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Aquarius Full “Friendship” Moon sets The Field @ Zero Point

Woman, you are leading the way. As you anchor the energies of Love and Friendship on the planet, you set The Field at a Zero Point to help purify the minds of all people alive today. It’s big, right? Do not underestimate the power of your kindness, your generosity, your creative intuition and your feelings of compassion and empathy towards others. You are making a difference as you step fully into the powers of your aligned heart and mind. Your everyday actions serve to create a “Tipping Point”. It is in our togetherness, that we rise, strength in numbers, to positively affect The Field and change the course of the future. Aquarius Moon sponsors this current wave of “Feminine Rising”. Want to see how? Read on with hands in prayer position.

As the controlled mass media narrative pumps out fear into our mainstream awareness, the Aquarius “Friendship Full Moon” Partial Lunar Eclipse comes at the perfect time. On 8/7/17 at 11:10-11:12 AM PST stop everything you are doing and be present with the mOMmentous opportunity to change our collective future together. Join our Full Moon Circle in the Lunar Ladies Lifestyle Facebook Live Event to help create a spiral shift towards more Love and less fear.

Leo-Aquarius Octave:  The Energetics

The Leo-Aquarius Octave is about playful creative self-expressions of your heart (Leo) connecting to others of a Higher Mindset that vibe with you (Aquarius). It’s the “let your Freak Flag fly high” so that “Birds of a feather can flock together” energy. When you march to the beat of your own dream (what you love, your bliss, who you are when your Inner Child is free to play), you attract others like you. This creates and grows your Soul Vibe Tribe. Together you share visions of the future that are heart-centered and based on brotherly and sisterly love. It’s the balancing of the Yin and Yang polarity of the 5th House (Leo) and the 11th House (Aquarius). Leo-Aquarius octave is all about everyday fun that creates a future based on joy, innovation, liberation and freedom! Who doesn’t want that?!

What’s an Eclipse Anyway?

Eclipses are sliding doors able to shift realities and timelines. They are endings and beginnings. “As one door closes, another opens.” The Sun and Moon are 180 degrees apart from one another and bring into fullness the lunar cycle. Full Moons are a time of celebration, expansion, drawing people together and releasing what does not bring you ultimate joy. Lunar eclipses close negative subconscious and emotional behavioral patterns, while Solar eclipses create new beginnings. Lunar eclipses appear at Full Moons before Solar New Moon eclipses because a clearing and releasing of emotional debris must be done in order to grow something new in its place.

Lunar Eclipse Polaroid:  6 Months to Develop

The Last lunar eclipse on 2/10/17 was at 22 degrees Leo. The Aquarius Full Moon closes this period of your life. Take this time to review what has developed since 2/10/17. What needs to be released/ You are welcome to powerfully release on this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. The Solar New Moon Eclipse at 29 Leo of 8/21/17 will be opening up a whole new chapter of consciousness and Collective experience.

Sabian Symbols Story:  Moon & Sun

The Moon at Aquarius 15:  “A Big Businessman at His Desk” is in deep harmony with the Sun at Leo 15:  “Brilliant Sunshine just after a Storm”. The symbol of a Businessman and his desk shares what emotional energy is needed to have organization, leadership and successful ordering of the chaos. This storyline makes you wonder what is up with the White House, corporate interests and the restructuring of a system that no longer works for the good of All?

Let’s bring this home to your personal life. According to Lynda Hill’s Sabian Symbols, “This Symbol asks you:  Are you organized, or do you have a huge mess piling up in your life? Are you taking notice of necessary details? Are you living your life the way you think is best for your future, your relationships and physical well being?”

The Sun at 15 Leo symbol tells the story of the freshness that can comes after a “Storm” has passed. Everything looks brighter and shinier because the storm help sweep away what was stagnant and clogging the environment. This symbol also shows you the extremes that are existing in your own life and that of the Collective. Ask yourself, what storms have been passing through your life? What is ready to be cleared? Where do you need more “sunshine” in your life? This Full Moon lunar eclipse wants to end an old pattern so that the light of a new day can breakthrough the storm clouds.

