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3rd Quarter “Hunter’s Moon” Calls you to the Wild! Time to Let Go of Illusions!

3rd Quarter Sagittarius “Hunter’s Moon” at 7 degrees on 02/26/19 at 3:28 AM PST/6:28 AM EST/ 11:38 AM UK Time


The “Hunter’s Moon” calls you to the Wild to seek a spiritual adventure to release illusions and rediscover your true and natural vibration. Your Aquarius New Moon intentions have been raising your frequency and now you are ready to be purified by the darkening Moon’s power. This last lunar phase of the lunar cycle draws you inward to begin your week of reflection and letting go. This is your week to find who and what supports your true Self. As the 1st Quarter “Woodcutter’s Moon” called you to be in right relationship with Mother Earth to discover your inner wounds around self-worth, now the “Hunter’s Moon” draws you inward to perceive the wounding of others outside yourself.

Sagittarius FIRE will get your attention through feeling annoyed by other’s narrow-mindedness, judgements and religious ignorance. Make sure you keep your bow and arrow in check, as any unconscious reactions will feel like a bulls eye right into the heart of their darkness. Sometimes this is helpful and sometimes it is too shocking. Third Quarter lunar energetics want you to travel inward and see any adversarial outside annoyances as powerful teachers who have auspiciously crossed your path.

Time to pull out your Natal Chart to discover your messages from the Moon, Mars, Sun, Jupiter and Neptune. The Goddess Asteroids have special gifts for you, too! Join us in the Lunar Ladies Club to be guided and supported to discover your Spiritual Adventure and Call to the Wild!

Third Quarter Moon Energetics:

Release ~ Let Go ~ Forgive

Third Quarter Moon dynamics embrace the powers of Letting Go, Releasing and Forgiveness. This lunar stage focuses on the wounds outside yourself by drawing you inward to feel who may have hurt, offended, diminished or neglected you. Ask yourself where you may have done this to another. It’s a two-way mirror that gives you your power back. This lunar phase week helps you to empty your ego and allow the Universe, your Angels and Guides, to assist you in feeling more supported.

NEW FEATURE!  20th Lunar Mansion ~ 7 degrees Sagittarius

The 7 degree Sagittarius 3rd Quarter waning Moon appears in the 20th Lunar Mansion. This Lunar Mansion is called “Al-Na’am, The Precipice” and is guarded by the Moon, Herself, and Mars (love that with the Hunter vibe!) This powerful Mansion is depicted as the Great Centaur, half man and half horse. This powerful Guardian communicates with the wild for you and knows how to tame your aggression. Get in touch with your wild, instinctive nature to pursue your goals with fiery accuracy and intensity. Watch for being foolhardy, too brash or being consumed by “know it all” hubris. Pay attention as your lunar Self will communicate through your dreams to reflect your Aquarius lunar cycle experience back to you.

Hunter’s Moon:  “Wound is on the Outside”

“Frustrated in the search for higher consciousness, people pursue novelty everywhere in the world.”

The “Hunter’s Moon” embraces Sagittarius’ aim to be right, truthful and well-educated. The Third Quarter Moon helps you see what are the wounds outside yourself. This week, your outer world will reflect to you what needs releasing. Sagittarius Mutable Fire energy moves towards seeing your big picture. The Hunter comes to teach you that everything that happens in your life is a part of your spiritual path. Now, the Hunter’s aim is sharp and well-practiced. This week, narrow-minded opinions of others could really test you. The Hunter has to pause before sending that arrow into the heart of her prey! Watch for wanting to change the minds of others to match your version of reality. Sagittarius rules cultures and religions but in the higher vibration, it is more about Spirituality and love. Ease tension by connecting to the threads of truth found in all religions and practice being objectively neutral to opposing viewpoints. Appreciate and ask what can you learn from this person. As you see them from their Soul, petty annoyances will turn into appreciation! Utilize Sagittarius inherent gifts to not take things too seriously!


Hunter’s Moon YODs Sir Mars

Mars is in direct YOD formation to the waning, wise Hunter’s Moon. Mars in Taurus sets the stage for Uranus to come into this vibratory field for the next 7 years starting in March 2019. Mars energy is very grounded as a young Knight in shining armor. Mars’ quest is to seek total self-worth and to learn how to honor and respect the power of Feminine Gaia, Mother Earth. The YOD formation is a “Finger of the Goddess” from the waning Crone’s Sagittarius Moon to the young Knight Mars. It is the power of the Old Feminine Wisdom of the Wild directing Mars to bend a knee and be Knighted by Nature.

Mars’ SPIRIT message:  “When the time is right, let what is in you come forth. You have so much to give and share with the world. If you worry about how to do it, you repress your gifts which leave you feeling stressed and frustrated. Instead, be spontaneous, and be diligent to not judge your own actions in inactions.”

Mars Influence Spreads:

Mars prominence to the Moon this week, alights Aries’ energy. Part of Fortune, your “sacred Dharma” falls at Aries “5” drawing in an exact harmonic to Juno, Goddess of your Soul agreements, at Gemini 5 degrees, too. They both bring messages of your sacred work on the planet in 2019. Take this waning 3rd Quarter week to contemplate their messages.

