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1000 Women Rebirth the Goddess every Lunar Cycle

Sometimes you just have to sit back in wonder and ponder, ‘How did this all happen?’ It’s no accident that my Soul Mate of the last 9 years is a retired Buddhist Lama from Nepal. It’s no accident that we named our sweet rescue doggy Lyra White Tara. It’s no accident that I was compelled to create Lunar Ladies to help women remember their natural, innate connection to the Moon. Little did I realize, what I was truly up to was growing and gathering a community of aspiring, awesome and amazing women to rebirth the Goddess on planet Earth every month!

As I sit back in awe-filled wonder, I am filled with an intense spiritual fire to embrace this honor fully. As the big picture becomes more clear each day, I am realizing the impact and magnitude of this inner, fiery urge to “Just do it!”. I stand in awe at Who is calling our names and What wants to come through each one of us.

The ancient myth of the “1,000 White Taras”:

“When the 1000 White Taras are named the tone of the planet will shift from one of fear to one of compassion and Love.”

According to Tibetan mythology, the world was once on a brink of total disaster and the gods surrendered crying out to the Goddess Durga to save them. She came with great power and cut away the darkness of avarice ~ the extreme greed for wealth and material power over others. As this darkness dissolved, harmony was restored on the Earth. The gods implored Durga to stay and reign over the planet, but it was not her part to play here. But she said all the gods need to do is call upon Her and She will return as White Tara to restore the balance again through compassion and love. [White Tara is also associated with Kuan Yin, the Boddhisatva of Compassion and White Buffalo Calf Woman.]

The beauty of the story continues as White Tara is believed to have shown Herself as the tear of Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of all Buddhas, who is the reincarnation of the Dali Lama. The Buddhist teachers share White Tara appeared when Avalokiteshvara was moved into a state of compassion when his mind and his heart met in wisdom. At that moment he saw the suffering of the world and how it was caused by the lack of compassionate Love and it made him cry. It was through this tear that he could see White Tara. She comes as the expression of pure Compassion for the suffering of others.

Fast forward to the Rise of the Feminine 2017 which holds within its power the presence of Compassion. As women come together in community and supportive collaboration with one another, White Tara is born over and over in each one of us who are moved into action by our empathy for others. Women are natural Nurturers. It is in our DNA, our biological design that without thought, we rush towards what is in need. It can be a person, place, animal or thing. It doesn’t matter, that impulse to love, protect and care goes way beyond our individual personalities.

This is the vision for Lunar Ladies. To draw together women to remember our innate and natural designs. To reconnect with our natural vibrations by tuning into the Moon and the cycles of Nature. To remember our power and our place in this world as divine healers, nurturers and protectors. As we heal, we heal others. As become more empowered, we empower others. We are the caretakers of the future.

Lunar Ladies is a community, a family, a support network and a place to remember ourselves in our totality. It is a place for fierce, feminine, fabulous FUN! Let us call upon each other in solidarity and embody the myth of 1,000 White Taras. Gather together and build this frequency by showing up as a community, building strength with our growing numbers. Let us expand our community of women living with the Moon, embodying our grace, beauty and power with each lunar cycle. Let us become 1,000+ to rebirth the Goddess of Compassion worldwide every month, together as One, changing the course of our collective future. Invite all your friends and join us today in the Lunar Ladies Facebook group

Who’s in?



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