, epigenetics and past lives. This Libra lunar cycle started in my 5th House which in my chart is my South Node house ~ House of Past Lives. I have my natal Ceres and Juno in Libra there. To me, Ceres is the archetype of Grandmother and is the vibrational imprint of my female ancestry. Boy, did my female ancestors show up this lunar cycle!! As well as how I have shown up in partnership in past lives- Juno rules marriage.

My New Moon intentions were around Libran themes in the 5th House of fun. I added wanting to know or remember my past life agreements that I am working on during this lifetime, too. What I learned was how I had given up my creative endeavors in other lifetimes and traded it off for marriage. Many times, I had created something powerful only to give it and myself away to join in union with another. Glad to know! I can make new choices now that I understand my relationship to my creativity and how important it is not only to my own enjoyment (5th House) but that it can serve to help others.

At the beginning of the lunar cycle during the first week of October, I experienced shooting pain in my left knee. It felt like an ice pick was being repeatedly jabbed into my knee joint over and over. Not fun (5th House again!). I was very fortunate to have a clairvoyant reading with one of my favorite people on the planet. I shared with her my leg pain and she took a look. What she saw was amazing! She saw the past lives of giving up my creativity for marriages and losing all sense of who I am. She also saw that legs represent the memories of our ancestors. She saw a very, old, old ancestral agreement made in pre-Patriarchal times by one of my female ancestors with the Goddess. After the Feminine was stripped of power and suppressed over the centuries, that ancestral agreement was still intact and unable to be put into action.

Long story short, I have now reached a point in raising my own feminine vibration by living consciously with the Moon. The higher frequency has awakened this ancient agreement, literally in my bones. And I now live in a time that I can own it, create with it and bring it into the world. Talk about harmonizing a very old partnership! So now of course I am very, very excited to live with this knowledge and live more powerfully with my creativity! And guess what? The leg pain went away!

The 29th degree Cancer 3rd Quarter Moon heralds for me my karmic initiation invitation by the Moon, Mother, Goddess herself to rise to the occasion and fulfill on a promise. Stay tuned for what happens next!


I share my story with you so you can see how easy and amazingly powerful it is to live with the Moon’s Wisdom. What is even more exciting is that this ongoing Odyssey takes place every month with a new chapter, new players, themes and stories! I invite you to know your Natal Birth chart, join my Lunar Ladies Club and start your journey living with the Moon! Next lunar cycle begins October 30th with a New Moon in Scorpio! Such a powerful time of the year when the Veils between worlds are the thinnest!

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