Sacred Dharma @ 5 degrees Aries:  “Be aware of the expectations of others, and the agendas of the world. Your Dharma is to go beyond the stress and strife of the ordinary world. Trying to “fit in” will feel like misery. You need to be who you are, and to be with others who accept and appreciate your real Self. You have the potential of getting a tremendous amount of things accomplished when you stay true to yourself.”

Juno, Goddess of Soul Agreements, @ 5 degrees Gemini:  “You have many thoughts, and perceptions happening inside you and it can feel difficult to see how to put these ideas together. Don’t let this overwhelm you. Instead, keep focused on the flow of things, knowing that all will get to where it needs to go. There is a spiritual rightness at work in the flow. Your simple intent is to stay attuned to your magic.”


Moon v. Sun

Breaking down the waning Moon-Sun Relationship this week

The waning Sagittarius Moon forms a 90-degree waning square angle to the Pisces Sun. This is where your internal Self perceives wounding outside in the external world. Check your Sagittarius-ruled House to see how these messages unfold for you personally.

Moon’s message:   The Moon at this degree loves to search for truth in mysteries and to look for clues about the nature of reality. This Moon teaches you that attachment to opinions is restrictive. Instead, be open to new ideas that come to you in the present moment. The Moon helps you uncover new truths and to be comforted by those wonderful things that draw your attention. Patiently dive deeply into yourself this week to find hidden connections to realms beyond the known. When you are able to get beyond everyday concerns, you can see more clearly the limitations and restrictions you have been putting on your experiences (see the Sun’s message about limitations!).

Ceres, Goddess of Nurturing, is aligned with the Hunter’s Moon:  “Ceres along with her Sister, the Moon, invite you to embark on journeys and adventures that nurture you. If you feel afraid to walk a new path, these feelings of adventure will not go away. They will continue to pursue you because your Ancestors (Ceres energy) are here to help you grow. If you need to find a way to alleviate stress, give into this call for adventure! This is actually your Ancestors calling for your true self to be found!”

Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius emanates:  “Jupiter wants to see your most passionate self-expressions shining out into the world in 2019. Jupiter stirs up your energy to bring forth transformation. Reflect on what you’re really feeling and express it. Ground yourself and feel self-renewed.”


SunThe Sun’s energy focuses on your External Self. Lean into the Sun’s power this week to learn more about what you need to feel supported and loved. Your Pisces-ruled House is summoning you to receive healing wellness during this Pisces Sun transit (02/19-03/19/19). Sun’s message:  The newly born Pisces Sun knows that the ability to see negativity clearly helps you understand the inner workings of your own illusions. The Pisces Sun places you on the road to clearing these illusions. Be willing to have intimate contact with all kinds of discord during this week of reflection and letting go. These deep and subtle layers of discord are how you move progressively towards healing, dissolving and releasing them.

Vesta, Goddess of Sacred Service, aligns with the Pisces Sun:  Vesta is here to help you deal with illusions, too. Learn that all limitations are ultimately illusions, and difficult situations bring to you a cosmic perspective. You are being shown to find the roots of illusions playing out in your life. Vesta’s message is that the Self is, at root limitless – the limitations you find yourself bound by are actually of your own creation. These limitations are here to help you find your focus in life. The more you ascend into higher perspectives, the more you can explore without getting lost.

Neptune, ruler of the Pisces Sun:  Neptune wants you to seek the simple. You have highly unique gifts to share with the world and Neptune’s energy wants to help you make special contributions to the world. Start with the most simple contribution, Unconditional Love. Say prayers or send Reiki to anyone in need. As you pray for the well-being of others, you help uplift the frequency of the planet from less fear to more Love. 

The Wrap Up:

The Moon invites you to look around the world to see how people are frustrated in their search for higher consciousness. Humanity is on a spiritual adventure towards “Thine own self be true”. But the more asleep we are, the more unconsciously we search to “Know Thyself”. The Selfie craze is a giant mirror of this unconscious search. The misuse of “Selfie” is really an unconscious desire to see oneself clearly and be seen by the world. “Look at me!” is a plea to be seen and validated. The material world can only give us so much as we search for Spirit within. Looking for novelty and bucket dream experiences are wonderful ways to learn about what resonates with you and what will open that doorway for you to reconnect to your Spirit.

Your quest this week, is to contemplate what novel experiences are calling to you that you desire to experience. These are subtle doorways that open you for spiritual adventure. Your Ancestors are calling to you to find your true Self. Let go of illusions by taking to heart the “Hunter’s Moon” and Pisces Sun messages. Get help and support if you need. Lunar Ladies Club is the best place to do your personal work in a group environment. You can work directly with Shannon Murray, 1:1 to have personalized VIP guidance to get you in alignment with your destiny and wild Gypsy Soul!

You start here. It’s time to start now. Hear your “Call of the Wild” and step into ADVENTURE!

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