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1st Quarter Capricorn Moon: “What you Dream you can Achieve!”

Welcome Ladies to your “Week of Action” with the 1st Quarter Moon in Capricorn at 5 degrees on September 27, 2017 at 7:53 PM PST/10:53 PM EST. Sun in Libra squares Moon in Capricorn. A lot is happening this week as Pluto goes direct on 9/28/17 propelling the “Miner’s Moon” into action! Observe how your goals that are financial in action meet with your inner richness that bestows more wealth from the quest rather than the reward. It’s an inside job this lunar cycle, Ladies!

1st Quarter Moon energy is about breaking through limitations. “The only way out is through.” Here, the Sun and Moon join forces by restricting the Universal energy to create a build up. This build up of Qi/Life Force strengthens the velocity needed to make a change ~ especially with those old, old blocks that are chronic – Soul patterns that carry over from lifetime to lifetime. The work you do now will be celebrated and released on the Aries Full Moon on October 5, 2017.

Let’s take a Closer Look:  Moon + Sun

Moon @ 5 degrees Capricorn Sabian Symbol: “Ten Logs lie under an Archway leading to darker woods.” The stacking of wood denotes a sense of preparation of what is needed during a time of rest and renewal. The number 10 reveals a new chapter of activities coming. The Moon’s message is to complete something before moving ahead in your quest for growth and success (Capricorn).  What is calling to you in your spiritual legacy that needs completion before moving ahead? Germinate upon your New Moon seedling intentions and double check on their maturity. Are you ready to move ahead yet? Or is there something that needs completion first? Focus the powerful the 1st Quarter Moon energy there. Remember, no natural process can be accelerated until all parameters of its natural growth cycle are completed – one stage leads to the other.

The Sun @ 5 degrees Libra: “A Woman watches her Ideals taking Concrete Form before her Inner Vision.” The Sun’s vibration of your waking consciousness is showing you the need to clearly visualize your dreams in order to summon it’s material reality at the quantum level of actualization. “What you dream, you can achieve.” The process of clear seeing and feeling is essential to bringing your relationship of what you want to experience into harmony. Here you have the opportunity to practice projecting into the material world what you imagine reflected on the screen of your consciousness.

Next step ~ Purely Feminine:  Vesta + Juno

In the pure Feminine, the Sun and Moon are taking the form of Vesta and Juno. Vesta is the High Priestess of Harmony, compromise and authenticity in all your relationships. Vesta as Self initiates and challenges Juno in her powers of her Emotional/Creative Self in union with her spiritual/parental legacy. Vesta sits at 4 degrees Libra with Juno at 5 degrees Capricorn (exact the Moon’s vibration).

Vesta at 4 degrees Libra isA Woman revealing to Her Students the Foundation of an Inner Knowledge upon which a “New World” could be built.” Vesta, the face of the Goddess as High Priestess, appears to you as Teacher. Vesta directs you into your authenticity, once again, for discovering your inner knowledge. Here is where your new world is being build upon the foundations of who you know yourself to be. Can you find the “teacher within” and come into harmonic balance with reverence for whom you find? Teachers come in many forms and how you will know the truth during this time, are the teachers who direct you towards looking within. What is being transmitted to you as you break through barriers, is actually your “being-ness.” Exciting!

Timeline Check:  your Virgo Energy

As you head on into your week of action and change, check your New Moon intentions around the Virgo New Moon energy. What House in your Natal Astrology chart is ruled by Virgo? What natal planets do you have in Virgo? All of these are being personally affected by you as Venus and Vesta are the bookends to free your Inner Wonder Woman. Your inner Wonder Woman is the reflection of your true Self, your true Nature.

If you saw Wonder Woman in the theaters, did she spark a desire to get into action? The Wonder Woman archetype so beautifully played by Gal Gadot, is the personification of Eris in Aries. Now traveling conjunct with Uranus is awakening the Divine SuperHero as the Goddess of Dischord into the world.

Lunar Ladies specially designed a 3-part Masterclass series with Randina Marie to unleash your inner Wonder Woman. Join this revolutionary series to awaken your inner Super Powers and begin using them in your everyday life. Witness who you are becoming and take hold of the tools that the Goddess has bestowed within your powerful Feminine Frequency! You are AMAZING!

Break through and break free this week! Take action on your “Being-ness” and say “Yes” to your unleashing your inner Wonder Woman. Freedom and Power are yours from this moment onward. Discover your authentic nature and take charge of creating the life you see upon your screen of consciousness. Make it happen by being the version of you who makes it all come into being. Woohoo!

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