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2023 Zodiac Year: Aries New Moon Part 1

Zodiac New Year in Aries at 0 degrees on March 21, 2023, at 10:23 AM PDT/1:23 PM EDT

The Aries New Moon arrives with the Spring Equinox Sun rising over the elliptic to begin a new adventure. This year, the annual celebration of Spring Equinox and the New Moon in Aries happens together. This creates a tremendous amount of opportunity to make big shifts in your personal life and within the collective. The energy from the Universe that is seeking you this year is BALANCE.

The New Moon in Aries comes in two parts: one at Spring Equinox and the other at the Black Moon on April 20, 2023.

The 2023 Zodiac Year begins when the Sun and Moon align in the sign of Aries. The Zodiac Year acts like a lunar cycle with four phases: New Moon, 1st Quarter, Full Moon, and 3rd Quarter. Each of these phases occurs at the cardinal points on the sacred wheel. The timeline is New Moon in Aries (New Moon), New Moon in Cancer (1st Quarter), New Moon in Libra (Full Moon), and New Moon in Capricorn (3rd Quarter). The Cardinal New Moons guide the energy of the Zodiac Year and become markers for how you can seize opportunities for maximum soul growth this year.

Rebirth of Spirit in 2023: Trapezoid Power

The 2023 Zodiac Year’s Event Chart shows how the planets are aligning at the time of the Aries New Moon. In this natal chart, a Trapezoid appears as the sacred geometric figure holding the planets together. A Trapezoid is a very old symbol whose meaning has been lost over the ages. In ancient times, occult practitioners used the symbol of a Trapezoid to trap light to harness or control its power.

The planetary alignment set at the frequency of a Trapezoid shows that this is a year to find your way out of any type of trap, control paradigm, or frequency fence that you may find yourself in. This energy can show up in your life as a dysfunctional relationship where one person holds power over another. These relationships can be familial, intimate, friendship, or institutional.

This is your year to understand how to release yourself from entrapments. Mars governing the Lunar North Node in Aries is the power to courageously step out of dysfunctional ways of being and boldly go fiercely into the future of your own making.

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Mars to Pluto: Life Lessons

The key to unlocking a Trapezoid entrapment is to make spiritual connections from one side of the Trapezoid to the other. The first step is found in the relationship between Mars in Gemini and Pluto in Capricorn. Both Mars and Pluto at the time of the New Moon are at critical degrees ready to leave one sign for the next one. We are fortunate to have the power of karmic destiny to assist us to take a leap of faith knowing that we are guided, loved, and supported.

Mars in Gemini governs your mental health and well-being. Mars gifts you the energy available at the time of spring. This is the energy of new life bursting forth with the power of Qi. Mars directs you to understand that your inner power gets strengthened when you help to revitalize others. This can happen through being a model of inspiration by living your life courageously on your terms. Take good care of your body and mind every day. Take breaks when you need a break and one of the best solutions for mental wellness is to be happy and resilient.

Mars makes a spiritual connection to Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. Pluto governs the energy of your Soul’s evolution during each incarnation. Pluto is that part of you that works together with others on a soul contract or agreement. Pluto is a generational planet. It is the force of a generation that makes the world a better place. Pluto is at the karmic destined degree, the last degree of Capricorn, ready to shift into a new timeline for humanity in Aquarius through 2044. Pluto requires from you the power of soul mastery as you realize the true nature of your life lessons. Each lesson provides the power to seize opportunities for maximum growth by understanding the gifts hidden inside each life-changing marker in your journey.

Putting the power of Mars and Pluto together, true mental health and happiness are rooted in the soul’s comprehension of the truth of each life lesson and the gifts they contain therein. Root deep into your life’s lessons. Get curious as to what they are truly all about. You can go back into the past to retrieve vital information and insights that will help you rise to a new level of understanding. Seize those opportunities to grow, expand, and transform through a more resounding level of awareness that comes from your soul.

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Mercury & the South Node: Soul Retrieval

Mercury and the South Node align to form the opposing side of the Trapezoid and complete the key that frees you. Mercury is the god of Soul Retrieval from the Underworld. The Scorpio South Node is the energy of the Underworld of past life patterns left unresolved.

Mercury is the energy directing you. Mercury is the winged messenger of the gods who can take you out of where you feel most lost in your life. Mercury directs your focus to seek knowledge concerning your experiences to give them meaning and purpose. Each experience is a stone on your footpath of life. What is the meaning and purpose of your experiences? Go bravely into the experiences that have given you the most shame, guilt, or remorse. That is where the golden keys are that can free you from old, dysfunctional ways of being. Call upon divine assistance to bring the people and knowledge that you most need.

