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New Moon in Gemini: Alchemy Mind Blessings for You

Welcome to a very exciting lunation brought to you by the Sun and Moon in Gemini! At 4 degrees Gemini, the New “Little Brother’s Moon” blesses you with curiosity and comedy. The Sun and Moon form the New Moon at 12:44 PM PST on May 25, 2017.

Joining this refreshing rebirth of the mind is the asteroid Ceres, the face of the Goddess as Grandmother. Ceres asks you to think about all your relatives and their siblings. Do you have any Twins in your family? If you do, lucky you! Call upon and get ready to receive blessings from the sibling relationships in your family line. I’m calling upon my grandfather, Francis, who was the youngest brother of Irish triplets” – 3 brothers born one year apart. My great Uncle Edward (the oldest) was a twin and his brother died at birth. But my grandfather, Francis, came along 2 years later and was born on his birthday. Pretty amazing, right?

New Moon energy is the time of the creative lunar cycle when you plant your seeds, set your intentions and begin the growth process for manifesting your goals and dreams. Now with the exciting energy that Gemini naturally brings, the New Moon is the time to be still, quiet and calm. That can be tricky during a Gemini New Moon because the energy is so full of movement. Slowing down and breathing, closing your eyes and ears and tuning into your inner awareness is your key to success. Gemini energy calms down with candle light and soft music, especially Native American flute music. Quiet and calm is the vibration you want to match so you can successfully plant your seeds in the fertile soil matrix of Mother Earth.

But wait, there is so much going on! Cosmic Clandestiny!

First the biggest formation is a Fire Trine between Saturn in Sagittarius, North Node in Leo and Uranus/Eris in Aries. Mars in Gemini (bringing this lunar cycle to the forefront) is the tail forming a Grand Kite! Mars is prominent here because Mars is the “rudder” directing your experience of this spiritual energy.  Mars in Gemini is the passion and drive behind your curiosity, ideas and being in the social spotlight during this cycle. Be brave, passionate and comedic in your social circles to empower the spiritual nature of all your conversations and get-togethers. Believe me, you won’t be sorry!

Jupiter (Retrograde) in Libra is big on the day of the New Moon in Gemini because Mercury (ruler of Gemini) in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces (also its ruler) form a Yod, or “Finger of God” pointing towards Jupiter in Libra. The GOD force of Compassion Consciousness aligns with the power of magical Abundance Alchemy to spiritually sponsor all your relationships. Allow the Spirit of Unconditional Love to infuse your relationships, especially those old, karmic ones and you will clear, clean and call forth the highest experience of magical Grace as you do. So just do it! I can already see your Soul lifting up and a huge smile on your face dancing in the golden joy of this! And, Jupiter goes direct on June 9th just in time to celebrate your expansion on the Full Moon in Sagittarius!

What do I do with all this information?

The most precise way to put this information into action is know your Natal Astrology Chart. Your Natal Astrology chart is created by your birthdate, birthplace and birth time. This creates a Soul blueprint or map that shows you how you are uniquely designed energetically. You can get your chart and in-depth report here.

Once you have your chart, find the House that is ruled by Gemini. This is the area of your life where all this energy is taking place. For example, if you are a Virgo Rising, Gemini rules your 10th House of Career and Contributions to the world. Set your goals and intentions around your career and how you are contributing to your communities. Do you want to change it, improve it or transform it? Take this good luck lunar cycle and team up with Mercury to make that happen — fast!

The 3 Sabian Symbol Oracle Spread:

Looking at the Sabian Symbols for the karmic, present and future degrees of this New Moon helps tell the story of this moment now. Enjoy the story and tune into how this plays out in your life.

Your Present:  Gemini 4 degrees “Holly and Mistletoe bring Christmas Spirit Home”  This energy brings home your heart’s happiness when your family feels connected. The gifts of connection and cultural celebrations hold and bring people together for a glorious moment in time. Be in your heart now and reach out to others. Feel the spirit of “One Human Family” and restore the collective ancestral vision that we are all One. This is the present moment now to align with.

Your Past:  Gemini 3 degrees “The Charming Court Life at the Garden of the Tuileries Paris” This is the karma of “class consciousness”. It’s the separation created from feelings and beliefs that others are superior because they are entitled, privileged and have more access to material wealth. It is okay to enjoy the charms that life has to offer. But remember, it doesn’t set you apart or make you greater. Spiritual wealth is greater than the fleeting, transitory nature of the material world. Appreciate what you have achieved and put aside envy to feel grateful for all you have. As you do this during the lunar cycle, you help clear the karma from the collective.

Your Future:  Gemini 5 degrees “Radical Magazine asking for Action, Displays a Sensational Front Page”  This is the time to speak your mind. When your messages come from the 4 degree Gemini present moment energy, those messages awaken others (thus propelling the collective ancestral vision forward!). Reform challenges and liberate constraints with speaking your truth without fear. Re-Evolution is yours to enjoy!

Let’s do this! Together we bring forth the Golden Age of Joy via One Human Family! New Moon in Gemini blesses us with a new mindset, a comedic way to connect and calls us to create the spirit of “Christmas” everyday in every way with everyone!

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