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Uranus + Mercury Retrogrades: Total Mindset Meld

Retrogrades & Eclipses:  “Reboot Time!” Taking your external journey inward. Time to review, reflect, release and rebirth. 

This Uranian + Mercurial retrograde journey will help you reframe, regenerate and renew your mental bodies:  lower mind and upper mind. Both Minds are in service to Heart Intelligence. This renewal of your Mind will align you with living in an expanded frequency of a 5D (5th Dimension) New Earth. Mercury will renew your ideas for everyday living and Uranus will enlighten you to revolutionary ideas that serve Humanity. There will be great waves of consciousness available to help you think outside the box, open up to creative solutions to old problems and make a connection to a Higher Intelligence Grid.

Uranus Retrograde:  August 2- January 2, 2018

Uranus moves from 28 degrees Aries to 24 degrees Aries. Did you notice the power degree of 28 again? Many of the powerful events this year are occurring at the 28th degree in Fire signs:  Leo (Solar Eclipse, North Node, Mercury Retrograde), Sagittarius (Saturn in alignment with Galactic Center) and Aries (Uranus). Degrees falling from 26-29 are considered “Starseed” degrees and reveal higher consciousness coming from areas of evolutionary development. The messages are loud and clear ~ Our Ancient Elders are assisting Humanity to rise up and revolve.

In the Music of the Spheres, Uranus’ tone heals the higher octave of your nervous system. This is a very potent time to regenerate your Higher “Optimized” Mind. Observe where you are in your life. How do you truly see yourself? If you are in a more awakened conscious state, your Uranus Retrograde experience can be life-altering. But if you are focusing on fear, distraction and/or overstimulating your nervous system with electronics, become aware of any increased restlessness or impatience brewing within. Are your reacting instead of responding, especially around anything that appears to infringe on your individual rights? If you are, it is time to tune into yourself and ground into the organic peace of Nature.

Mercury Retrograde:   August 12-September 5, 2017

Mercury takes another descent into the Underworld starting at 11 Virgo (His home sign!) to ending at the power “Fire Trine/Solar Eclipse” degree of 28 Leo. Mercury is doing something very special by time traveling back towards the Great Solar Eclipse on 8/21/17 as He completes his retrograde cycle on 9/5/17. Be ever-present with the energies of the Great Solar Eclipse. Revisiting it with medical Mercury will bring forth healing and curative vibrations for you.

In the Music of the Spheres, Mercury in Virgo’s tone heals your nerves. Here, Mercury Retrograde wants to heal and repair your nerves. Through a healed nervous system, you are more able to be of service in the world. During this Mercury retrograde descent, decrease your amount of time on electronics and Wifi environments. Mercury Retrograde is traveling through your Right Brain frequency. Meditation, drawing, painting, non-verbal communication, dance and music are healing elixirs during this time. Showing up in this healing way, will repair damage to your everyday mind at a “cellular” level. Yes, that means, less time on the Cell phone!

Uranus is the higher frequency of Mercury:

Together, Uranus and Mercury are the total Mindset Meld. The Ancients are aligning to reboot your mind from a lower frequency (chatter, babble, small talk) to a higher frequency (Pod Mind/telepathic/crystal/lightning).

The musical parallel 5th that is created by the vibrations of Uranus and Mercury opens you to see the “Interconnectivity” of all things. This Higher Mind message is heard by listening to the communication of all things. This unifies the Higher and Lower self with the micro and Macrocosmic orbits. The keywords are:  attunement, synthesis, connection and intelligence.

The Cetacea: Dolphins and Whales are your best interspecies relations to show you how to live in the Aquarian mindset. Dolphins communicate through holographic telepathy. Us, Merfolk, like to call it “Bubble Language” of the Holographic Universe. The Pod Mind is a communal mind that speaks in complete pictures that include feelings, past/present/future backstory, and solutions. My personal experience after studying sound healing with planetary tuning forks and Tibetan Bowls since 2005, primed my Pineal gland to tune into the Pod Mind everytime I swim with the wild Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins on the Big Island.

Wild Dolphin pod families live by the credo, “One for all and all for One.” They understand that when many give to one, that at anytime one will receive from the many. If a Dolphin is sick or injured, groups of other Dolphins take turns to feed, fish and lift the sick Dolphin to the surface to breathe. This goes on until the Dolphin is well enough to survive. Anytime, anywhere, they know they have the Pod ready, willing and able to have their backs 24/7. That’s the vibration that we as a Human species is moving towards.

May this Uranus and Mercury retrograde experience heal, rewire and reboot your mind, our Collective Mind towards the Universal Mind that exists in the Aquarian frequency of love, wisdom, power, sharing, caring and communal stewardship of all Life. No separation, only Oneness.

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