The South Node is the energy of the past that stays hidden and locked away from your conscious awareness. You have to dive deep through your emotional body to retrieve what has been lost. The South Node knows that deep emotions can be overwhelming and mysterious. In order to reconnect with them, you need trusted friends and guides who know how to hold sacred space for you to explore what is deep inside. They provide a sense of calm certainty and a safe place to be after you have uncovered what holds you back from your own light and well-being. The South Node is guiding you to discover your own stability or home frequency so that you can more comfortably do the inner work that is calling to your Soul.

Putting Mercury and the South Node together, you complete the alignment and open the doors for your light to be freed. Mercury points you in the direction to seek knowledge of your life lessons. The South Node guides you to create a sacred place of stability, or home within you, that you can have certainty as your retrieve lost parts of your soul. Together with Mars and Pluto, Mercury, and the South Node, you will find your way out of the Underworld and back upon your golden path of joy and love.

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ARIES = The Emperor & The Tower

The Emperor and The Tower are the Major Arcana in the Tarot that represent the energy of Aries and its ruler, Mars. Emperor Card is the energy of the father figure, stability, and leadership. Aries is the sign of the Emperor, the ultimate masculine energy. The Emperor card teaches you how to be self-assertive and take action. With Emperor Card, you can become more strong-willed, decisive, and passionately enterprising. Emperor Card encapsulates the power of Aries and the power of Spring.

The Tower Card is the card representing Mars, the ruler of Aries. The Tower Card embodies regeneration and revelations that can come quickly and/or shockingly. In order for something old to change, you need a lot of impulsive and powerful energy to tear the old structures down. The Tower Card works well with Emperor Card because the Mars influence can dismantle what no longer works moving forward. The Tower Card can show you where your foundations are unstable and need attention. Emperor Card shows you in order to be a strong, decisive leader, you need a strong foundation that is stable and secure. Together they help you “batten down your hatches” to withstand any type of external influence and you become stronger in the process. Look for “Tower Moments” in your life when old structures became dismantled. This is where you can gain more knowledge and strength to help you move forward in a positive light in 2023.

Where are the Emperor and Tower cards in your Natal Chart (0 degrees Aries, 28 degrees Gemini)? This is the area of your life where you will be most affected! If you need more guidance and extra support, schedule a 1:1 Astrology Session with Shannon.

  • New Moon at 0 degrees Aries Week: 03/21-27/2023
  • New Moon Lunar Mansion – 1st: “Two Signals”
  • Human Design Gateway and Gene Keys #25 – “Love of Spirit”
  • New Moon Sabian Symbol: “A seal embraces a woman rising out of the water.
  • Crescent Moon in Gemini “Little Sister’s Moon”: 03/25-27/2023
  • 1st Quarter Lunar Week in 8 degrees Cancer “Weeping Moon”: 03/28-04/04/2023
  • 1st Quarter Lunar Mansion 8th- “The Gap”
  • Human Design Gateway and Gene Keys #52 – “Stillness”
  • 1st Quarter Lunar Sabian Symbol: “Rabbits dressed in fine clothes on parade.”
  • Full Moon at 16 degrees Libra: 04/05/2023

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A seal embraces a woman rising from the waters

Potentially, anyone can take advantage of every moment.

The New Moon and Sun appear at 0 degrees Aries to mark the turning of the Great Wheel at Spring Equinox and the beginning of the 2023 Zodiac Year. The symbolism of a woman rising out of the water indicates that you are ready to be released from the old and rebirthed into the new. Look within and ask to be shown what is old and needs to go! The seal is the innate instinct to thrive and be alive. You are being given the power to swim through any challenges and obstacles this year. How? By allowing yourself to be born again without the old constraints of what has held you back in the past.

According to What is my Spirit Animal, “Seals are agile; this makes them fantastic at maneuvering through the water, even when the tidal waters shift and change. On the human plane, Seal’s ability to navigate deep waters is equal to your ability to adjust to new circumstances and to remain comfortable with the ever-changing energetic tides around you.” Utilize the curious and powerful nature of Seals to build your inner strength to move through 2023 with ease and flow.

The Earth is positioned at 0 degrees Libra and grounds the Air Element to heal and recalibrate your relationships to the material world. The energy of this degree centers around the futility of hanging onto the past. There is more beauty and poignancy in connecting with the material world from a place of impermanence. From this more empowered inner state of awareness, you can more easily shift through the changing tides that the Seal is swimming through this year. Read more about 5 Ways to Design your Life for Impermanence.

If you need help finding your life purpose and passion as this new year beings, schedule a 1:1 hour-long session to guide you through this process.

See you on April 7th for the Full Moon in Libra ~”Artist’s Moon”!

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