What Makes this even MORE Interesting:

Within the Full Moon Aquarius-Leo octave is a Mystical Rectangle between very Feminine planets containing a double Yod, or “Finger of God”, pointing  to Sun and Mars in Leo from Pluto in Capricorn (R) and Neptune in Pisces (R). The retrogrades indicate very karmic timing. In this cosmic sacred geometric expression, GOD-consciousness is pointing to making a highly spiritual connection from your Soul to this very masculine alignment of Sun and Mars in heart-centered Leo.

When men experience their Uranus-opposition around the ages of 38-44, the Kundalini rises from their reproductive organs into the Heart chakra. This is where they mature from princes to Kings. It feels like the separated Masculine consciousness is having a Kundalini Rising moment. Men of all ages, this is your moment to be grounded in your Heart chakra and become a more fully-realized King. It’s no accident that shows like Game of Thrones have captivated people’s attention. We are in a time of Kings with this Leo power season to reclaim our sovereignty and rise to our royal natures and become Kings and Queens ruling together in harmonic balance. We are really in the climatic turning point of one of the best stories ever told! Now, enter in Jupiter square Pluto…

Jupiter square Pluto (R):  The Backdrop

The Sabian Symbol Story of Jupiter 17 Libra: Two Men Placed under Arrest give an Accounting for their Acts before the Tribunal of Society vs. Pluto Capricorn 17 (R): The Union Jack Flies from a New British Warship. That’s a pretty heavy-duty set design, don’t you think? Jupiter 17 Libra is expanding the justice by exposing truth. This symbol shows you that the ideas or actions of others that offend social responsibility and acceptability are under examination. Each of us are being asked to go under the scrutiny and analysis of our actions. Ultimately, this path leads you to a place of forgiveness which will free both the offender and the offended. This powerful energetic is smashing into the on-going transformation that has been underway of the bigger picture of authority, rules, and financial institutional structures, aka Pluto in Capricorn that started in 2008.

Pluto 17 Capricorn (R) shows us how governments’ social and political constructs at the macro level and down to the micro level, the individual, need surveillance and protection from those who might invade, attack or threaten. The military is so heavily invested in by the government because of this fear of attack. The benevolence of Jupiter is authorizing the need for justice and the dying systems experience this “chess move” as an attack on their very existence. Society is asking for an upgrade in protecting the welfare of the People, not just the 1% and their financial interests. We are living in interesting times for sure!

The resolution to this conundrum is Pluto in Capricorn. Why? Because Pluto is part of the double Yod to Sun and Mars in Leo. In the shadow, Sun and Mars in fiery Leo can act aggressively if there is an unconscious level of insecurity in the masculine ego. It feels like the time is ripe to pray for the minds of men to transcend their limited egoic insecurities and ascend into the Divine Heart where reason, Love and Truth reside.

Coming Soon:

Uranus Retrograde 28 Aries to 24 Aries (August 3 – January 2, 2018). You will also feel the effects of the Pluto-Jupiter square and upcoming Lunar Eclipse. A journey of quantum shifts, sudden awakenings and things that go “Boom!” in the night. Aries says, “Who am I?” and Uranus says “Let me show you!” Those who are centered in their hearts will be a vibrational match for the next waves of Christ Consciousness codes. Take note of the 28th degree that has been showing up in many of the planetary power days!.

Lions Gate 8:8 ~ The Sovereignty of the Feminine Goddess of Fertility opens the Stargate on 8/8/17. Heliachal Rising of Sirius Star of Isis on 8/12/17 bringing the height of the Perseid meteor showers. The Fixed Star Regulas ~ The Lion is exact 29 Leo on the Solar Eclipse completing the celestial ceremony. Now the Stargate is fully open! Isis floods The Nile, the Gates of Narnia open and Aslan the Lion roars! Own and claim your Royal Sovereignty now during this time period!

Mercury Retrograde 11 Virgo to 28 Leo (August 12 – September 5, 2017) Are you ready to experience “Time Travel? You will have the opportunity through Mercury’s sojourn into your Right Brain to time travel back to the moment of the Solar Eclipse as Mercury returns to the 28th degree of Leo on which it happened. More to come on that! Stay tuned!

Peace out and Love to my Brothers and Sisters!

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