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0 Sagittarius New Moon:  Potent Power!

Today is a special day for me. I love this day because it is the day my sister, Cathy, was born. She would have been 52 years old. Cathy died in 1998 from cancer. Her after-life gifts to me triggered my spiritual healing path. I love you, Cathy and today on this 0 Sagittarius New Moon, we get to celebrate!
When a planet enters a sign at 0 degrees it is like it is entering at its birth. The New Moon energy symbolizes “new beginnings” and 0 degrees is “first breath”. This intersection of energies today creates potent power for setting intentions and planting your seeds for something new!

Happening also today is Jupiter,  planet of expansion and celebration, in Leo – another charismatic sign aligning itself with Eris in Aries. Together with the New Moon, they all form a Grand Fire Trine! This energy is all about SPIRIT! Sagittarius is the Archer who is ruled by Jupiter. He sees the Big Picture and shoots his arrows to grasp onto something bigger, brighter and more healing for humanity. The Archer is our INSPIRATION!

According to Molly Hall:
“It’s time to seek out an inspired vision, one that is ignited by others also catching fire with ideas and enthusiasm. You become part of something bigger than yourself, while also sensing your unique mission, gifts to share…“Sagittarius is about fusion without necessarily knowing how it happens. Dots get connected, and what you’re aware of fuses into a focused intention. And it’s about being loyal to your own sense of what’s true.  You won’t want to miss anything the Muse and Spirit send your way!”

Enjoy your beautiful New Moon 11-22 day!

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